Nicotine withdrawal is not an easy task to do. However, if you follow these steps, you may get rid of this addiction soon.

Step # 1: Motivation

Motivation is a gift from God; it has the skill to do wonders. You can win a race, a fight or a job with sheer willpower. In short, if you have strong willpower, you can do anything you want in this world. Therefore, you should have an unconventional wish, hunger and an aggressive approach to make your life smoke free.

You can also read different books on the topic of the benefits of giving up nicotine and relevant success stories to motivate yourself. Thus, these measures will help you focus on your goal.

Step # 2: Planning a strategy

Planning a strong strategy is a critical task to win any war and nicotine withdrawal is not less than a war. So, make a strong and aggressive strategy to meet your goal. Break down goals into short-term goals and complete them step-by-step. It is a tiring and hectic task to work for long-term goals, though achieving smaller goals is easier and provides a morale boost.

Keep reminding yourself for giving up smoking and write it down in your diary. If you are craving for nicotine, keeping a picture of your family in your wallet can also be a good idea to keep you away from it. Remind yourself the benefits you will enjoy by getting rid of nicotine. For example, better health, no bad smell, no yellow teeth or fingertips, better stamina.

Step # 3: Make your environment Smoke Free

You should avoid such places where people smoke often. Avoid your friends who smoke in front of you until you start feeling comfortable. When you see someone smoking, try to move away for a while or get yourself busy at some other work. If you smell or see a cigarette, it will push you for nicotine and you might get into trouble. In short, you should stay out of places where you see someone smoking a cigarette.

Step # 4: Experiment New Tactics

Do not shy to experiment new tactics. Try hypnotherapy for instance. It has reported to show some excellent results. It takes you into your deep conscious, where your mind is free from all kinds of addictions. You can relax there and make yourself believe that you can get rid of anything you want. It will keep your anxiety, depression and frustration under control.

Step # 5: Include Herbal diet in your meals

Last, but not the least, you should include plenty of herbs in your diet. For instance, if you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, raisins and beans are helpful. Herbal diet helps you get rid of nicotine while acidic diet urges you for nicotine intake.

If you learn and take practical actions on the five steps discussed above, you will soon see positive results and eventually get rid of nicotine.