There are lots of ways to quit smoking, but many of them involve expensive products or programs and potentially harmful drugs and chemicals. Are not you looking for ways to quit smoking cigarettes so you can reduce your expenses and your intake of toxins?

Perhaps you are researching different ways to quit smoking because you're concerned that you might not be able to do it without some help. Could something as simple as repeating positive affirmations every time you want to smoke be one of the best ways to quit smoking?

The Positive Affirmations Method
The idea behind positive affirmations is to do away with negative thoughts of failure. Positive affirmations are words or phrases you repeat either suddenly or in your head. They register on your subconscious and after a while there will be no place left in your mind to manifest negativity. You will be able to quit smoking – for good!

Why This Is A Better Way To Quit
Repeating a positive affirmation is one of the best ways to stop smoking because it has to be the simplest, least expensive and most natural ways of tackling your habit. You are not required to take any drugs or use nicotine to lessen your cravings.

Think of using positive affirmations as quitting cold turkey – but with a mental and emotional support system that will keep you from starting again.

You must like to smoke or you would not have been doing it. You find smoking pleasurable. But you can use positive affirmations to focus on things you find pleasurable that are not compatible with smoking, helping you weakened your attachment to smoking and ever lose interest in it.

Every time you want to smoke, you can simply repeat your most effective affirmation. Of all the ways to quit smoking cigarettes, none could possibly be simpler than this.

Some Sample Affirmations
“I love taking care of my healthy and strong body” is one meditation some find effective. You may prefer something more directly like “I enjoy breathing freely” or something slightly more personal like “I enjoy having white teeth, supple skin and smelling clean”.

More generic affirmations like “I change my mind and that changes my habits” or “I can do anything I want” could be effective for improving your life in general.

Whatever you do, do not include any negative statements. Your mind may not accept the concept of “do not” or “not” as well as you think it does. These statements are intended to be positive affirmations, not negative ones, so do not say something like “My life will be better if I stop smoking” or “I do not want to smoke anymore”.

It does not cost anything to try repeating one of these phrases or another phrase you find meaningful, and you'll soon see positive affirmations are one of the best ways to quit smoking.