Of course you know that smoking is bad for your health and for the health of those around you. You are also well aware that government and local authorities are doing their own utmost to stop smokers from enjoying their cigarettes almost everywhere where they once could have puffed away with abandon.

Now, not only is it impossible to light up in any public places like airports, train stations, undergrounds, ferries, schools, libraries, theaters and the like, but these venues no longer have their specially designated smoking areas – rooms far away from the public, in out of the way corners where smokers could have their fix if they were prepared to trek to the other end of the facility and sit in a smoke filled area which was even offensive to the most hardened smoker. The latest imposition on those hardy souls who still light up is that in many places it is now illegal to smoke outside buildings and on sidewalks, once the haven of all office workers who could just pop outside for a quick cigarette.

The medical profession has been advocating that smokers give up their habit for the past few decades, as more and more proof of its devastating effects become known. In the United States, diseases related to cigarette smoking are the number one cause of preventable deaths; obesity being the second greatest such cause. A preventable death is a death caused by a factor which need not have been a part of the victim's life and which could have been removed. Clearly, this is the case with cigarettes, where one can stop smoking; and with obesity, where one can lose weight.

The latest by-words or phraseology used by doctors to try to get their patients to stop smoking is 'smoking cessation'. They may possibly think that a new catch phrase will interest more people into giving it a try – and it may still do so, as all sorts of gadgets and methodologies are coming onto this lucrative market day by day. These include prescription medicines and drugs, an innumerable number of patches, plasters, false cigarette holders, chewing gum and the like which all transmit small amounts of nicotine into the system; psychological help and lifestyle changes. Most smokers who have tried to give up their habit and failed have, generally speaking, tried all these methods in the past without success.

One factor which not many smokers consider often enough is that of the costs involved and the 3 reasons listed below should stop you smoking now, because:

• Federal and local governments earn billions of dollars annually from all the numerous taxes imposed on smoking and smokers;

• Health care facilities and the general public spend billions of dollars each year on trying to cure the damage smoking has done to the health of Mr. Average; and

• Smokers generally have no idea just how much money is literally going up in smoke every day, week, month and year.

Do the mathematics to see how much better off you would be by not smoking and plan to use the money you will save to buy yourself a wonderful present. You will be surprised just how quickly your savings fund will grow.