Smoking is a vice that a lot of people practice in the society. Given all the pressures and the stresses that they encounter each day, smoking somehow gives them the feeling of relaxation and ease. The bothering thing about smoking is the health risks that it brings. Smoking causes the deterioration of a person's health, and it can cause a lot of long-term effects, in addition to that, the really grave effects of smoking would come to haunt a smoker after ten to twenty years. That is why it is really recommended for a person to quit smoking while it is still early.

How does one quit smoking? Well, first of all, one has to really be determined to quit the habit. It is best that one should enumerate at least 10 reasons why he / she is quitting and keep repeating that every day. It may be because of someone like family or friends, or it can be because of one's health awareness and the desire to protect his / her health. Just find the inspiration to quit. The thing with quitting is that if one can not immediately stop because of the cravings, it is suggested that one should only buy a few packets or sticks than what he / she usually gets, or smoke not as much as the usual and the number should deteriorateate as time passes.

It is also good to see a behavioral therapist in order for one to find someone to confide with if quitting gets emotionally distressing. It is also good to find some healthy alternatives; For example, if smoking helps one relieve stress, then one should find another activity to relieve stress such as playing tennis or working out.

It may be difficult to stop because it has become a habit in one's life, but with the right determination and inspiration, it will not be impossible. For longtime smokers, it may take a really long time to quit, it just does not happen all in one day. For some, it may take months or even years. It is important that one should be patient when one decides to quit. It may be long until one has fully quit smoking, and then one can finally live a healthy lifestyle. The sense of fulfillment and fortification is indeed very rewarding after quitting, and one will never turn to smoking again. After supposedly quitting, it is important that one should maintain that all the rest of his / her life.