What is the best way to get your dad to quit smoking? This is a very serious issue. Those who do not smoke find it hard to live with those who do. There have been a number of suggestions made, but it is difficult to know which ones work. If you are one of the people who need answers to this question, today is your lucky day. This article explains all the things you can do to get your dad to stop smoking.

One thing you should know is that your dad is probably not happy with this habit. Statistics indicate that more than half of the smokers would like to quit, but are unable. What they need is outside help. Therefore, if you are trying to get your dad to quit smoking, know that he is appreciative of the help.

Reasons for Smoking

Many people, including those who want to quit smoking, understand the associated health risks. The problem is that this alone alone is not enough to make them quit smoking. If you want to get your dad to quit smoking, ensure that he gets the moral support he describes. Make the home as stress free as possible for him. Stress is one of the reasons people smoke and if it is reduced its needs for smoking will be reduced too.

In addition to stress reduction, you should also help him design a game plan for quitting. It is not easy to quit without a plan. Many a times, those who want to quit without planning give up before they succeed. If you can help your dad make a game plan, then all he has to do is to stick to it, and he will succeed. The first thing is to help him list down all the reasons for quitting. This way, every time he feels like smoking, he can read them and stop himself from smoking.

Stop Smoking Plan to Use If You Want To Get Your Dad to Quit Smoking

To increase chances of success, your dad should set a quitting date. Remind him of this date every day. It is also good to help him popularize this plan to his friends and collections. He will need their support. To get your dad to quit smoking, you should advise him to talk to his personal physician. The doctor is a professional who has some tricks up his sleeve to help your dad in his quest.

To get your dad to quit smoking, it is useful to give him a way of dealing with his cravings. One of the most opportune times for smoking is right after a meal. To curb this practice, it is helpful to have a few fruits ready during meal times. After the meal, he should nibble on these instead of reaching for a stick.

Alcohol usually goes hand in hand with cigarettes. To get your dad to stop smoking, he should also stop taking alcohol. Moreover, in most places were alcohol is taken (bars), there are also many people who smoke. Help him avoid these places all together. If you can achieve all the above, you will not be wondering how to get your dad to quit smoking since he will be well on his way to doing stopping.