Most people started smoking in their early teens. The worse thing a teenager can feel is being different. So when the group were smoking the teen starts for two reasons. To feel good and to avoid pain. It's only when you finally understand that these old reasons are false that you can break the bonds of nicotine.

Remember back to your teens, by smoking you become a part of the group. This makes you feel good. By smoking you avoid being excluded from the group. This helps you avoid pain.

These dual messages of smoking make me feel good and smoking helps me avoid pain becoming lodged into your subconscious.

As time goes on every time you become stressed your unconscious reminds you that smoking will help you avoid pain and make you feel good. Here is the problem; you really believe that smoking is a solution to your stress.

To successfully quit smoking you must first realize that these old reasons to smoke are false and then introduce new beliefs that will support your role as a non smoker. The very best way to do this is through advanced hypnosis.

By being guided into hypnosis your mind goes into a focused learning state, where just like a young child you can easily take on new information.

Firstly the old beliefs are removed by simply suggesting that these thoughts no longer support you and that smoking actually causes more stress. Next new ideas are suggested to help you manage stress. Such as deep breathing.

Or we set up specific anchors which can be activated whenever you feel stress. This is done in the hypnosis process and allows you to access past feelings of success, happiness etc which can be used in the present to fight off any feelings of wanting to smoke.

You can also consciously drive new beliefs into your unconscious mind. Affirmations are the perfect way. By repeating a positive phrase such as; I am a fresh air-breathing person and I love being healthy.

Affirmations take time to sink in but are successful over time. Visualisations are similar. Just relax, take a few breaths and imagine yourself in smoking situations, but see that you are easily being a non smoker. See yourself enjoying your life as a non smoker.

This is very powerful, but again it takes some time. But it is surely worth your while. In my experience the most effective method is to have advanced hypnosis, plus do the visualization and affirmations. Too much work? How badly do you want to quit smoking?