Smoking is injurious to health and this is one statement that has been made over and over again. Despite the many warnings that are given through mass media, so many people are still out there smoking in ignorance or in total defiance to what can do their lives a whole lot of good. However there are some people who will actually want to rid themselves of the terrible habit of smoking but are yet to summon the courage to take the first bold step. Quitting cigarette smoking starts with a step and this is the mindset. With the proper attitude towards quitting smoking, the job is already half done.

While it is true that kicking the habit of smoking could be a difficult one, there are many benefits smokers will absolutely enjoy if they succeed in doing it. Stop smoking benefits can be on the short term or the long term. All these benefits regardless of the category are good and desirable for people who are planning to quit smoking. For the short term benefits, these can be realized from the first week to a month after stopping smoking. Long term benefits of quitting smoking can be acquired many years after the habit has been kicked.

In the first week of quitting smoking, there are several stop smoking benefits that smokers will enjoy. For one, the sensations of taste and smell will become dramatically improved. This means smokers who quit will begin to breathe clean air and the dank smell that characterizes them will vanish. They will also be more sensitive to their meals and enjoy them better. Most of the physical symptoms that are known with cigarette smokers disappear at the end of the first week of abstinence. The teeth get whiter and the mouth stays fresher for smokers that take this bold step.

With cigarette smoking, the nicotine content of the body is seriously heightened. A number of things get affected with this especially the nervous system. The pulse rates and blood pressures of such people become normalized which are essential for putting people in control of situations. After abstaining from smoking for a whole month, the blood circulation of the body receives a tremendous boost. The blood platelets get activated and the immune system is given a boost. Smokers who quit smoking are also able to experience longer breath as well as build energy and stamina. Hands and feet will be observed to get warmer while the skin color and tone would have seen to dramatically improve within this period.

Smokers are more prone to respiratory diseases. Their hearts and lungs grow weaker with every puff of cigarette they take. For longer stop smoking benefits that smokers can look forward to when they quit smoking. They will run less risk of mouth, throat and esophagus cancer. In the long run, there is also less risk for coronary heart diseases for smokers that decide to quit smoking. Other health risks like cervical cancer, bladder cancer and low birth weight are significantly reduced.

These stop smoking benefits are better experienced than imagined, so, why do not you quit smoking today to enjoy good health?