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The easiest way to stop smoking is by managing and planning your 'quitting' properly. Just like anything else in the world, quitting smoking also needs a proper plan. Unless and until you do not possess a workable and reliable plan, you are not likely to succeed in your effort to quit smoking.

Following are some of the points that you may include in your plan:

Try to hinder your access to cigarettes. For instance, if it is a friend who is likely to offer cigarettes to you, stop seeing him / her for a while. Just dump any cigarette packs that you may have ever kept with you. There should absolutely be no possibility for you to get a cigarette.

When you start your process of quit smoking, you must try to stay away from anyone or anything, which has the ability to drive you back to the smoking path. Just as mentioned above, avoid seeing a friend, who may put you back into it. If you like smoking under particular conditions or emotions, try to avoid them as much as you can. These smoking drivers can ruin your entire plan! Psychologists believe that by the use of 'instrumental learning', that is, breaking the linking chain between the situation and the action, smoking can be controlled. All situations that tempt you to smoke should be avoided. This is a promising and an easy way to stop smoking.

Try to keep your mind as much employed as you possibly can. You are sure to get some wild cravings for cigarette, but one way you can avoid them is by staying busy and occupied. Do not let your mind move to that direction.

Change your regular or daily routine; this will help you in your quitting plan. If you stick to your old routine, you are more inclining toward getting strong cravings than otherwise.

Socialize with people, who may be ready to render their support to you for this plan. Stay away from the ones, who can tempt you to smoke. Support is all that you need in the initial period of the plan, so try to spend time with people who can provide you the much needed support and strength. This easy way to stop smoking is very effective.

Your will power can play a chief role in helping you to quit smoking. Keep your power and dedication alive.

Accept the fact that smoking is your most dangerous habit. There may be a number of triggers that stimulate the need for a cigarette, but the truth is that it has become a habit now. Even though, you may not want to smoke at times, but you still do because it has simply become a habit. You can get rid of this fatal habit by keeping in mind the health consequences it bears.

A reliable and easy way to stop smoking is to follow the above mentioned points with honesty. Do not cheat yourself and be the savior of your own life.