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Discover These Stop Smoking Benefits

Smoking is injurious to health and this is one statement that has been made over and over again. Despite the many warnings that are given through mass media, so many people are still out there smoking in ignorance or in total defiance to what can do their lives a whole lot of good. However there are some people who will actually want to rid themselves of the terrible habit of smoking but are yet to summon the courage to take the first bold step. Quitting cigarette smoking starts with a step and this is the mindset. With the proper attitude towards quitting smoking, the job is already half done.

While it is true that kicking the habit of smoking could be a difficult one, there are many benefits smokers will absolutely enjoy if they succeed in doing it. Stop smoking benefits can be on the short term or the long term. All these benefits regardless of the category are good and desirable for people who are planning to quit smoking. For the short term benefits, these can be realized from the first week to a month after stopping smoking. Long term benefits of quitting smoking can be acquired many years after the habit has been kicked.

In the first week of quitting smoking, there are several stop smoking benefits that smokers will enjoy. For one, the sensations of taste and smell will become dramatically improved. This means smokers who quit will begin to breathe clean air and the dank smell that characterizes them will vanish. They will also be more sensitive to their meals and enjoy them better. Most of the physical symptoms that are known with cigarette smokers disappear at the end of the first week of abstinence. The teeth get whiter and the mouth stays fresher for smokers that take this bold step.

With cigarette smoking, the nicotine content of the body is seriously heightened. A number of things get affected with this especially the nervous system. The pulse rates and blood pressures of such people become normalized which are essential for putting people in control of situations. After abstaining from smoking for a whole month, the blood circulation of the body receives a tremendous boost. The blood platelets get activated and the immune system is given a boost. Smokers who quit smoking are also able to experience longer breath as well as build energy and stamina. Hands and feet will be observed to get warmer while the skin color and tone would have seen to dramatically improve within this period.

Smokers are more prone to respiratory diseases. Their hearts and lungs grow weaker with every puff of cigarette they take. For longer stop smoking benefits that smokers can look forward to when they quit smoking. They will run less risk of mouth, throat and esophagus cancer. In the long run, there is also less risk for coronary heart diseases for smokers that decide to quit smoking. Other health risks like cervical cancer, bladder cancer and low birth weight are significantly reduced.

These stop smoking benefits are better experienced than imagined, so, why do not you quit smoking today to enjoy good health?

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What Are the Steps to Take to Successfully Quit Smoking Cigarettes

You should be aware that the battle to stop smoking cigarettes commences from the second when you've lastly chosen to quit. Nonetheless, it does not conclude there, given that the challenging part is definitely after the withdrawal impulses kick in and you discover yourself to be on the verge of smoking cigarettes once more. These impulses are just brief in nature, and they too will pass you just have to deal with them as soon as they occur. So, as you stop smoking cigarettes maybe you should know 10 things that just might help you with the cigarette smoking renunciation.

1. Patience is the key to winning over the showdown against tobacco consumption. The reality is that this method is not uncomplicated, neither is it for a short period of time. As a result, you should be patient to address the therapy for as long as it requires you.

2. Proceed through the method day by day. Do not consider the length of time the process will actually take, alternatively survive through the rehab each day. You'll quickly recognize that as every single day goes by, your craving to smoke becomes less strong, and your toughness to eliminate such craving becomes better.

3. Do not let yourself be frustrated by mental poison which may solely make you planning to smoke yet again. By staying continuously reminded of your motive as well as your plan, you'll certainly be a great deal more determined to stop your smoking lifestyle not to mention swap it with a much healthier way of living.

4. For the duration of your rehab, you should not neglect to please your alternative necessities, such as nutrition and also liquid. A fantastic healthy eating plan along with enough hydration can easily enable you to flush away the toxins within your system which has built up as a result of smoking. It's also wise to continue to keep your physique toned, therefore workout often and next take adequate sleep each day.

5. Restrain yourself from ingesting liquor, since it may just activate your need to smoke. Most people are unable to detach smoking from alcohol consumption, since this pair are quite substantially linked to one another.

6. Being angry will never assist you in your battle to stop smoking. It may simply induce you toward relieving your pressure through cigarette smoking. As a result, you can not be stressed out, particularly while having withdrawal period.

7. You would certainly experience the craving to consume tobacco yet again someday in the mid of your rehabilitation. However you should never give into the attraction. You should master to hold back this craving, and soon enough you might notice that you're not experiencing the rush to smoke.

8. The struggle vs cigarette smoking is a tough war. It would guide very much if you are in a position to discover an individual close to you, or some other men and women that are going through the identical procedure exactly like you. It would most likely help to make you feel safe and also cozy, and definitely will give you a perception of security that you are not by yourself in this struggle.

9. Do not believe that smoking a single cigarette will not have an effect on your rehabilitation. The instant you give in this lure, you can expect to maintain doing the same thing time after time; and all your prior endeavors to stop smoking will just be flushed down the drain. If it results in being definitely hard for you, you may demand guidance coming from a professional.

10. Hold on to your good reasons for quitting smoking. It's best to keep in mind that you're to stop smoking cigarettes for a justified reason, and this should be your incitement.

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Chewing Tobacco and Health

The Habit

The habit of chewing tobacco has a long history and was practiced by the Native American Indians long before the arrival of European settlers. Chewing tobacco became increasing popular in North America during the 19th century. Typically a wad of tobacco was chewed and the juices periodically dumped by spitting. The act of chewing releases nicotine which is then absorbed through the moist lining of the mouth. Chewing tobacco has always had an association with American baseball and players would use their spittle to moisten the ball to produce spin. Several famous baseball stars succumbed to the habit, including the harditting and hard drinking, Babe Ruth. Chewing tobacco began to lose popularity Along with the general American population as smoking became the favored means of obtaining nicotine. However, the widespread realization of the health hazards of smoking since the 1970's has resolved in a resurgence of chewing tobacco use. Today, most consumers of smokeless tobacco have switched to 'dipping' tobacco. In this form, powdered tobacco is placed in a small pouch which is not chewed but placed between the cheek and gum. Chewing tobacco is also popular in India and is mixed with betel nuts or lime. Chewing tobacco has never been common in Europe, although popular with coal miners, for obvious reasons.

The Health Hazards

So is smokeless tobacco a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes? The obvious point is that smokeless tobacco contains nicotine and if the user stops they will experience nicotine withdrawal and cravings. In this way it is no different from smoking tobacco. In fact, quit rates from smokeless tobacco are similar to that found in cigarette smokers. Chewing tobacco contains at least 30 known carcinogens, or cancer causing compounds. Tobacco chewers are at particularly high risk of developing oral cancers, involving the gum, tongue or cheek areas. Treatment is mainly by surgical excision and often results in severe facial disfigurement. As carcininogens can be absorbed through the lining of the mouth, there is a higher risk for cancers at distant sites, such as the pancreas and bladder.

And it Gets Worse

Smokeless tobacco discolours teeth and may cause tooth decay and gum damage. The habit has been linked to the formation of pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth, called, leukoplakia. Leukoplakia leads to oral cancer in about 5% of cases. Chewing tobacco may have adverse effects on reproductive health and has been shown to reduce sperm counts in men and to decrease birth weights in pregnant women. It is also associated with bad breath and the constant habit of expelling tobacco juice is decidedly unattractive.

The Bottom Line

Smokeless tobacco is not a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. All forms of tobacco constituent a health hazard, no matter how they are consumed or used.

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Release the Barriers to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Barriers

What are the barriers that make us unable to stop smoking? There are many theories about this and many different opinions. The problem is that we are all individuals so the specific answers are not going to be the same. However there are common principals. The first principle I would suggest is that the largest barrier is a closed mind. Addiction to smoking is mostly cognitive. Our thoughts about smoking have more effect than the actual drug, so it stands to reason that the more adaptable a person is to thinking differently the more chance they have overcoming the thoughts that create the anxiety attacks whenever a smoker tries to stop smoking.

Cognitive Barriers

Because smoking is a more cognitive addiction than a clinical drug based addiction then the barriers are really the thoughts that keep us smoking. Any thoughts that tell us it is a good idea to smoke are the problems that create the anxiety and panic attacks when we try to stop. For example, the thought that smoking helps you relax means that if we no longer smoke we will not be able to relax or that we will not be able to relax as well as if we smoked. The barrier to stopping smoking therefore is the thought that we will spend the rest of our lives missing out on a quality of relaxation we simply can not have without cigarettes.

Breaking Through the Barriers

To break through the barriers that trip us up when we try to stop smoking we need an open mind. An open mind will allow us to examine our thoughts critically so that we can identify illusions. For example, when a person inhales the many toxic chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke their bodies have a small adrenaline reaction. Adrenaline is triggered when we are under attack, and certainly inhaling toxic fumes is an attack on our body. Adrenaline stimulates muscles, including the heart, which in turn raises our blood pressure and body temperature. In actual fact, the last thing in the world that is happening is relaxation.


Once we are aware of the reality and accept that the relaxation we believed we got from smoking was simply a learned response and that it is just 'mind over actual reality' sort of false relaxation, then we no longer have to believe that we won ' t be able to actually relax properly when we no longer smoke. Once we have changed our minds about the lie that smoking helps us relax we are able to go forward without thinking we are missing out. An open mind has helped us understand the reality. Therefore the largest barrier to stopping smoking is a closed mind.

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Motivations to Stop Smoking

Motivations to Quit

All smokers reach a point where they realize that smoking is not doing them any good and it would be a good idea to stop smoking now. The main motivators to this thinking are health, finances, career, image and children. So which motivators are the best and most powerful when it comes to getting through quitting?

Motivators to Start Smoking

There is a theory that the best motivators to draw upon in order to stop are the same motivators that got us to start smoking. Most smokers started out with curiosity and peer approval as the major motivators. If it is the case that that peer approval (which is the same as image) was an important factor, then surely the image we want to project to our children or partners or peers is a powerful factor to motivate us to stop. Unfortunately, it is the image we like that is the motivator, not the image we bought to have.

Smoking is often a behavior of defiance and projects an image of devil may care irresponsibility. If we like this image then doing what we think weought for the children may not be as powerful a motivator as one might think. The reason we started remains the reason we continue. But what if we are really fed up with the image we have had and now we want to be seen, and feel in ourselves, that we are responsible and intelligent and in control. That is certainly a motivator to quit. Providing it is what we want for ourselves then clearly it is a powerful motivator.

Other motivators that have any reliance or dependence on others can not work because we smoke for the reasons we have for smoking, despite the reasons we should not for other people.

How Motivators to Stop Work

The problem with looking for motivators to not do something is that it is silly. You can not be motivated to not build a wall or not climb a mountain. You can only be motivated to actually do those things. So when we are talking about being motivated to not smoke it does not really make any sense. Which is why for most people it does not work. You can not be motivated to not do the washing up, you can only find motivation to actually do the washing up.

However, if you are motivated to have an image or a chosen nature of self that is contrary to a certain habitual behavior, then that habitual behavior becomes increasingly more uncomfortable. Usually smokers smoke more because of the pressure of the self loathing about the fact that they are smokers in the first place. Aaargh!

Nonetheless, being motivated to be the sort of person you want to be where smoking is contrary to that, is the way forward, though it may get worse before it gets better!

Be who you want to be. Insist upon it! Have it! You can do it, you are worth it! Accept nothing less. Do not fight the smoking, simply allow it to fall away.

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Need to Kick the Habit Once and for All? Stop Smoking With Hypnosis!

Maybe you've tried those patches. Maybe you've tried that special gum. Maybe you've tried good ol 'fashioned willpower. But no matter what you try, you still can not resist the urge to light up. If you think that it's impossible to quit smoking once and for all, then you do not understand the power of stop smoking hypnosis!

You may not know it, but your urge to smoke is not a conscious decision. Sure, you're the one who's typically buying the pack of cigarettes, pulling them out of your purse, and lighting them up. However, that desire that you just can not seem to shake comes directly from your subconscious mind.

In fact, your subconscious mind is responsible for most of the things you think and do. That's why most of the stop smoking tools really do not work. That gum, patch, and willpower are all aimed at your conscious mind – when the problem is in your subconscious mind.

That's why stop smoking hypnosis is so effective … it targets the root of your problem, in your subconscious mind.


During a quit smoking hypnosis session, your consulting hypnotist will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and concentration – almost like being in a trance. While you're in this state, you will have full access to your subconscious mind, and you will be more open to suggestion – two things that are critical in helping you quit smoking.

When you go through stop smoking hypnosis, you and your consulting hypnotist will actively work to change the way that your subconscious thinks about smoking. By teaching your subconscious things like smoking is a “dirty” habit, bad for your health, and physically unappealing, your subconscious will not want to do it anymore.

How do you do it?

You may visualize living a happier, healthier life without cigarettes. Perhaps, you may envision a life with more money – now that you do not spend it all on cigarettes. Or, you may picture yourself eating at restaurants that you previously avoided, because they are non-smoking. You may simply program your subconscious to associate smoking with lung cancer and emphysema. A quit smoking hypnosis session can include any – or all – of these things.

No matter what tactic you and your consulting hypnotist decide to use, if your subconscious no longer has the urge to light up, you will not do it.

If you can train your subconscious to be completely turned off by smoking, you may not even go through the physical problems that other people face when they quit – like headaches, and cravings. In many cases, the withdrawal symptoms can be so powerful that people decide to smoke “just one more cigarette” to take the edge off. Unfortunately, it's never “just one”, and most of them ever pick up the habit again.

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Quit Smoking Hypnosis – How You Can Use It to Add Years to Your Life

You probably know that you will live a longer, healthier, happier life if you quit smoking. However, that knowledge does not really help you when you're over with temptation and cravings. You may have tried some of the more common techniques to help you kick the habit, but they have not worked either.

So, what do you do?

Quit smoking with hypnosis!

Hypnosis is not the first thing you think of when you think of a stop smoking tool, but it can be far more effective than all of the “well-known” tools – like patches and gum. As an added benefit, when you utilize quit smoking hypnosis, you do not have to worry about uncomfortable withdrawals and cravings. Instead, hypnosis works quickly and effectively.

In order to understand how stop smoking hypnosis works; you first have to understand the relationship between smoking and your mind.

When you puff on a cigarette, the nicotine in it creates a powerful effect in your mind. Since it makes your mind feel good, your subconscious mind decides that this is a sensation that it wants to feel again and again. As a result, your subconscious can not stop thinking about it.

The relationship between smoking and your mind is so strong that you can not quit on your own. Instead, you will need the help of a qualified consulting hypnotist. That's because hypnosis is the only stop smoking tool that actually address your addiction at its core – deep in your subconscious mind. The other tools – like the patches and the gum – address your conscious mind, but that's not the root of the problem. Until you deal with your subconscious, you will never be able to completely kick the habit.

What exactly will you do?

During a quit smoking hypnosis session, your consulting hypnotist will help you go into a trance-like state. Once you're in that state, you will have access to your subconscious, and your subconscious will be very open to suggestion.

As a result, you can change the way your subconscious thoughts of smoking. Instead of having a subconscious that thinks smoking is a great way to relax and feel good, you can teach it to view smoking as a terrible habit that's slowly killing you. By teaching your subconscious to associate smoking with bad things, it will stop craving cigarettes.

During a quit smoking hypnosis session, you may also train your subconscious to do something else anytime you go to reach for a cigarette – like reaching for a glass of water instead.

No matter which technique – or combination of techniques – you and your consulting hypnotist decide on, you can rest easy knowing that stop smoking hypnosis works quickly. In fact, you can be on your way to a longer life in just a few sessions!

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Quit Smoking?

I quit smoking. First I got serious with my Maker. I needed help. When I was about seven years old I watched my Father and Grandfather smoke and wanted to be like them. This was my first time to try it. I almost caught my grandmother's home on fire and she was very angry. I was practicing smoking in her garage.

I moved to a new place and went for walks with my fiance. His Father died from smoking. He would tell me he did not want a woman who smoked and that he did not even want to kiss me. He told me I smelled bad and my breath was so nasty he did not want to kiss me. On these walks and once we went swimming I could not keep up with him. I had a cough.

My girlfriend quit smoking. I had known her since high school. I am 58. I asked her if she had a facelift and she laughed and told me she quit. My skin was looking real bad. This picture I had of her was a reminder of what I could look like.

I bought the gum. It did not work this time. I cut down to a half a pack a day. I put water in a jar and put my sparks and used filters into it with the lid on. I would smell it when I opened the lid. Then there was this man named Dennis who suggested the patches. My daughter encouraged me to quit. I made sure my friends did not smoke and I bought the three boxes of three steps to quit. Every morning I would put one on my upper arm at the same time.

Since I quit I started sewing again and crochet. Using my hands helped. I would suck on a plastic straw. I would blow out a match when I wanted a cigarette.

I can not believe the change in my health this soon. My skin looks younger. I can run and walk better. I can sing well again. My clothes do not smell bad. My teeth are healthier. I have been drinking good water and eating better as not to gain weight and I have not.

Sometimes I pick up filters others have left on the ground. It helps me but I wish everyone could benefit from quitting. My fiance loved me enough to tell me the truth. I could not understand why he did not want a smoker. I have so much more time now.

We went swimming several more times since I quit several weeks ago. I have enjoyed it so much better.

My daughter never got hooked on cigarettes and she encouraged me. If I am tempted I wait until the craving goes away. Just think of all the money I will save instead of give away to strangers.

Quit Smoking? Why not?

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Medication to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit many people cultivate in order to bust stress although there are several other people who take to smoking because they would want to look cool or be a perfect fit for a gang. For whatever reasons you may have for taking to smoking, there is a question that needs an answer; is it really worth it? It may take some months or even several years but smokers ever get to know that smoking is not worth the trouble at all in fact there are serious health complications that may arise as a result of smoking. The unfortunate thing however is that this terrible habit can be a difficult one to stop once developed.

As it has been discovered that there are health issues like blocked arteries, respiratory problems and even cancer associated with the habit. Many types of products have been produced in an attempt to help cure smokers of their habit. Brave as this attempt is, many of the products produced are not capable of proffering a long lasting solution to the habit. The best they offer is a temporary end to the craving for cigarettes but this is only for a short period because soon after abstinence, smokers return back to the smoking of cigarettes.

Finding the right medication to quit smoking could have been daunting exercise and many people have been left confused with the numerous medicines that are available in the market today. To find a medication to quit smoking, there are many factors which smokers will have to put into consideration. One of the things that have been found to be very important when a smoker wants to give up this habit is his or her attitude towards smoking in the first place. Although there are many products that can be helpful in the market, none of these will ever work without a strong commitment on the part of the smoker. Stopping the habit of smoking therefore starts with a firm decision to give up the habit. An earnest commitment goes a long way in controlling the craving for cigarettes and can help a smoker think less of smoking or even begin to hate the whole idea of ​​smoking.

Giving up the habit of smoking is not expected to happen overnight. If you are a smoker who has been smoking for a reasonably length of time and would like to give up the habit of smoking, do not expect that you can easily do this otherwise you will be impatently disappointed. The idea of ​​slowly quitting smoking generally works better. Reduce the number of cigarette sticks you smoke each day to one. It could be tough going but at this stage there will no longer be a physiological dependency on smoking. Kicking out the one-cigarette-stick a day habit will be fairly simple at this stage.

It is recommended that regardless of whatever quit smoking medication a smoker uses, taking lots of fresh fruits and vegetable juices is necessary so as to flush nicotine content out of the body. To make the medication work well, smokers should stay away from circumstances and friends that can trigger their cravings for cigarettes.

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Cigarette Smoke Is More Than Skin Deep

A pregnant woman waddles across the parking lot, balancing her soon-to-be-born child while causally puffing on an extra long cigarette. In an off moment my eyes wander outside. Two senior citizens are making their way to their car. Each is supported by a crutch or two. Their movements are labored yet both are able to balance while lighting a cigarette. Handicapped sit in wheel chairs bound by the unresponsiveness of their extremities but unbridled by their passion to smoke. Parents put their young children in car seats while exhaling a silver gray cloud over them. Adolescents congregate outside of the local theater chatting and branding their tobacco weapons. Our patients report chest pain, difficulty breathing, wounds that fail to heal, sorrowful complexions, lines about their faces, breath that is stagnant with teeth to match and yet are still passionate about their tobacco brands.

We know intuitively that cigarette smoking inappropriate irreparable damage. Toxins that spew out of the lit end promot death not health. Oxygen no longer bathes the nascent human cell and, worse yet, is replaced by carbon monoxide, the very antithesis of well-being. Forget about the cigarettes: save money! Just pucker up to your exhaust pipe. Each cigarette causes vasoconstriction for up to 12 hours, diminishing blood flow, life sustaining oxygen and nutrients, the very essence of what we need to mend our wounds. These vital substations are replaced by over 40 known carcinogens and toxins that most assuredly will be the ruin of skillful surgery; yet we question the responsibility of asking our patients to totally suspend cigarette smoking.

The goal is to promote a salubrious lifestyle through counseling and surgery. Why allow our patients to continue smoking? Endeavor to assist your patients in discontinuing cigarette smoking in the perioperative period. This window of opportunity for a breeze of clean air to fill their lungs is 2-4 weeks before and after surgery. Rather than downsize an operation by offering less than optimal maneuvers, surgery may be deferred or postponed for up to six months, especially when dealing with a facelift or similar procedure that would be potentially jeopardized. The damage that cigarette smoking has reaped is permanent; however, we can minimize the extra risks of combining surgery and smoking by unabashedly insisting on restraint.

There can be no financial incentive high enough to risk an undesired surgical exit and the accompanying disguntled patient that must live with this untoward conclusion. Not to mention the albatross that will swing from your neck until the crisis is resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Difficult as it may appear to dissuade your patients from smoking, it is the easiest and safest path to follow. Of course, this does require additional time to inform your patients of the harm that smoking will cause and carries the attendant risk of losing these individuals to another physician who has complied standards of care. The misguided impression that even 1 cigarette is acceptable will transfigure the most adept sleight of hand magic into a ghastly headstone memorial.

Our power to motivate these individuals should not be dismissed lightly. We can offer them the initial impetus through our guidance, concern and knowledge. This not only informs them of the dangers of smoking but also allows them to partake in the decision-making and healing process. Some of your patients may bridle at the thought of restricting their choice but most understand that optimal results require a healthy individual.

If our first obligation is to practice exemplary medicine then purveying this message is of the highest priority. I look foreward to the day that signals the end of this scourge and the beginning of a brighter and most assuredly healthy time.

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How to Master Your Impulses for an Additional Puff After Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

The appetite to stop smoking cigarettes is really a really hard endeavor. It includes commitment along with drive simply to have the ability to manipulate the years that may go along with the withdrawal phase. See, as a smoker attempts to detoxify his own body from the nicotine that he takes in, the system would pursue to search for nicotine for it in an effort to operate appropriately. This craving will encourage the cigarette smoker to basically keep on smoking cigarettes so that its system requirements can be content. This is where his emphasis along with power of intellect should come into play. He must beat the desire in order for him or her to agree a non-smoking lifestyle.

Several smokers who're on the procedure of quitting smoking turn to drugs to aid them in the course of the withdrawal phase. A number of medicines which have been promoted by newspaper and TV are offered to the people to aid over the desire to smoke cigarettes; and they are created to supply enjoyment to the brain in a similar manner the nicotine affects the brain. As a consequence of these drugs, the smokers will feel precisely the equivalent sensation just like they'd just completed smoking a stick; so as a end result, there is definitely no requirement for the smokers to basically smoke a cigarette.

No matter what the support that you might acquire from drugs, you still have to put in mind that you however must have to generate endeavor in order for you to systematically get over the enticement to smoke cigarettes. Be reminded the fact that the initial couple of days of your renunciation would certainly be the trickiest, which means you really should be ready to face the problems. In an effort to do so, you should attempt your best to keep away from items that might remind you of cigarette smoking.

As an illustration, you may want to stay away from locations in which you could possibly discover a large amount of smokers, since you may very well be persuaded to partake of their pleasure. For a lot of folks, they attempt to substitute a cigarette with the help of more healthy food items for instance cinnamon sticks or possibly celery in order to fulfill the 100% satisfaction to possess a little something tighten up between their lips; and if it is your palms which want for something to grasp, attempt to switch the cigarette stick with a pencil or whatever that can take its spot. If you are the type of individual who associates cigarette smoking with alcohol consumption, you should plan to prevent drinking alcohol as well. Maintain your head off the concept of cigarette smoking, since continue to keep yourself active in order that you would forget the enticement to smoke cigarettes.

In the event that regardless of all your campaigns to stop smoking cigarettes, you are still desiring for a smoke, you might want to have a look at these numerous options simply to suit your need:

Ignite a matchstick in lieu of a cigarette, and think that it is a cigarette stick that you are possessing. This particular technique may cheat your mind, plus it may fulfill your craving. If it does not, you can always treat yourself with a revitalizing bath. Think about the reason why you are giving up smoking, and remain concentrated. Remind yourself of your motivations, and repeatly repeat to yourself you happen to be good enough to prevail over this campaign versus cigarette smoking. You should never imagine that just one stick will present no impact on your battle to discontinue smoking, if not chances are you'll start from the very beginning just as before. And additionally, do not let yourself be afraid to demand your family's not mention friends' assistance, considering that as part of your quest to quit smoking cigarettes, you will need a robust assistance model.

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Why Quitting Smoking Is Tough

Quitting smoking is tough. While there's no doubt that the single most important thing you can do to improve your health is to quit smoking, ask anyone who's tried and they'll tell you how addictive nicotine is and how difficult it is to stop.

Of course there are things that can help. Nicotine gum, nicotine patches or nicotine sprays are available. The problem with all these nicotine replacement products is that they do not get to the heart of the problem. They do not stop you WANTING to smoke. Some cynics might even observe that the nicotine replacement industry is making millions of dollars by keeping its customers addicted.

There are drugs. Zyban and Chantix are the best known and widely prescribed. They were developed from antidepressants and work on your brain chemistry to remove the side-effects associated with smoking cessation withdrawal. It's difficult to get hold of accurate statistics about how effective these drugs are. Some sources suggest a success rate as low as 16%, which is pretty much the success rate of using just will-power alone. There have been isolated reports of some dangerous side-effects to using these drugs too. Chantix has been linked to violent behavior and suicidal thoughts.

Allen Carr has written the definitive self-help book for quitting smokers and has some impressive celebrity endorsements for his method. A worldwide network of quit-smoking clinics based on his Easyway program promise to help anyone to stop smoking however heavy their addiction.

Hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy and Neuro-linguistic programming all have one thing in common with Allen Carr's Easyway program. They all work on the principle that the only way to quit smoking forever is to rid yourself of the craving so that you become a genuine non-smoker by changing what goes on in your mind.

Allen Carr appeals to the conscious mind. He details all the reasons why you should not smoke and explains the process of addiction and how you can make the conscious decision to be a non-smoker once you understand the nature of your addiction. He likens the pleasure of smoking to wearing tight painful shoes just so you can enjoy the feeling when you take them off and tie the pain you felt while wearing them.

Changing your mind about smoking is the only effective way to quit. Not just making a conscious decision to stop, but changing the subconscious thoughts that influence your behavior. The most effective way to change your subconscious thought processes is through hypnotherapy.

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So You’ve Decided to Quit Smoking, Are You Really for the Withdrawal Urges?

The moment you smoke cigarettes, your entire body is subjected to nicotine, a truly obsessive chemical substance. The longer interval that the body is subjected to nicotine, the more demanding it is for the overall body to work the right way without such chemical substance. This is the key reason why those who smoke cigarettes, especially individuals who have been smoking cigarettes for many years already, may find it very difficult to stop smoking. They have grown to be dependent on nicotine, and they will have to have extended time frame only to clean their system from the nicotine. For that reason, despite the fact that they have at last quit from smoking cigarettes, they are still met with the need to go on a relapse and smoke cigarettes yet again. This is typically referred to as nicotine withdrawal urges.

Withdrawal symptoms may come in numerous forms, and features varied effects on different people. Many desires may take form in the proceeding:

* Frustration to sleep at night
* Often being stressed and bothered
* Struggling to put emphasis
* May perplex feel down in the dumps
* May feel irritable
* May sometimes have the desire to ignite yet another stick of cigarette
* Increased appetite because need to feed

Subsequently, prior to when you at long last stop smoking cigarettes, you should initially have an idea on how to combat these kinds of withdrawal symptoms, because if not you may find yourself concluding on the progress once more.

Get started by discovering the probable impulses that you may feel once you've quite quit cigarette smoking. In that way, you would have choices on how to deal with them thoroughly should they at some point occur. There are a few goods which can work with you as you pause to minimize your exposure to nicotine. There are nicotine gums along with nicotine patches which are usually available in the market to be able to please your desire for nicotine without necessity of smoking a cigarette. Still, if you elect to shop for these items, you should be aware that you would still have to quit employing them inevitably since you would want your whole body to be cleaned from nicotine.

Furthermore there are also remedies along with prescription drugs which can aid you defeat major depression once you've stopped smoking cigarettes. At times, these prescription drugs may also help with several other withdrawal symptoms other than depression. Nonetheless, prior to deciding to acquire any of these meds, you might want to talk to your health care provider primary since that would be well guided correctly.

These withdrawal urges may occur and go during the day. You just have to wait it out until the urge subsides. You need to combat hard not smoke cigarettes regardless of such formidable impulses. Subsequent to repeatedly being able to fight off the desire to smoke cigarettes, you will really feel the fact that such impulses will become significantly less strong, and you'll find it much easier to eliminate such tenders. You simply have to continue being tough mainly because it is not simple to eliminate the nicotine from your system, and will absolutely take some time before you are really cleaned from it. Here, as you hang on, you have to remain strong, firm, as well as concentrated. Attempt hard not to relapse. If not, it's possible you'll find yourself on thecoming line yet again, and you'd waste your hard work. Do your very best to reroute your awareness to far healthier fun-based activities to make sure that you will not think about smoking cigarettes as frequently as necessary. Do not forget your reasons for finally quitting, and hold on to them. The method you need to go through to stop smoking cigarettes may sometimes not be painless, nonetheless it will be worth the cost.

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Why Quit – 10 Reasons To Quit Smoking

There are many reasons any smoker should have a rethink and earnestly desire to kick the habit. Unfortunately there are too many people who are still in the dark and do not know exactly what they should do to quit. With numerous reasons why smokers need to quit smoking, they can keep them motivated and make the transition to a non-smoker status easier. With 10 reasons you should quit smoking, there is no amount of enjoyment or satisfaction you may be deriving from cigarettes that should stop you from giving the habit up.

1. You will save a lot of money

Buying cigarettes drills holes in the pockets of smokers. Unfortunately this is not so easily observed because smokers find the money they spend to buy a stick of cigarette or a pack of cigarette does not affect their finances. However if the total amount spent on cigarettes and lighters is calculated at the end of the month, it could be staggering.

2. There is the reduction of the risk of heart attack or stroke

Up to 20% of all deaths related to health problems in the United States have been associated with smoking. Those who quit smoking will be doing themselves a whole lot of good by staying out of this list.

3. Reduction of the risk of getting cancer

People who smoke are more vulnerable to different types of cancer growth like cancer of the cervix, cancer of the lungs, emphysema as well as other diseases that are associated with the lungs.

4. You will have a better smell

Smokers smell horrible and even when they attempt to mask the smell of tobacco; the smell they give off is still quite offensive and nauseating. The honest opinion of a non-smoker would get a smoker thinking if he or she resembles a skunk in anyway.

5. Wrinkles will reduce considerably

One of the 10 reasons you should quit smoking worthy of mention is that of the possibility of reducing wrinkles. The premature aging of the skin can occur as a result of smoking and if you are who I think you are you would want to look younger.

6. Sleep better

In the study carried out by John Hopkins, it was revealed that smokers badly get the rest their body describes. This should not be difficult to believe considering the fact that the nervous system is activated with nicotine content in the body.

7. Eliminates morning cough

Smokers are known to develop morning cough as a result of their habit. This is so because their bodies react to the chemicals in the smoke of their cigarettes. You may not know it how irritating those early morning coughs of yours disturbs other people who have not woken yet.

8. You will be in better shape

There are some cardio activities that get affected with your smoking habit. Maximal oxygen can get reduced by smoking by up to 10% which means there is less food for the body cells.

9. Do not endanger the lives of others

The smoke from your cigarettes does not affect you alone but as many as are around when you smoke. Quitting smoking would mean you are also showing concern for other people's health.

10. Stay in charge of your life

If you are wondering why this should be stated as one of the 10 reasons you should quit smoking then seriously you need to consider what you have been doing with yourself. Staying hooked to smoking when you know that it is doing you some damage shows you are not in charge of your life altogether. Kicking the habit shows who the master is.

If you have been persuaded to quit smoking, you will definitely find these stop smoking tips useful.

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Discover How to Stop Smoking and Avoid Weight Gain

One of the fears that keep smokers numbered is that of gain gain. It is believed by many smokers that whenever they stop smoking, they will increase in weight which is something they dread so much. Some of these people would even prefer to stick with their smoking habit than run the risk of increasing in weight because they do not know how to stop smoking and avoid weight gain. Of a truth, there is that chance that when people stop smoking they would increase in weight but one thing smokers need to know is that it is not all smokers who quit smoking gain weight.

Smokers usually experience weight loss and this is because they suffer loss of appetite. The metabolism of smokers could also be affected by nicotine in which case they will have to burn more calories and fewer calories get converted into fat. Cigarettes can effectively terminate the desire for food, rather than want another helping of desert; a smoker would want to reach for a stick of cigarette. The kind of sensation and feeling they derive from smoking keeps them insensitive to their need for more food. Due to this fact, there is a gradual loss in the weight of smokers. On the other hand those who have stopped smoking have their appetites enlivened and they can gain weight due to higher intake of calories.

There are some strategies smokers who do not know how to stop smoking and avoid weight gain can employ to kick the habit without a concomitant increase in their weight. One of such strategies is through exercise. Quitting smoking at the same time making plans for other important changes in the life of a smoker could be very difficult. Therefore if you would want to give up your smoking habit, you should incorporate a regular exercise program into your life many months before you embark upon your systematic withdrawal from smoking. The exercises would help you to keep your weight down and at the same time be worthwhile activity regimes that keep your mind focused and far withdrawn from smoking.

If you have been following a particular routine, now may be the time for you to make some alterations to it. If you observe that you have cravings for larger portions after you stopped smoking, you should try to reduce them anytime you eat. Take your time when you eat and your meals do not have to be heavy ones. Go for raw vegetables and healthy between-meal snacks. After each meal, form the habit of taking a large glass of water at the same time make sure to take sips in between meals. Make it a habit to go to bed early and always resist the temptation to snack before hitting the bed.

One of the things that have stopped people from learning how to stop smoking and avoid weight gain is their love for sugar and sweets. You will just have to make do with less sugar and sweets in your diets. Rather than take sweets, you can go for fruits as these will help your body to adjust its blood sugar level.

If you apply these stop smoking tips , you will find that weight gain does not necessarily accompany smoking cessation.

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