I was sitting in a cafe having breakfast, my wife looked around and asked if someone was smoking. In Australia this is now illegal. There was a fellow standing near the cafe waiting for a takeaway coffee. He had his cigarette cuffed in the palm of his hand.

Somehow the smoker thinks that holding his smoke so it cant be seen that no one will notice it. This may seem like a trivial point but his action is symptomatic of the denial that many smokers still exhibit about smoking and its effects.

Sounds as if I'm being unfair, but the reality is that for a smoker to quit they have to get real about the problem.

It is killing them. Denial wont change that, dismissing it by saying that we all die from something is just crazy. Yes we all have to die but not in such a slow painful way.

Smoking is making them social outcasts. In most social situations smokers have to go outside in the cold heat or rain to smoke, they have to leave friends or family just to top up with nicotine.

Some smokers are in such denial that they ignore the obvious. One client with emphysema said her husband still smoked in the house because he could do what he wanted and it did not affect her anyway. What a jerk.

Many smokers think others cant smell the smoke if they walk a few paces away, they also do not think others can smell the smoke on them. I once had my hair cut by a hairdresser who had obviously had a smoke before seeing me. Her hands were stinking of cigarettes.

Most smokers do not life smelling cigarettes on others but they do not really appreciate just how much non smokers object to smelling cigarettes anywhere.

So what they say, well nothing without it affects someone's health, or it affects clients or puts your job at risk. Or despite their smell can cost them a potential relationship.

I probably sound like some anti smoking campaigner. But the above is the reality, if you stop and think about it is hard to logically deny.

Quitting may seem tough but with advanced hypnosis its easy than you can imagine. Soon you will be passing having to live with a house car and clothes that smell like an ashtray. Soon you will be able to breathe easier and more energy, and yes you will have to die sometime but maybe it will be from old age in your sleep.