Even though it has been proven that there is no good that ever coming from smoking cigarettes, there are still millions upon millions of people all over the world that can not seem to quit smoking. People who have not smoked one cigarette their whole live can be quite arrogant and look down on smokers for their disgusting habit, but what they do not know is that it takes a whole lot of willpower and discipline to stop smoking.

There are laws that prohibit smoking in public places like restaurants and some bars, and some outdoor venues like public parks. These laws were put into place so that non-smokers are not subjected to secondhand smoke, but they do not do anything to help smokers to quit. Seeing as you can only rely on yourself to quit smoking, you need to learn how to motivate yourself. Thankfully there is no shortage of informative articles, websites, smoker's help lines, and support forums for struggling smokers.

Here's one strategy that seems to keep a lot of people motivated to stop smoking; gather as much information as you can on how to kick the habit. Surprisingly, one of the best places you can get such information is in the websites of tobacco companies.

You do not have to read these articles right away, you can just copy and paste them into a single file and browse it later on your free time. Just make sure that this file is for your eyes only, if other people were to see that you are having a hard time quitting then they may just make matters worse by giving you rather condescending lectures.

Another good resource for information on how to stop smoking cigarettes are on stop smoking forums and message boards. These groups are composed of people who have successfully stopped smoking or are in the process of stopping; you will not find any judicial people here. The people in these groups have been where you are now, and they know just how hard it is to stop.

Once you have gathered enough information on how to quit smoking, start going through all of them, analyze them line by line. After you have read through the information, highlight the parts that really grabbed your attention andave you some motivation to quit. If you ever feel like smoking again, browse through your private stop smoking information file and get your fix of motivation.