A common concern amongst smokers is that they become angry when they quit. If you want to know how to quit smoking and not become angry at the world then you must be prepared to change the way you think and act.

Cigarettes do give a short lived feeling of calm. As the nicotine hits the brain dopamine is released which gives a sense of wellbeing. But shortly after the same nicotine causes your adrenals to release adrenalin. This causes anxiety and makes any existing stress worse.

So the first thing to realize is that smoking will make you feel worse emotionally not better.

The philosopher Seneca when discussing anger said that it is human nature to become angry when faced with a certain situation the first time. But it does not make any sense to continue becoming angry when the situation repeats itself. So the second thing to realize and understand is your own patterns of behavior, and be determined not to repeat them.

So you know you get angry in the past when you try to quit. So why let it happen again. If you allow the behavior to continue then it becomes little more than an excuse for not being able to quit smoking.

If you recognize this as how you are then there are a few things you can do before you quit.

1. Start taking a multi supplement, make sure it has a good dose of B vitamins that will help your nervous system.

2. Start an exercise program, especially walking.

3. Start deep breathing exercises. Breathe in deeply filling your lungs completely for the count of four, hold for four and then breathe out for the count of four. Now practice this when you feel angry. Get used to reducing your stress with breathing.

It's cheap it's simple and you can do it anywhere you are. Get started before you quit smoking, it's no good waiting until you quit and then try and manage your anger, you must have a plan and strategy in place.

The next step is to use hypnosis to quit. Explain to your practitioner that anger has been a past issue and they will place a big focus on anger reduction in the hypnosis session. This will make a huge difference.

However you may be left with some mild stress anger feelings. This is where you will need to play a part and use your breathing to further reduce any negative reactions.