Can you tell me, in one sentence, precisely why you want to quit smoking? Let's chisel it down even further; can you tell me your # 1 reason why you want to quit smoking?

Take some time to think about this. As a matter of fact, think about it as if your life depends on it … you just never know.

Your # 1 reason for quitting will be your new best friend.

• It will lift you up when you're weak.
• It will serve to motivate you through the tough times.
• It will remind you why you must stay strong.
• It will not let you down.

Choose your reason wisely and with conviction, because the better you can refer to it, the longer it will sustain you … just like your best friend.

You see … once it dawned on me to focus on the one reason why I wanted to quit, I was then able to channel all my energies in that one direction to make the kill … gang tackle, you might say. That's how you bring the big ones down.

I failed a hundred times before I finally quit smoking once and for all, and the only thing I did differently to identify my # 1 reason for not lighting up. That was it. This laser beam approach showed me a new perspective I did not see before … one which inspired me to … refuse to lose. And I have not had a smoke since. And believe me … I am no stronger than you.

In retrospect, the concept seems so simple … which is precisely why many people tend to shy away from it. Somehow, we're conditioned to believe that anything good must be difficult to achieve.

The fact is … the opposite is true … the best ideas are always the simplest.

• Want to sell? Find out what the customer wants … and simply give it to them.
• Want to start a business? Copy a proven business model, or system if you will, and simply stick to it.
• Want a happy life? Understand you get what you give … then simply … forever give.
• Want to quit smoking? Identify your # 1 reason why … then simply focus on it like a laser beam.

Never try to reinvent the wheel … it's turning just fine.

I suggest you get started and invest as much time as it takes to identify your core reason for giving up the smokers.

• Find one that motivates you.
• Find one that scares the living hell out of you.
• Find one that awakens you.
• Find one you can not live without
• Find one you'll never forget.

Here's the key. When you identify your one reason … electrify it by attaching as much emotion to it as you can possibly muster … fear, excitement, joy, sadness, accomplishment … just to name a few.

As you internalize and associate these emotions with your reason for quitting, they will help you face any difficult moment that may arise. Just the thought of your reason will automatically trigger these emotions, emboldening you to carry on. And just like a best friend … it will not let you down.

My number # 1 reason for quitting smoking:

I was constantly coughing up everything but the kitchen sink, and I was tired of blaming it on a cold I did not have. Hell, I was only in my 20's … much too young for feeling like 70. The fact was … it was beginning to scare me.

What's your reason for quitting? Come on … cough it up.

Stop The Madness!

Bill Peak