It can be hard enough for people to quit smoking but even more difficult when a person has other addictions. How to quit smoking, how to manage your life, how not to create too much stress and fail at your goal to give up cigarettes.

So often when a person quits smoking they just find another way to manage their stress. Quite often that's with food. But if other addictions are also present then, such as Marijuana or alcohol then most people just use more of them.

Quitting multiple addictions is very hard and ill advised unless you have a significant support system in place such as a rehab clinic.

I frequently have requests from people who want to quit cigarettes but they wish to continue smoking marijuana. This is very difficult because the action if smoking both drugs is mostly the same. And there is such a close association between both that I advise them that its not possible to quit one but not the other.

Stress management and relaxation are keys to successfully quitting both. It is critical that they find ways to manage their lives without drugs. Of course this is easier said than done. But with enough commitment and support it is possible. Using hypnosis to eliminate the triggers can apply to both drugs.

Your social circle is important, if you spend a lot of time with people who smoke drugs then quitting will be difficult. People around you may hinder your progress. You may have to make some tough decisions about what you really want from your life and what you are prepared to do to achieve them.

A person who has an alcohol issue in my opinion has to approach this quitting a little differently. The focus needs first to be on getting support for the alcohol problem. This is a larger job than quitting smoking and must be handled well.

In addition the stress management and relaxation as previously mentioned will provide important support. Without alcohol then there will be far fewer times when you control is diminished. When someone has a few drinks their ability to keep focussed reduces and they can easily fall back into smoking.

Each addiction you conquer will release a lot of stress from your nervous system, you will also become much healthier, however it is the short term pain of quitting that will test you. One piece of good news is that with advanced hypnosis you will be able to overcome smoking with little pain.