When it comes to effective methods to quit smoking, most people think of nicotine replacement techniques that include the transdermal patch, nicotine gum, and inhaler or nicotine nasal spray. These remedies utilize small doses of nicotine in order to help with the medication for nicotine addiction.

Nowadays, more and more individuals are choosing natural ways to help them stop smoking such as using different kinds of natural herbs. People who were able to stop the bad habit with natural herbs guarantee that they are effective. In addition, these herbs help fight the withdrawal symptoms that each smoker experiences when he or she attempts to stop smoking.

Skullcap. This herb has soothing effect and it can help lessen nervousness and anxiety that usually go along with nicotine withdrawal. Skullcap is recommended to be used together with valerian root in order to consider increase the success rate of quitting smoking.

Valerian root. Taking this herb can relieve the nervousness connected with quitting smoking. Individuals who quit smoking usually suffer from nervousness, which is due to withdrawal from the chemical ingredients in the cigarette and the actual act of smoking. This herb has a slight sedative effect that makes the process of withdrawal a lot easier.

Lobelia. This is one of the most popular herbs that can effectively reduce nicotine addiction. It has lobeline, a substance that replicates nicotine, as it has the same calming effect. However, it is important to note that too much use of this herb can be dangerous to health so make sure to consult your doctor before taking lobelia. You can purchase lobelia in dried and liquid forms.

Ginger. This herb improves the ability of the body to perspire. Ginger helps the body to eliminate harmful toxins in cigarette and this can increase your energy, which can encourage you to continue giving up smoking. In addition, ginger can alleviate the lining of the stomach, which is usually aggravated by smoking.

Slippery elm. This herb has been utilized for many years by the Native Americans. It is beneficial in relieving coughs, sore throats and other common indications that arise when an individual stops smoking. This herb can also alleviate lung congestion, which lets you breathe easier.

Mimosa tea. This natural herb is said to give peace of mind. A lot of people who stop smoking tend to experience headache and anxiety so basically, they begin to smoke again in order to prevent these negative symptoms. And this is where mimosa tea comes to the picture – it gives relief from these symptoms.

Quitting smoking requires will power and constant efforts. Aside from natural methods and other available treatments, it is important to seek help from your family and friends in order to quit smoking successfully.