One of the fears that keep smokers numbered is that of gain gain. It is believed by many smokers that whenever they stop smoking, they will increase in weight which is something they dread so much. Some of these people would even prefer to stick with their smoking habit than run the risk of increasing in weight because they do not know how to stop smoking and avoid weight gain. Of a truth, there is that chance that when people stop smoking they would increase in weight but one thing smokers need to know is that it is not all smokers who quit smoking gain weight.

Smokers usually experience weight loss and this is because they suffer loss of appetite. The metabolism of smokers could also be affected by nicotine in which case they will have to burn more calories and fewer calories get converted into fat. Cigarettes can effectively terminate the desire for food, rather than want another helping of desert; a smoker would want to reach for a stick of cigarette. The kind of sensation and feeling they derive from smoking keeps them insensitive to their need for more food. Due to this fact, there is a gradual loss in the weight of smokers. On the other hand those who have stopped smoking have their appetites enlivened and they can gain weight due to higher intake of calories.

There are some strategies smokers who do not know how to stop smoking and avoid weight gain can employ to kick the habit without a concomitant increase in their weight. One of such strategies is through exercise. Quitting smoking at the same time making plans for other important changes in the life of a smoker could be very difficult. Therefore if you would want to give up your smoking habit, you should incorporate a regular exercise program into your life many months before you embark upon your systematic withdrawal from smoking. The exercises would help you to keep your weight down and at the same time be worthwhile activity regimes that keep your mind focused and far withdrawn from smoking.

If you have been following a particular routine, now may be the time for you to make some alterations to it. If you observe that you have cravings for larger portions after you stopped smoking, you should try to reduce them anytime you eat. Take your time when you eat and your meals do not have to be heavy ones. Go for raw vegetables and healthy between-meal snacks. After each meal, form the habit of taking a large glass of water at the same time make sure to take sips in between meals. Make it a habit to go to bed early and always resist the temptation to snack before hitting the bed.

One of the things that have stopped people from learning how to stop smoking and avoid weight gain is their love for sugar and sweets. You will just have to make do with less sugar and sweets in your diets. Rather than take sweets, you can go for fruits as these will help your body to adjust its blood sugar level.

If you apply these stop smoking tips , you will find that weight gain does not necessarily accompany smoking cessation.