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He Could Fill Up Ashtrays As Quick As Any Man!

“I Once Knew A Fellow” …
I once knew a fellow who could fill up ashtrays as quick as his fingers flicked ash. You see, he could boast that what might come from any economic crisis-downturns, reversals, stagnations, he could most always boast: “I will be the last man standing!” Yes, I give him credit: he built a business from scratch; no one cave him a dime. He worked hard from childhood-overcame many things-weathered the way bills kept coming as he scaled the ladders of entrepreneurship.

“That Struck Me As Crazy!”
Gradually, though, his smoking got to be a big problem-with a few heart attacks. Yet, he told me once, “No big deal. I get an attack – go into the hospital- they fix me up … Then I come out and keep on working 'till the next heart attack comes-and then I go back in again. ” That stuck me as crazy, but who was I to say? The man had made a nice fortune- and considered himself – as did others– darned smart.

“He Never Conquered Them!”
So cigarettes were his way of dealing with life's pressures. He never conquered them- And I do not have to tell you how things came out in the wash. I did not see him in his last moments on this planet- but a man I worked with once reported that when he visited him, he claimed like a baby, he was so out of control and not in his right mind.

“Ah, The Government Man!”
The “Government Man” had come to get him-if you would allow that person's fate when he smokers is like one who refuses to pay his income tax. Sooner or late: the Man from the Government pays him a call and one way or the other beats him up -mentally, emotionally or downright physically.

“Why Do I Waste My Time?”
Why do I waste my time talking to you, a loved smoker, who does not care to quit? Because I do believe there is something inside of you that listens to reason. But above that, that you well know the right story can turn anyone from bad ways to the right ways that will save him. If there is one person who turns when he reads this: that will do me perfectly well. And if this story does touch your emotions some, well watch out, it may affect you. There is an old saying: It's short: EMOTION WINS! If it does, then you're the winner. As for my friend who just did not seem to “get” it: 'Pip, I loved you: Why go that way?'

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13 Conflicts Smokers Have When Quitting Cigarettes

You want to quit, you need to quit but you like to smoke and it looks so hard. The good news is that smokers can manage to win the fight with themselves. Your conscious mind makes all the decisions, such as eat dinner, go to work, avoid chocolate or quit smoking. Then your unconscious mind goes out and makes it happen.

Your conscious mind makes all the decisions, such as eat dinner, go to work, avoid chocolate or quit smoking. Then your unconscious mind goes out and makes it happen.

Chances are that you will not have too much of a fight about going to work. After all you have to pay the bills. You will go even if you hate it and you have to drag yourself out the door. Eating dinner is rarely a challenge either.

But chocolate can win the war more often than not, after all you may gain some weight but the world will not stop because you eat a whole bar of chocolate.

But when it comes to smoking there are many conflicts.

  1. You want to quit but you like smoking
  2. It will take years to affect you, apart from your fitness, and your breathing, and your skin, your hair, etc
  3. You are conditioned to use cigarettes to relax. Yet you know they only increase your anxiety.
  4. Everyone says how hard it is to quit.
  5. Your friends smoke, but not all of them of course, and all having lung cancer is no way to bond.
  6. Cigarettes are your friend, but they can only harm you.
  7. You know it will seriously harm you at some time, but we all have to die sometime.
  8. You smell like an ashtray. But you try to hide it.
  9. You are wasting thousands of dollars every year. But you answer it's not about the money.
  10. You smoke to relax yet you smoke to get you going in the morning, how can this be so.
  11. You are convinced that you need to smoke, yet you can sleep all night or manage long flights, just fine.
  12. Smoking helps you to think, but how can 4000 toxic chemicals in your blood stream and 200 of those in your brain make any decision easier?
  13. You enjoy the taste of good food and drink, but you then stick a burning stick of toxicity in your mouth.

I'm sure you can recognize many of these conflicts in your own life. But do not give up not for a minute, hypnosis is the fastest way to quit smoking, the most successful and quickest way to regain control of your life.

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How Your Skin Will Improve After Quitting Smoking

If you are someone who wants to know if your skin will improve after quitting smoking, then I am 70% sure that you have not made up your mind of quitting smoking yet.

To help you finally make that decision, probably one of the best decisions that you are supposedly made to make in your life, I am going to show you how my skin improved after quitting smoking smoking on this page.

Color of the Skin

The first indicator that my skin improved after giving up smoking is the disappearing dark eye circles.

Before I stopped smoking, every time I craved for nicotine or cigarettes, I felt tired in my eyes. My eyes needed more nutrition and refreshment.

That is when I realized the eyes are sharing forcefully the oxygen that goes to the skin below them.

Whenever this happens, I could not help rubbing and squinching the eyes, which wrinkled the skin around them in the long term.

As a guy, I should not worry about if the eyecircles are dark. But when things become visible and you can not help noticing, you have got to worry, not to mention women.

Gloss of the skin

Before I quit smoking, the skin looked terrible. This was not noticed until I quit and the skin freshed up a little bit.

Scientists tell us that the chemicals released from the cigarettes would have impacted the blood flow in the dermis, making it look bad.

After quitting, the blood flow gets back and the skin gets what it needs, oxygen and vitamins. With that, the renewal mechanism gets back to work. As a result, the skin becomes clear.

Wrinkles on the Skin

As mentioned earlier, the wrinkles may occur if you wink and squeeze your eyes a lot, which is one of the consequences of being added to cigarette smoking.

And it is also observed that the muscular movement the mouth makes during smoking a cigarette can also cause wrinkles around the mouth and the cheeks.

After Quitting Smoking

From my own experience, the skin will not get back to where it was when you were a kid. Damages that have already been made will not be eliminated completely.

However, quitting smoking will slow the damages down. You know what, after quitting for over 3 years, people do not think I am older than my age now.

It's never to late to make things right. If you quit today, you are going to get years back for your skin.

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How to Deal With Lung Pain After You Quit Smoking

After starting to quit smoking, some people experience pains in the lungs. To tell the truth, I did not have this experience during the process of stopping cigarette smoking.

But by doing some research, I have found out that this happens. That is because different people have a body that responds to the lack of smoke in the lungs in different ways.

In this article, I am going to tell you about how to deal with the lung pain after you quit smoking.

Stop panicing.

As mentioned earlier, not all smoking quitting people has the same experience on their body after quitting smoking.

And with the pains, many people are afraid that it is the lung cancer or something. They start to panic.

But sometimes, this kind of pain has nothing to do with tumors at all. It might be just illusion.

Sometimes, people have illusions about this kind of conditions after reading other people's experience.

Sometimes, it is related to stress and anxiety that is experienced in the process of quitting.

For all of these reasons, you need to reassure yourself that you lungs are okay in the first place. Otherwise, it might get worse.

The best way to do that is go to a doctor and have an x-ray check.

Most of the time, it will show that you lungs are great. Nothing wrong with them. If this is the case, then you need to do further check on your heart because if the pain comes from the heart, it often is mistakened as from the lung.

When your heart is found okay, then you need to check if you have cough caused by cold or something.

If you are assured that the pain is not due to cough, then what you need is to clear your lungs effectively, which is coming in the next part of this article.

Clear your lungs up

If you feel like coughing, then cough it out. At the beginning, you will find that the thing is dirty. But as time goes, it will clear up.

Breathe deeply. Inhale until you can not any more and make sure your stomach humps. Then exhale until you can not any more. This will supply as much oxygen as possible to the blood cells of your lungs and help them recover as soon as possible.

Drink water. Water can speed up the circulation of fluid in our body. Metabolism, as it is known, can discharge the bad things out of the body quickly.

Another way to accelerate metabolism and thus clear the lungs up is exercising regularly. Make sure to do exercises in a place where the air is fresh.

Now that you know how to deal with lung pain after quitting smoking, get started doing them now with some tweaking if your body needs some time to adjust.

Your lungs will fresh up and become anew pretty soon. Enjoy the fresh air they will provide to your body!

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5 Negative Effects Smoking Has On Your Body

The most important and difficult step to take when it comes to quitting smoking is getting started. Sometimes, you just need a push. This article is going to do that for you.

In this article, I am going to tell you the top 5 negative effects that smoking can give to your body.

By the end of this page, you are going to know why you should stop smoking cigarettes, starting from today.

1. Lungs

Is not this obvious? You may ask. Yes, it is. But people tend to neglect it or pretend to.

I would not scare you with big diseases like lung cancer. To be honest, it does not work. People would rather meet their needs for now other than years later.

But one negative effect that smoking has on the lung lies in the breath.

If you sit within the territory of a heavy smoker's breath when he talks, even another smoker would rather leave immediately.

That is how you may affect others and how cigarette smoking is impacting your body.

2. Fingers

We are referring to the fingers, usually two, that you use to hold the burning cigarette.

Have you ever smell them after each cigarette you smoke? If you have, then you know what I am talking about.

At the beginning, it may only be the smell. But later on, it will change the color of these fingers and the nails.

I would shut up if you do not think this is a problem and you can definitely live with it.

3. Teeth

As a previous smoker, I did not realize that I had already registered this problem until I looked into the mirror one day morning and found that my teeth had stains.

If you are someone who likes to smile, I think these stains will damage the effect that you smile brings to people.

The impact of cigarette smoking on teeth is minimal at the beginning, but incremental as time goes.

When you find out, it is often too late. You want to make up for it by brushing your teetch? I am afraid you are going to be very disappointed.

4. Throat

It is easy to find that a smoker often clear his or her throat by just looking around you.

Smoke is okay. But I guest the tar which is a kind of oil will cause discomfort to your throat.

Just imagine a layer of sticking oil is applied to the moisten and soft surface of the throat. And you will know.

Although dry throat will make you drink more water, which is good, and water does do good to your body, but water would do much better if.

5. Figure

When people smoking, they either stand still or sit still. Some people would refuse me by saying that walking from the seat to the outside of the room is moving.

But cigarette smoking is reducing your will to move. You are becoming more and more idle.

You will know where this is leading to, obesity in most cases.

Now you know the negative effects smoking has on your body. But knowing them will not do anything constructive for you. Knowing is not enough.

What you need to do is working your knowledge into benefits, ie making what you learned on this page to help you get started with quitting smoking.

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Appetite Suppression Directly Linked to Smoking and Caffeine Intake

Recent studies have revealed that smoking and caffeine contain stimulants, are directly linked to malnutrition. The systems of the CNS (central nervous system) and the peripheral nervous system are directly involved in this process. Here, the feelings of dragging when caffeine is reduced in the body. A recent study conducted with rats, directly correlated with the recent theory that stimulants are causing high rates of malnutrition are bringing the truly dangerous nature of daily caffeine / stimulant take to light. Caffeine and other stimulants suppress the appetite.

The main physiological systems that are involved in this process are the CNS and the peripheral nervous system, which consist of all the fibrous nerve endings in the body. The peripheral nervous systems are responsible for all of the feelings within the body. Then within this peripheral nervous system, lay the somatic nervous system. This is the portion of the body that is that system that delivers all the sensations to the brain. The system is responsible for the heightened sensations within the brain. It enables the system to deal with emergency situations, whereby it causes the entire system to induce the stimulation necessary for the body to respond appropriatively. Thus the system causes the parasympathetic system to become activated in kind. The systems work separately and as it reiterates to the recent convictions that caffeine beverages and smoking stimulizations cause the system to crash. The amount of caffeine in the body actually causes the body to become heightened and in a constant state of emergency preparedness. This state over time, causing the body over time to lose the appetite. Thus, malnutrition sets in as a side effect of smoking, and an overload of caffeine.

Once the caffeine draw is over, the body crashes. When it happens, the entire parasympathetic system slows to a regular heart rate, and blood pressure. This produces cortisol which causes the body to crave an abnormal amount of carbohydrates products in order to restore lost glucose. The increase in appetite can become so overwhelming that it can cause the subject to eat abnormal amounts of carbohydrates. This then leads to weight gain and a higher rate of obesity.

The caffeine induced stimulations cause the body to cause physiological and psychological issues. In a recent case involving a weight loss drink with a primary ingredient Guarana; a woman died. The extreme rate of caffeine in the product was directly related to her death. Researchers found that a typical coffee is 100 to 250 mg, and a Guarana seed has an average amount of 200 to 400mg of caffeine. The cause of death in this woman was a cardia arrhythmia. Researchers have declared caffeine as a danger in high amounts and if taken over time. Even research conducted with rats shows that they became obese, with inactivity because of the loss of caffeine. Caffeine and smoking causes weight gain, arrthymia, and a myriad of other issues. People are consistently taking this drug and stimulant on a daily and in some cases hourly basis. The body becomes physiologically stressed, with body odor, psychological issues, bad breath, excess weight gain and in severe cases death.

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Stop Smoking – What’s the Best Way?

There are many methods being marketed as viable ways to quit smoking. Before setting out to achieve any goal it is helpful to know the most effective approach as well as flawed approaches. This article is a brief review of the different methods out there and some tips on what not to do to when trying to stop smoking.


This is a flawed strategy and the reason is this – nicotine is an addictive substance, so decreasing the amount you take into your body gradually will increase the value you place on each single cigarette and make you crave them even more. I always ask people considering this method if they would consider a preliminary reduction in the amount of alcohol consumed to be an effective strategy for an alcoholic to stop drinking?


Same as above this is a flawed strategy because it involves a gradual reduction of nicotine, only it is coming into the body in a different format. This would be akin to an alcoholic trying to cure themselves by taking alcohol into their body in a different format which would cleary be foolhardy. There can also be unpleasant side effects from patches such as rashes on the skin. Nicotine patches are popular not because of their effectiveness, but because they are a big money spinner for the pharmaceutical industry and they are well marketed.


Some types of stop smoking medication works for some people some of the time, but often there are very strong side effects associated with them and many people have difficulty taking these types of medication for this very reason. Stop smoking prescription drugs may make you feel dizzy, sleepy or depressed and you may be advised to come off some types of stop smoking medication mainly because stopping suddenly may make you feel depressed or cause you to have difficulty sleeping (which in itself can lead to depression).


Around 10% of people quit smoking by themselves every year. At times in life we ​​know intuitively that it is time to leave something behind. Sometimes this is a response to a change in life circumstances such as the birth of a child yet for some people a moment just sees to arrive near almost out of now. This fact alone coupled with the reality that after quitting for a period of 3 weeks nicotine leaves the body completely should give smokers much belief that they have everything they need to stop naturally.


Some people need a little help to quit. A University of Iowa study involving 72,000 people found hypnotherapy to be the most successful method of smoking cessation as reported in The New Scientist Magazine. Reaching any goal starts in the mind. Hypnotherapy works because you learn to use your mind to work for you rather than against you, it is excellent for helping you to stay focused and motivated and it is very effective at helping you deal with stress and manage any cravings. It involves taking a clean break from tobacco rather than the flawed strategy of a gradual reduction of nicotine. The desire to smoke comes from the unconscious part of the mind which is the seat of our emotional impulses. In hypnosis the therapist can communicate directly with your unconscious mind and can deal with any emotional blockages which are preventing you from being smoke free.

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Smoking Can Cause a Low Birth Weight

Smoking affects every organ of a human body. It systematically infiltrates the body and over the course of years, destroys it. Women who smoke are likely to have children with low birth weights. This means that the infants will be less than 5.5 pounds. The low birth weight, does cause over 300,000 infant deaths a year. These deaths are directly linked to mothers who smoke and or smoked. The consequences of smoking are dire. It causes conception to take longer. For instance, it can take up to one year of regular sexual intervention for a smoker to get pregnant. The main drug of tobacco smoke; nicotine, constricts the blood vessels in the body and thus the umbilical cord. This causes the infant to have a diminished supply of oxygen. The continuation of smoking while pregnant also causes, the placenta to become unable to nourish the infant. Thus, the risk of placental abortion occurs. It has also been found that infants born to smokers have less muscle mass than their nonsmoking counterparts.

Smoking can also increase the infants chance of dying from sudden infant death syndrome. The statistics of having a low birth weight infant from a parent who smokes is up by 17 percent. Smoking can also be passive, women who are consistently exposed to second hand smoke, can suffer from the consequences as if they were the smokers themselves. Tobacco smoke is that detrimental. Smoking causes ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, stillborn births, low birth weight, and more. Babies that are born with a low birth weight, are easily susceptible to infections. Some cases have occurred where the problems did not appear until adulthood. It also increases the chances that the infant has asthma, or other breathing problems.

Smoking when pregnant, reduces the amount of oxygen that the infant is exposed to. it causes the rate of growth to diminish and increases the risk of physical deformity. For instance, infants born to smoking mothers are at a higher risk of having a cleft palate, or cleft lip. They are also at a higher risk of having heart anomalies. The complications that arise for smokers when pregnant are high. They also include ectopic pregnancies, which occurs when the pregnancy is out of the uterus and in the fallopian tube. This can cause death in the patient, if not caught soon. Smoking causes, rupture of the membrane, placental abruption, abortion, death and low birth weight. It increases premature birth, and ups the chances of the infant being born with SIDS to three times the normal rate. Breast feeding can also be affected by smoking. The majority of women who smoke when pregnant, can pass the cigarette chemicals to their babies, and reduce the amount of vitamins that the infant receives. It also reduces the amount of milk that the mother produces.

Smoking increases the low birth rate, ratio to three times the normal weight. Infants that are born of mothers that smoked are usually 5.5 pounds or less and suffer from small heads and shorter growth rates. They are more susceptible to diseases and death.

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Causes Of Smoking

Many people believe that the causes of smoking are well known, but in fact they vary greatly from smoker to smoker. A lot of individuals think that the only factor that smokers continue with their behavior is as a result of the bodily drug addiction, however this is not the situation. Numerous cigarette smokers, in fact, are not seriously literal addicted. Nicotine can be a powerful addiction, but it does not affect everyone the same. Some smokers proceed smoking not as a result of a bodily dependence, however a lot more as a result of the mental one. They are dependent on cigarettes to relax, and have a hard time giving up this habit.

If you want to stop smoking, you have to understand what reasons you started for. In my case, the causes of cigarette smoking were pretty normal of an American teenager: I wished to be awesome. My pals and I would certainly head out, shoot pool, and have a few cigarettes together. It was loosing up, and it made us seem like we were rebelling. It was a great social bonding experience, and I came to link cigarettes with happy times. This is why it was so difficult for me to quit smoking: I had so many positive experiences with it.

When I lastly decided to stop smoking, I learned about routine, one of the worst causes of smoking cigarettes. Physically I was fine. I really felt a little bit nervous, and I did not have the extreme nicotine yearnings that some cigarette smokers talk about.

What made it complicated, neverless, was the practice of the daily routine. There are numerous times in the day when I wanted to light up a cigarette. I would have a smoke very first thing in the early morning before work, at lunch time, at night over a mug of coffee – you get the idea. It was routine more than anything else that was the why smoking cigarettes in my case caused my addiction. I did not have to break a physical dependence, and I did need to damage something basically as complicated – the force of daily use.

Whatever the causes of smoking in your life, there are a lot of tools that help. Nicotine vapor is a great aid for some smokers, because it allows them to take the edge off of the nicotine craving that many people feel. Stop smoking support groups are also really useful, although they are not for everyone. As with anything else, the more information you have the better. If you want to quit smoking, there are more tools compared to ever to assist you.

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Stop Smoking for Love


Most men, confronted by the threat of being separated from their wives and children, siblings or parents for good, would do anything for that not to happen. They would lie, steal and kill for these people; such is their love, loyalty and devotion. Why, then, would these heroes- fathers, brothers and sisters and sons wish on themselves a slow and painful death by smoking? Why not stop, in order to live longer?

Joe, a forty- two year old man who started smoking at eighteen, summed it up; “As the father of a ten-year old boy, I would give anything to be at his side through life, watch him get married and start a family of his own. My smoking habit destroys my body and my dream to see him through life That's why I decided to stop. Love and devotion did it. ” Like Joe, most people quit smoking this way. They put other's needs before their own. They feel guilty every time they light up. With time, they are successfully able to get rid of the habit.

A huge percentage gives up smoking for their spouses. A smoker's partner unduly satisfied the most exposure to the vice. Young people wishing to marry today are increasingly asking for non-smoking companions. A young woman will reject a suitor she genuinely loves (who smokers) and end up marrying a non-smoker she does not love as much.

Jill, 48 and a nurse at a top New York hospice, always fights with her son, Julian, over his smoking habit. He is a respectful and obedient son, and can not understand what the fuss is all about. The young man interprets this as her mother's attempt to control his life, and is resentful. Jill's only motive here is love. She can not imagine life without her son, who she has raised singlehandedly. Her job involves taking care of cancer patients living out their last days in excruciating pain. She sees her son's smoking as a willful attempt to commit suicide, albeit slowly. Julian loves his mother too, and has begun to realize how much he has been hurting her, and is willing to stop if only to show her mother how much he cares for her.

Most people are unable to completely commit themselves to quitting smoking because the consequences are mostly not immediate. For the lucky, one is able to live for years without any sign that the daily abuse is taking its toll on one's internal organs. They only think of quitting when the pain starts. By then, it's probably too late. They wish they had listened to their loved ones and acted on their advice.

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to do, almost as hard as quitting drinking. However, unlike alcohol, a smoker is able to discharge his duties effectively, and exhibits no anti-social behavior. This makes it difficult for an employer, for example, to censure an employee who smokes. Love and support from family and friends has been found to work where other methods have failed.

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October Is Stop Smoking Month

October has been designated as Stop Smoking in Stopoter by the NHS. With over 100,000 people still smoking in Manchester, England, the support being provided by various health providers this month may motivate some smokers to decide to quit smoking.

Here are some ways to help you stop smoking in Stoptoper:

– Identify the differences between your cigarettes. Some cigarettes will be more important than others. Many will be smoked without thinking, out of habit, on auto pilot; after a phone call, with coffee, food, when driving. Focus on removing those cigarettes that are smoked automatically, without any real desire or sense of enjoyment.

– Distractions can help you manage those automatic smoking times. We can only think of one thing at once so intercept those vulnerable moments by counting slowly to 100, becoming involved in a conversation, walking to the water cooler for a drink, reading something interesting. The urge for a cigarette will then subside.

– Change your routine and do things in a different order, thus removing the connection to smoking. Use another mug, travel a different route, maybe even rearrange your furniture so you do not automatically sit and reach for a smoke. Freshen your clothes so that there is no smell of cigarettes.

– Consider what cigarettes mean to you. Are they a treat, a secret pleasure, a reward, a way to manage stress, frustration, anger? Find better, more appropriate ways to introduce some quality 'me' time into your life; a relaxing bath, a walk with friends, a run, listening to music.

– If you were going for a smoke and received an important call that sometimes involved an important business deal or an issue with a family member you would quickly forget the cigarette and take the call. Appreciate that a true drug addict would not be so easily distracted. Focus on changing the mindset that supports your habit.

– Money is rarely the reason people stop smoking. Even so, save the money you would have spent on cigarettes and use it to do something special for you and those close to you. Enjoy the rewards as you find better ways to spend your hard-earned money.

– Hypnotherapy is widely recognized as an effective way to reinforce a smoker's determination to quit and become a non-smoker. Many people start smoking when quite young, sometimes because of peer pressure or a lack of confidence. Hypnotherapy can help release you from the burdens of an old, unwanted habit, while improving your confidence, self-esteem and helping you find better, more effective ways to deal with stress and difficult times in your life.

Stoptober provides a great opportunity for you to join others and commit to a united initiative, hopefully supporting each other in your endeavors to stop smoking. As you become fitter, healthy, more focused on a better quality of life why not look to enjoy the month as the start of a positive new you, where you begin to really look after yourself and feel better in many ways. A healthier diet, a little exercise and the decision to take better care of yourself can really improve many areas of your life, both physically and mentally.

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Why Do I Find It Difficult to Quit Smoking?

Do you think it is ridiculous that you are finding it so difficult to stop smoking? You feel weak for not having the willpower to quit, even though you are aware of all the consequences of your addiction to cigarettes and you can see people dying around you because of cigarette smoking.

Yes, we understand: in trying to quit smoking you are breaking an addiction that is more powerful than that caused by cocaine or heroin dependence.

You're not alone in thinking that you will miss smoking and you're not alone in believing that you are incapable kicking the habit. But on the contrary, consider the fact that nobody has died trying to quit smoking … Thousands of smokers like you, despite the difficulties they have managed to get rid of this dependence, without going crazy. It is possible for you too. You will be so proud of yourself when you are finally able to quit!

To put the odds on your side, we suggest some approaches.

Work on your motivation to stop smoking. It is true that it is difficult to resist the temptation when you feel that everyone smokers or when other smokers indulge their addiction under your nose. so Ask your friends to avoid smoking when you are together and not to offer you cigarettes. Go easy on alcohol or avoid consuming it altogether as long as you still feel fragile.

Recognize and find ways of reducing the pressure that this addiction has on you in certain situations, such as when visiting with friends, or immediately after meals, at sunrise, on the phone, when you're tired, etc ..

Put these into practice this means to get your body accredited to your not smoking cigarettes. When your motivation is strong, set a quit date.

To desensitize the effects that smoking has on you, you can choose to gradually decrease your tobacco consumption. Delay lighting up a cigarette when you have a craving. Consult a doctor if you are afraid of the resultant withdrawal symptoms.

If you are already determined to quit, you will definitely end up successful, if you are able to put these quit smoking tips into practice and you have chosen a quit date, all you then need to do is to take each day as it comes bearing in mind that the present challenges are only temporary, you will persevere and succeed.

Another factor that will make your goal of quitting successful will be your psychological approach to stopping the smoking of cigarettes. If you manage to have an approach that gives you confidence in yourself, that you could achieve anything, you will find that your determination will be much stronger.

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Is It Merely a Smokescreen?

A smokescreen is a device of mass distraction often used in military situations to hide visibility of movements from the enemy.

The definition of the term 'smoke screen' serves up an interesting idea when it comes to smoking tobacco products. What are we as smokers trying to hide or hide from? Is it possible that our bad habit is nothing more than a means by which we distract others from our true vulnerability? This might just be the key to successful cessation.

Fatal Attraction

Perhaps the hip generation of the push-button kind will not be able to refer to the measure of sexual appeal obtained by smokers of the previous generation. Today we know better than to plug this killer left right and center. We now know how bad it is for our health, heart and lungs especially. The effects of the intense and widowed marketed image of a smoker being somehow 'cool' however, have had a lasting effect on most of us over the age of twenty-five.

It Is not Easy

Taking up smoking is nearly as difficult as putting the habit to rest. Remember those first couple of drags in high school? Remember how you treated and spat smoke in all directions, taking another drag with the express intent of proving that you are tough enough to take the plunge? Sadly enough, the road to a healthy body and mind seems of way less importance than being able to hold your smoke and this is where mental reconditioning comes in. You need to find a way to retrain your brain to believe that freedom from addiction is better than enslavement.


Whether you are quitting smoking or actively trying not to quit, you will know that it is an uphill, downhill kind of relationship that sends your emotions spiraling about without control. It may be advisable to seek out solutions to your emotional problems as part and parcel of your relationship with nicotine. Counseling, introspection and even reading up on emotional issues and how to face them could go a long way in restoring your sense of self.

Pros and Cons

So what can you expect from taking up the task of quitting? For one, your breathing will improve and your incessant couching will cease to be albeit not immediately. The odor of smoke that trails behind you like a label sticking out of your shirt will disappear (immediately, provided your clothes are freshly laundered) and your eyes will brighten up again. On the downside you will experience flights of emotion so strong that you will do anything to convince yourself that smoking is in fact better for you than not smoking. The trouble it takes to quit and adapting to the newfound identity of non-smoker is all there is on the negative side of this ride.

Do not take it From Me

You are the only person who can convincingly stage an argument for giving up on cigarettes. Doing it for someone else might seem like a good motivator but the chances of it lasting to see you through the whole process is not great and makes this a risky way to go about it.

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Quit Smoking – Hypnosis, A Sneaky Way To Quit Cigarettes

Hypnosis is known as the most successful way to quit smoking, and it is also the sneakiest way. Some people are concerned about hypnosis because they fear that their minds will be controlled. The only experience most people have with hypnosis is on television or stage shows.

Simply put you can not be made to do something that you morally object to. If a suggestion was made to steel it would only be transported out by someone who was OK with steeling.

As far as smoking is concerned, you are only given suggestions that you are in agreement with, that is to stop smoking.

Back to the sneaky part. Your subconscious mind has taken on the belief that smoking is serving a positive purpose. In order to change that belief we need to subtly approach the subconscious so that it does not throw up a wall of resistance.

Firstly you need to relax progressively, then strategies such as stories are used to re-direct the mind, while simple solutions are introduced. Next a series of techniques such as nested loops are used to create a state of mild confusion.

It is at this moment that the suggestions for positive change will successfully be introduced into the subconscious.

This entire process is completely safe, relaxing and gentle. Positive ideas in are presented over and over in various ways, so that they are securely inserted into your subconscious. In addition post hypnotic suggestions will be made, such as whenever you walk through a doorway you will take a deep breath and feel good about being a non smoker for life.

Or a key word may be established, such as breathe, which would be emotionally connected to feelings of health and wellness or occasional happiness. Once installed anytime that word is used intentally or in conversation would elicit those positive feelings.

There are many strategies which can be used in hypnosis, to keep you on track as a non smoker. Rapid change hypnosis uses methods from all the great hypnosis traditions, blending them seamlessly to address all your triggers, beliefs and concerns about smoking and quitting.

The entire process is relaxing, and completely safe. Afterwards about 1/3 of clients will feel as if they have never had a cigarette in their life, another 1/3 may have passing thoughts, such as when they make a coffee, but it quickly passes.

The remaining third will face the occasional challenge, especially where lots of alcohol is involved. If your lifestyle includes heavy drinking discuss this with your practitioner.

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Health Warning: Smoking Can Kill Your Sex Life!

The ads on television and the heroes in action movies says it all. It goes like this – it's a rugged cowboy riding on his horse and stopping at the top of a hill overlooking a Montana countryside with a beautiful mountain view to smoke a cigarette showing off a picture of virility and youth. Or, during a James Bond movie, where the secret agent double-zero-seven (007) is located in a far away country, smoking a premium cigarette brand.

But the sad truth is the real picture of smoking is completely different, even though it's not mentioned in the various communication mediums about the dangers of smoking. In this case, studies have found that men who smoke are 50 percent more likely to suffer from problems with their sex life than men who do not smoke.

How Does Nicotine Cause Impotency?

For Men.

Nicotine will lead to constriction of the blood vessels in the body. That is, it causes the arteries and blood vessels to narrow and lead to slowed or blocked blood flows-including those that are responsible for a man's erection. Nicotine also lowers testosterone (the male hormone) and other hormone levels in the blood. And it increases fatty acids in the blood, thus increasing the case of clogged arteries and further restricting blood flow to the genitals.

For Women.

Women who smoke also can not escape from the bad effects of smoking. There is strong evidence that smoking can make it harder for a woman to have an orgasm during sex. Nicotine will also damage ovaries, cause menstrual abnormalities and reduced oestrogen production. It can lead to early menopause with such side effects as increased aging and dryness in the reproductive organs.

Finally, A Question of Attractiveness.

Do you ever wonder what smoking does to your attractiveness to the opposite sex? It leads to bad breath, smelly clothes, stained teeth and fingers; which are all not exactly a turn-on. So, when you quit smoking you find that instantly you become more attractive to people around you, your non-smoking friends and collections.


There is very real dangers of cancer and heart disease when you smoke long-term. But your sexual enjoyment is something that smoking could affect now or in the very near future. Think about this for a minute or two and you know it is worth the sacrifice and making the extra effort to stop smoking. This is just one more reason to get out of the smoking habit and lead a healthier life.

Please feel free to distribute this article around people who are smokers like your family members, friends or office colleges and are looking around for a good reason to quit smoking.

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