How and why you started smoking could be and important factor in how you quit. The age you started and the circumstances have created a series of beliefs which are locked away in your subconscious.

One of the strangest stories I heard was a young girl at age eight was prescribed cigarettes to address and hyper active state which today would be called ADD. Soon she was sneaking more and more cigarettes but her behavior never changed. This happened decades ago but the way she started has been a controlling factor ever since.

She was given the cigarettes in the hope that she would just sit and be quiet after meals while she smoked. In her subconscious she filed away the idea that smoking would calm her down and let her relax

Every time she quit she soon started again whenever she had a crisis in here life. What she did not understand was that smoking could never calm her down. Nicotine is a stimulant and just makes smokers more stressed and more anxious.

But because of her long held beliefs she was afraid to be free from smoking because her subconscious was still locked into the wrong beliefs.

The way she was freed was with hypnosis. Here old beliefs ware released and she embroidered new thoughts about enjoying being a non smoker and being able to handle her stress in better ways.

For most smokers they started when they were in their mid teens. They wanted to be a part of the cool group. So they created a belief that smoking makes them feel better by being accepted. They also learned that smoking helps them avoid pain, again by avoiding being excluded from the group.

As life goes on they keep repeating the same cycle of smoking to feel good and avoid pain. The belief is strong and logic will not change this deep belief. Anyone who gives some serious thought to this will quickly recognize that smoking will not make anything better and certainly will not release any pain.

These wrong beliefs can be released in a hypnosis session. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to change old deeply held beliefs.

So what about how you started smoking. What were your circumstances and how are they affecting you now. These old beliefs do not have to control you any longer. You can be free and you can be a non smoker for life.