Motivations to Quit

All smokers reach a point where they realize that smoking is not doing them any good and it would be a good idea to stop smoking now. The main motivators to this thinking are health, finances, career, image and children. So which motivators are the best and most powerful when it comes to getting through quitting?

Motivators to Start Smoking

There is a theory that the best motivators to draw upon in order to stop are the same motivators that got us to start smoking. Most smokers started out with curiosity and peer approval as the major motivators. If it is the case that that peer approval (which is the same as image) was an important factor, then surely the image we want to project to our children or partners or peers is a powerful factor to motivate us to stop. Unfortunately, it is the image we like that is the motivator, not the image we bought to have.

Smoking is often a behavior of defiance and projects an image of devil may care irresponsibility. If we like this image then doing what we think weought for the children may not be as powerful a motivator as one might think. The reason we started remains the reason we continue. But what if we are really fed up with the image we have had and now we want to be seen, and feel in ourselves, that we are responsible and intelligent and in control. That is certainly a motivator to quit. Providing it is what we want for ourselves then clearly it is a powerful motivator.

Other motivators that have any reliance or dependence on others can not work because we smoke for the reasons we have for smoking, despite the reasons we should not for other people.

How Motivators to Stop Work

The problem with looking for motivators to not do something is that it is silly. You can not be motivated to not build a wall or not climb a mountain. You can only be motivated to actually do those things. So when we are talking about being motivated to not smoke it does not really make any sense. Which is why for most people it does not work. You can not be motivated to not do the washing up, you can only find motivation to actually do the washing up.

However, if you are motivated to have an image or a chosen nature of self that is contrary to a certain habitual behavior, then that habitual behavior becomes increasingly more uncomfortable. Usually smokers smoke more because of the pressure of the self loathing about the fact that they are smokers in the first place. Aaargh!

Nonetheless, being motivated to be the sort of person you want to be where smoking is contrary to that, is the way forward, though it may get worse before it gets better!

Be who you want to be. Insist upon it! Have it! You can do it, you are worth it! Accept nothing less. Do not fight the smoking, simply allow it to fall away.