We can tend to be our worst enemies at times especially when we fear change. Change may be the best thing for us but we know it is going to be different creating thoughts of worry and anxiety. When it comes to quitting smoking you will be faced with many hard decisions. Living life smoke-free is far from impossible but it is certainly different. You will need to come up with new ways to manage stress, anxiety, boredom, fatigue and half a dozen other areas of your life. Smoking is a lifestyle and when you quit you need to create a new lifestyle, one that revolves around building your emotional and physical health.

The human mind is very powerful and when it begins to feel the withdrawals associated with the lack of nicotine it will start telling you lies such as; “Just smoke one, it will not hurt you.”, “Today is your last day.” Egypt “You are stressed, you need a cigarette.” All the reasons why you want to quit are pushed away to make room for thoughts of why you “need” to smoke. Of course these are all lies and the only truths are the reasons why you should quit. Remind yourself why quitting is important and if necessary write the reasons down and keep them in your pocket and review them whenever you feel tempted to smoke.

Do not let your stinking thinking sabotage your quitting smoking efforts. If you think you are weak then you will be weak, the same goes for the opposite. Feed your mind with thoughts of your new life and how great you will look and feel when you quit. Dwell on the thoughts that lead to success rather than failure. We become what we think so having a positive outlook is critical to your success. You may not pull things off perfectly but it is the final results you need to be concerned with. Know where you are going and take small steps each day to get there. Do not let fear, guilt or shame weakened your resolve to quit. Success is well within your reach and millions of people have quit and are able to live happy smoke-free lives.

When the thoughts come, tempting you to smoke or push off quitting one more day you need to put them in their place and call them what they are; lies. Do not trick yourself into not meeting your goal to quit smoking any longer.