If you want to quit smoking all you need to do is stop. It sounds easy but in reality when someone wants to stop smoking they usually find it anything but easy breaking from their addiction. Why do people find it so hard to break free from one of the most terrible addictions that can claim over 5 million people per year?

Most smokers hear about the dangers everyday and wish that they could get away from their dependency on cigarettes but feel that it is too hard to break free from the deadly scourge that is smoking. The truth is that stopping smoking is not hard if you do it right.

A lot of people think that they need to plan and prepare to stop at a certain date in the future. People that want to quit seem to think that anyone that has quit smoking has had to put a lot of time on preparation for the day they stop smoking. They make stringent rules about what they can do after that date. This sort of planning seldom works.

When you are thinking about quitting smoking the best people to talk to are those that have quit smoking and who have been non smokers for a year or more. These people have shown that they have used a strategy that worked for them and most will be happy to give you advice to help you to quit smoking today. You will be surprised at the consistency of the answers that you get when you conduct this small survey.

As well as speaking to the person that has stopped smoking you should also talk to anyone that knew them from when they were a smoker as well as people who knew them when they were giving up smoking and people that know them now. This will give you an idea of ​​how they changed and what the people around them had to go though when they were quitting smoking. This may help you to deal with others when you stop smoking.

The more people you ask the clearer it will become how this person was able to quit smoking and not start smoking again. This will give you the information you need to quit smoking today and not some certain time in the future.

If there is one piece of advice that most people will tell you is that if you want to stay smoke free that you must never pick up another cigarette.