For many people, they approach quitting smoking with a degree of fear and trepidation, yet in other areas of their lives that they are successful or at least have had successes and faced challenges. These experiences can be brought to the present.

If you were able to view a movie of your life, it would be longer than the Titanic. Now if you filtered that movie and just left in the moment or events that were successful or just made you feel great to remember, then the movie would be shorter but still considerable in content.

The point is that these collective memories which are locked into a compartment of your mind can be revisited and re-enjoyed. But even more importantly these memories can be harnessed into a powerful force to help you in your present quest to quit smoking.

There are a number of ways to make this reconnection from the past.

1. Day dreaming is something we all do, so why not day dream about your successes and boost your current self confidence.

2. Talk about these successes in the context of quitting smoking to friends and family, this way you link those two events and you re-enforce your ability and belief in yourself to be successful and therefore it boosts your confidence to give up the smokers for good.

3. Visualise. Just as the elite sports people do, so can you. Firstly you relax, close your eyes let your mind wander to some successful events.

This positively charges up your nervous system. Next you see yourself giving up smoking and seeing yourself in situations in which you used to smoke but now you are there as a successful non smoker.

4. The most powerful way is to do step three, but when you feel the emotion rising create an anchor. For this purpose it could be as simple as squeezing a finger and thumb together. Repeat this for several powerful positive memories. Then as you visualize being a non smoker, activate that anchor.

The use of this anchor is that when you quit you activate your anchor when you feel like smoking, and your nervous system will flood you with the great feelings from the past. Like any activity the more you do it the more powerful and effective it becomes.

Of course you can also use this anchor anytime you just want to feel good, in any situation. You can create anchors also for confidence, being calm, energy or anything you want.