It's one thing to know you should quit smoking, that your friends and family are pressuring you and it's costing you a fortune and it's anti-social, but when you really like to smoke then you really need to find out how to quit smoking.

When someone likes the taste and ritual of smoking they have to prepare themselves in a different way to most people. When people are over smoking they make excellent hypnotic subjects, but when they enjoy it they need to make some serious adjustments.

No one can be forced to do something they do not want to do, however if you want to quit but can not leave the habit because you like doing it. Then you need to do one of two things.

1. You forget quitting until you are fully committed. If you do not you will fail and then all you are doing is convincing yourself that it's very hard to quit.

2. Or you give yourself some time to prepare properly. To do this is simple. Every cigarette you have to start to bad mouth it. Tell yourself it stinks; tell yourself that the cigarette tastes terrible.

Convince yourself that it tastes terrible. Work on each smoke, break down your enjoyment of the taste.

Next you have to find some more leaseage. Let's say you want to have a fitter to play some sport. As a smoker you are limited by your breathing. So give each smoke a name, maybe you could call it the sport wrecking scum taste, or sometimes it's the breath sucking death stick, or how about the lung burning poison.

You get the picture. Now do not just name it, say it and mean it. Keep doing it do not give in. If you are not prepared to do this then sometimes you are not yet ready to quit. Being honest with yourself is very important.

You can fool other people but you can not fool yourself. This is a conscious mind process, but through persistence you will introduce this new belief that it tastes bad into your subconscious, and then you will have a good chance of quitting no matter how much you feel addicted.

This is a simple easy way to change your thoughts about smoking all its takes is your willingness to play the game.

But if the taste of smoking is more important than your reasons for quitting then until that changes you might as well keep on smoking until some health crisis forces you to quit.