Any significant change in life require a few important steps.

1. Clearly identify where you are. OK, so you know you are a smoker but are you absolutely clear on why you want to quit, eg for your health is a weak reason. You need to be very clear about what it is about your health that you want to change, eg a hacking cough every morning which can be heard down the block.

Also be clear about how smoking makes you feel in vivid terms.

Familiarize yourself with all the nasty consequences of smoking, do not do this in a half-hearted way, go to a hospital ward if necessary.

2. Be clear about where you want to go. Yes you want to be a non smoker, but state how you will feel. eg I will have the energy to spend 2 hours in the surf or my children will never have to worry that I might die from smoking.

I will live a long healthy life free from smoker related problems.

I will save $ 5000 a year which I will use for X

3. Create a plan of action, read articles about quitting, go to websites, call your hypnotherapist to make inquiries or make an appointment.

4. Anticipate any problems, such as fear of quitting, create strategies to keep you on track. Discuss potential concerns with your practice.

5. After quitting remind yourself frequently as to why it was so important to quit in the first place

6. Use any post hypnosis suggestions and skills such as CD's post hypnotic suggestions or anchors.

7. Spend time with non smokers but prepare yourself for the times that smokers will be around you.

8. Do some serious stress management work. Most people return to smoking when they experience strong moments of stress. Prepare and have your alternate strategy in place.

9. Use everything and everyone at your disposal to remain free from cigarettes. This is so important that there can never ever be any going back to smoking.

Many smokers argue that we all have to die from something, but I do not think they realize just how bad the health problems and long, slow and painful their death may be.

So it's time to take action, you have had enough cigarettes, you have done enough harm to yourself, and you have wasted enough time and money. Just do it, do not hesitate just do it now.