In recent times, it has become more popular for employers to play an integral part in the health of their employees. Some businesses like to help their employees quit smoking because they feel that it is something that they can do to benefit their valued employees. Other businesses do it simply because it has been shown that it will reduce abseteeism as well is improve a number of other employee satisfaction measures. Whatever the case, helping employees quit smoking can have a dramatic effect on employee wellness.

Recently, Ramsay Health Care, a large health organization based in a number of countries including France, the United Kingdom, Asia and Australia implemented their own quit smoking program for their employees and found some fantastic results.

What was the purpose of the health program?

The main purposes of the health program work to support employees in maintaining good health.

To improve employee retention and to increase employee engagement.
To add value to their business that would give them a competitive advantage in the recruitment of highly thought-after staff.
To better support their aging workforce as their risk for chronic health conditions increases.
To benefit employees not only in existing ailments, but to reduce the risk of future chronic conditions.

What sort of health support was provided?

They help their employees in a number of different ways including healthy nutrition programs, quit smoking programs, exercise classes, health information training, organized classes, team challenges and more.

First implemented back in 2002, since then all 117 hospitals have been invited to the development of their own workplace health plans.
What sort of benefits have they found?

Through this health program, a number of hospitals have been able to become smoke free campuses, they have found an increased staff retention rate as well as a higher standard of recruitment. Their health programs even played a part in reducing absenteeism and stress among them their workforce.

Measurements of these improvements was made at the end of each activity and through regular review.
Have you considered the cost of smoking to your business?

While Ramsay Health is a large business with a massive budget, that does not mean that smaller businesses can not impact the health of their employees in a cost-effective way. Make Changes can help your business change its workplace culture, to help build healthy beliefs and extremely to create lasting change for the business and employees alike. Good Place.