Many people smoke cigarette on a different purpose or occasion. Some newly smokers smoke because of peer pressure to gain friends or a social standing in the society. While others smoke because they think that smoking is cool and give them the confidence they need.

There are several other reasons why cigarette smoking is becoming prevalent in the society today. Whatever their reason is, people should try to get a grip and start to realize that smoking can not help them at any means. It can only result in shame and guilt at the long run.

If you're among the people who are enlightened and received a wake up call, below are some tips and self-help programs that you can consider to help you combat your cigarette cravings and live a healthy, longer and nicotine-free life.

Use positive affirmations.

A statement is not mere a compilation or group of words that creates a thought or meaning. If you dug deep and understand a statement, you realize that there's so much from it than words. Using positive statements or positive self affirmations empowers you to target your goals.

Saying statements like “I quit smoking.”, “I want to have a pair of healthy lungs.” Egypt “I choose to live a healthier lifestyle.” can really make a difference!

Stating these affirmations on daily basis will enable your subconscious mind to grab the thought and ever, these actions and statements will manifest and put into actions. You'll soon experience that everything you've planned is turning out smoothly.

If your cigarette craving starts rushing in, you can combat this massive craving by restating these statements to give you the confidence to overcome temptation.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT or known as emotional freedom techniques is a form of energy tapping that can help release stress, stress and your limiting beliefs.

Most likely, the root cause of your smoking habit came from stress and anxiety. EFT targets to turn these negative energies into positive ones by tapping through the meridian points.

Accompanied by empowering statements and positive thoughts while tapping, you can overcome and clear away tensions, stress and anxiety that may cause you the light a cigarette.

Self Hypnosis

Smoking is highly a habitual habit and in order to modify and change it, you need to coordinate with your subconscious mind. Self hypnosis is designed to help people get rid of negative beliefs and unwanted habits and root them out from their system.

Applying self hypnosis on a daily basis can greatly help you throw away your cigarette cravings and opt for a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. You can now finally say goodbye to your nicotine fixation through the help of self hypnosis accompanied by a powerful autosuggestion that will bring your mind and body to quit smoking.