Quit Smoking – It’s Nicotine, Not Cocaine!

The belief of many smokers is that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and this explains why it is so hard to quit. Even the drug companies support this argument by promoting drugs which have a serious impact on the dopamine receptors in your brain as a solution.

This should solve the addiction right? Well about 23% of people do quit using the drugs, but many of the rest have side effects which are so disturbing that the risk reward is very bad. From nightmares, to vomiting to psychotic breakdowns and even heart attacks.

Surely if nicotine is the addictive then using nicotine patches would be a universal solution for smokers. But according to British records only 2% of smokers succeeded in quitting using nicotine replacement.

In Australia Macquarie University have determined that in the real world nicotine replacement has a zero benefit. Other studies have shown a 20% success rate, but these were in controlled groups where outcomes were expected.

I would argue that in such an environment with a group which was prepared to comply that 20% or thereabouts would succeed in quitting by eating the therapeutic cornflakes!

Nicotine is not like cocaine, it is not nearly so addictive. While we all know of rehabilitation centers which specialize in helping serious drug addiction. But there are no such places for smokers.

Most smokers know they can go for periods of time without smoking. There is no standard pattern to smoking. Some smoke when they wake, but some do not until after breakfast or on their way to work.

Some smoke when they are stressed and some do not, some smoke 40 a day and some smoke just a few. Some believe that they manage their lives and some realize that smoking offers them nothing.

Drug crime is a serious problem around the world, many people have been the victims of a person steeling to buy more drugs. But who has ever heard of a person becoming a criminal just to get cigarette money.

Sure some will buy smokers with their ill-gotten gains but that was not their motivation. So do yourself a big favor and ignore the useless messages that nicotine is so addictive that you are completely at their mercy.

Do not listen to drug company advertisements telling you that it may take several attempts to quit and that you need to keep trying, in other words you need to keep buying their expensive drugs.

Hypnosis goes to the heart of the matter, that is it releases you from the strong bond between your habits and your cigarettes.

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Quitting Smoking – Not Enough Commitment

Over the past few years I would have fielded somewhere 3000 phone inquiries from people interested in quitting smoking.

I can usually tell very quickly which people will book an hypnosis session and which will not. I can now guess very accurately which people will sail through the process and which will have difficulty.

Occidentally I get it completely wrong, but not often. When alarm bells ring on the phone, sometimes I will advise a person that I may not be able to help them, and usually I sense that at best they are wanting to try to quit, but there is just not enough commitment.

Or they are expecting to just show up and have me fix them. This is obvious in their language, or it could be that I return a call and they say they are too busy to speak with me. This is understandable but, when I call back committed people they always say something like “I'm too busy to speak at the moment but can you please call me at an agreed time”

Sometimes alarm bells ring when a client comes in for their session, maybe they have slipped through my filters, they may seem bored or dis-interested or a bit aggressive. If a client arrives and says they were too busy to fill out their questionnaire and watch the videos this really has me wondering why they came at all.

I once had a couple come in together, he had seen the video but she said she was busy watching a movie and did not have time. They proceeded to argument about how they would spend the money they would save on not buying cigarettes. I made the mistake of treating them and it did not go well as a few days later they had a big fight and both started smoking again.

The solution is simple, it is perfectly fine to ring up and inquire, but once you have decided to quit you must become fully committed to your success.

Follow any instructions you are given prior to the session and then turn up with an expectation of success. You need to fully engage with the hypnosis and just let it work for you and then do any homework you are given to further embed the suggestions.

People quit smoking successfully every day using hypnosis and you can too, just decide your health and future depend on it and take action.

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Quit Smoking – How Would You Like Your Body To Work?

The human body is very complex and it allows us to do amazing things, so it would seem only natural to look after the very thing that carries us through life.

Strangely enough most people either do not think about it or just do not care. It does not make any sense unless you consider the time factor.

If you place your hand on a hot plate then you will either move it or get burned. Either way you will get immediate feedback.

But when you started smoking, sure it tasted awful and you probably couched, but apart from smelling like an ashtray there were no serious immediate consequences.

Soon you stopped coughing, you got used to taste and even got to like it, plus you got used to smelling like a bar in the morning.

But there was something happening behind the scene. Tiny changes that could barely be measured and the very mildest effects creeping into your body.

So subtle that you did not notice it at all for maybe a few years. Maybe one day you noticed your lack of breath and you put it down to not being fit enough.

Perhaps you not getting getting more colds than you used to, or having a morning cough that did not seem to be there just a few months ago.

Needless to say the long you smoke the more changes will happen, and bit by bit your life changes, bit by bit you give up the quality of your life a fraction at a time.

You may deny this! You may claim that cigarettes are not affecting you. I have heard this countless times from clients who are unable or unwilling to acknowledge that fact that they are not super human, that they do not have some super protective force field which offers protection.

The thing is that you have no idea what your body would be like if you had never smoked. You can not go back in time but you can quit smoking, and give your body a chance of healing.

Quit smoking hypnosis gives you an excellent chance to stop cigarettes and bit by bit you can repair your body.

In a week you will be breathing easier, in 12 weeks you will have turned over all new cells in your body and in two years will have recovered most of your health. Of course the sooner you take action the sooner you will begin to benefit.

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Quitting Smoking – How Can You Escape The Grip Of Cigarettes?

Smoking is a perfectly designed trap. Most people start when they are young and open to peer pressure. The cigarette companies had carefully crafted their marketing messages for decades, before Governments cracked down on their behavior, of course now they have turned their attention to promoting into developing countries with large populations.

They promoted the image of the smoker as being cool, or rugged or revised and generations of young people bought the message they sold. Over time other young people already having embroidered the habit carried on the job, making it easy for the big companies to keep on sucking people into this deadly trap.

Even years after cigarette advertising was banned the message is still being passed on. As you well know the habit becomes so strong that it can be difficult to escape this nicotine trap. In the era when cigarette advertising was first banned in formula one motor sport, teams continued to paint their cars in the tobacco company colors, because everyone knew what it meant. Sometimes this was also sponsored and the sponsorship was removed.

If you are like most smokers you have tried many times to quit. You may have messed with your brain with the popular pharmaceutical drug, which according to Johns Hopkins medical university should be banned.

Or plastered your shoulders with nicotine patches until you had nightmares and you still smoked. Maybe you tried going cold turkey, struggling for days until you cave in and lit up a smoke, feeling both relieved and disappointed.

I guess you may even start to wonder if you will ever escape from the clutches of cigarettes. Any benefits you once felt you gained have long since evaporated into a puff of toxic smoke and all you are left with is a habit that is ruining your health and emptying your pockets.

Escape is not only possible, it is automatically guaranteed when using advanced hypnosis, you are treated as an individual and all your unique issues are addressed.

You may be surprised that with the right kind of support and assistance that you can quit with little or no effort or desires, and any desires that do surface will be easily and quickly managed. Even though you may feel like smoking has caught you in a tiger trap, hypnosis the ladder that has been lowered down to allow you to climb up into the fresh clean air, and never go back.

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Quit Smoking – How To Reduce The Anxiety Of Quitting Cigarettes

Quitting Smoking can be an anxious time for many people and there are a few reasons that can make it harder.

  • The fear of the unknown. If you have smoked for a long time then you may be anxious about how you will manage your stress or boredom or drinking sessions without a cigarette. This anxiety is because you are looking at the future without cigarettes from a smokers perspective. A non-smoker never has such concerns.

  • You may be anxious about nicotine withdrawals . Just think about all the times you already go without cigarettes, such as overnight, or at work or on flights or around family, you know which apply to you, and realize that you can manage just fine already.

University studies show that nicotine replacement does not work outside of control groups, and the reason is that smoking is mostly a series of deeply embedded habits and not some serious brain affected drug condition. After all have you ever heard of anyone having to go into rehab to quit smoking?

At a large construction site the company gave out free nicotine patches to all the smokers. Not one of them quit successfully. The reason I know this is that one of them came to see me, and then a few of his co-workers.

  • You may have heard stories about how hard it is to quit, even stupid government advertising impressions you will have to try many times. Do not listen to any of this, they may have tried patches, or cold turkey or the commonly prescribed pharmaceutical which has a long list of side effects, yet still has only a low success rate. Or maybe you have listened to smokers who did not really want to quit.

To succeed you need to make a firm decision to do so. Do not wait for the right time or you will still be smoking this time next year. Then book an hypnosis appointment and ensure there is a focus on your needs, eg if you suffer anxiety, or are under a lot of stress or concerned about weight gain, then the session needs to be tailor to your exact needs.

The beauty of a one on one hypnosis session is that it can easily be structured to meet your unique needs, which includes feeding back to you during the session the exact words you have used to describe how smoking makes you feel, and also any ways you feel it is holding back your life.

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Quit Smoking – Good Grief, Another Price Rise

Australian smokers pay about 400% more for a packet of cigarettes than in many states of the USA. And they know that each year the price will rise to $ 40. Of course a couple of years later the cost of smoking will naturally rise again.

The typical smoker I see as a client smokes one packet per day, which comes to an average of $ 150 a week depending on where they buy. All are aware of the weekly cost but few want to think about the long term.

$ 7500 per year or about $ 90,000 over the next ten years at least. This is a lot of money in anyone's eyes. Do not forget that money is after tax, you had to earn a lot more to take that home.

If this was not bad enough it's just the tip of the financial iceberg. The average smoker will experience at least ten years of poor health more than non-smokers. Plus of course the risk of a serious smoking related illness.

Not to mention the extra lost time through more colds and flus and respiratory problems. All of those extra doctors visits, all cost money. All of those days off work cost someone money. What about those who became disabled and unable to work.

So far this has all been about money, but how do you place a value on loss opportunities, not being active enough to enjoy your life, times missed with family because you are smoking outside or too tired to play with your children or grandchildren.

There is another cost that you may not have considered. After years of smoking and you have succumbed to heart disease, you may find that you go to the bottom of the surgical list. Simply because you are considered a bad risk and less describing than a non-smoker.

You and your family may not agree with this, but it is a hard reality. Plus I have lost count of the number of clients who have been told they can not have even basic surgeries until they quit cigarettes. Usually this surgery which would make their lives much better has been delayed for months.

As a smoker, you are under a full anaesthetic means an unacceptable risk in a hospital.

All in all there is a huge cost, both financial, personal and health wise. If you think that sucking in toxic smoke is worth it then fair enough, but if you do not then hypnosis is a fast reliable solution.

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Quit Smoking – Rules And More Rules

Those who wish to quit smoking are all too aware of the ever increasing number of rules being applied to you. I live in Brisbane and the city mall is declared a non-smoking zone, leaving smokers to huddle in lane ways during their breaks.

You need to carry a tape measure with you or have a surveyor on hand to ensure you do not smoke within the restricted distance of a restaurant, shop or school etc.

It would be OK if these rules had some impact, but my clients tell me it just makes them work a little harder to smoke but does not stop them. Of course I realize that it is the public who are being protected as well.

For some people these increased rules make them more bloody minded to flaunt the rules and dig their heels in about when and where they should smoke. After all cigarettes are perfectly legal and the government rubs their hands with glee when they collect the hefty taxes.

You may feel annoyed by this but do not let the meddling of politicians stop you from quitting cigarettes.

There is another set of rules you really do need to adhere to. These are the rules about how a human body functions and what it takes to be healthy.

Basically we need clean food, clean water and clean air plus a clean environment with some exercise and some time to relax and we do fairly well. All the big advances in human health have come from improving the basics and not from some fancy drug. But if we take anything out of this mix then we run into serious trouble.

Smoking takes the clean air factor out of the equation. In fact smoking is like living in a highly polluted city all the time. Anyone who has visited a city like Bangkok knows only too well what that feels like.

A rule of your body is that your blood is designed to transport oxygen and life giving nutrients, it has some capacity to filter out toxins, but if the toxins are coming too hard and fast then you are delivering these same toxins to all tissues of your body including your brain.

A rule for your heart is to work hard enough to pump your oxygenated blood around your body, but when some of the oxygen is displaced by cigarette smoke then your heart has to work much harder, and sometimes it can not do it.

Just create a new rule, which is to be a non-smoker, so get your hypnosis support and start the rule of healthy living.

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Why Individuals Opt For Stop Smoking Hypnosis Treatments

There are numerous issues that can ruin an individual's lifestyle and well-being today from alcohol, illegal drugs and many more. One of the most common issues individuals do is smoking. At first, smoking can be a simple habit. But, in the long run, this habit may turn into an addiction. As a result, individuals experience numerous health conditions such as heart diseases, lung cancer and even respiratory problems that can shorten their lifespan. So, if you are one of the many who wish to stop smoking, hypnosis treatments can be your best option. Surely, there are other medical options that can help you stop smoking, but more and more individuals opt for hypnosis.


Changes mind pattern

One of the best reasons individuals opt for hypnosis to stop smoking is that it can change a person's mind pattern. Individuals smoke because of various reasons such as curiosity and stress relief. As a result, quitting cigarettes can be very hard due to these mindsets. With the help of hypnosis, experts are able to help change an individual's mind pattern by putting them into a deep state.

By doing so, patients are more open to suggestions as they are in an altered state of awareness which can help them change their perspective about smoking and guide them to improve their health and lifestyle. To make this treatment more effective, therapists encourage their clients to imagine themselves as non-smokers and change the way they look at smoking.

Naturally reduces cravings for cigarettes

Some of the ways to stop smoking is by using nicotine patches, Bupropion, Varenicline, and other medications. Unfortunately, some of these medications require prescription from doctors. These medications also have certain side effects and may cause adverse reactions. But, when opting for hypnosis, individuals will not experience any side effects since hypnosis is a natural method that successfully eliminates and eliminates the craving of patients for tobacco.

Cost-efficient treatments

When opting for medical treatments, individuals need to pay more since, in order to make these medications effective, you need to regularly use them. Luckily, hypnosis treatments to stop smoking are cheaper than medications since you only need to pay per session. If you have successfully stopped smoking on your first hypnosis session, you do not need to go back for another hypnosis treatment.

With all these, quitting smoking can be easier and more efficient which can help improve your lifestyle easily. Click here for more.

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Quitting Smoking – The Mirror Sometimes Lies

It would be a powerful motivator if everyone who had smoked for more than a few years showed obvious signs in the mirror.

It certainly does for some people especially for slim women around the age of forty. They tend to have a characteristic look around the mouth. Generally a series of deep lines which radiate away from the mouth.

Older smokers tend to have a pale gray appearance which makes them look like the after world is just around the corner.

However most people do not give any appearance that they are suffering from smoking. The problem is that you would never know what you would have looked like if you had never smoked.

There is a famous study which tracked two women who were twins, one smoked and one did not. When I saw the study in a medical magazine they were thirty-nine years old.

The difference was obvious. The non-smoker looked like she was in her early thirties. She probably had good genes. But the smoking twin looked in her mid-forties. Standing side by side in the photograph the smoker looked like a much older sister.

The interesting thing was that apart from smoking their lives were quite similar in all other respects.

So the point is that you may look in the mirror and think, not bad for my age but we tend to see what we want to see and ignore the rest. The mirror lies but the body does not. Fortunately you can not peek inside and what sort of damage is not being done.

Unfortunately the damage is real and undeniable. Your cells, your organs, your blood vessels and of course your heart. This is the real picture and the mirror will keep conning you that look OK.

The good news is that you have within you the power to help your body bounce back. Hypnosis will set you free and start the healing process for your body.

I can guarantee for sure that in a few months the mirror will like you more. So much money is spent on skin products but the reality is that skin health occurs from the inside out and just plastering cream on the outside has a poor result at best.

If your skin has wrinkles, then your very best weapon is to ensure you are encouraging good circulation to your skin which is full of skin loving oxygen and nutrients, then you can slam some cream on if you like.

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Quitting Smoking – Making The Tough Decisions

At any time a high percentage of smokers would like to quit, but only a small number actually take action. You may be wanting to rid yourself of cigarettes, but are avoiding setting a quit date for a whole lot of different reasons.

For some there is a belief that those who quit had more willpower, or strength or for some reason it was easy for them.

But the real story is that many of them did not want to quit, but they knew they just had to, or they were an exotic of being without their smokers and stopped anyway.

The reality is that few smokers just make a simple decision and then leave smoking behind for good. In fact most people who have quit successfully were just like you. Maybe putting it off, sometimes shifting their quit date until the time is right or avoiding any conversations around the issue.

I read that successful people simply do the things that unsuccessful people do not do. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a half smoker, you either smoke or you do not. Those people who have quit smoking are in no way any better than you are, they have simply done what you have not managed to do yet!

We make a lot of tough decisions in life, but it is often easier to just bite the bullet and decide. Procrastination never makes it easier and usually just prolongs the pain of deciding. In most cases deciding and acting come as a relief.

The pressure is off, the what ifs, are no longing problems, and you can plan beyond that decision into your future, which starts the second you quit!

In this case you can plan to use the extra cash you will have every week.

You can plan to live a longer and healthier life.

You can breathe more easily without coughing.

You will not have others who care about you nagging you to quit, or strangers judging you in public.

No more smelling like an ashtray, or properly trying to hide any smoke smell so others will not know your secret.

You know all the problems of smoking, health wise, social and financial, so you know exactly what making this decision and joining the band of people who have quit smoking, will mean in your life. So go ahead, decide and act, then just choose the best way to quit, which is proven to be hypnosis.

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Quitting Smoking – When Your Medicine Becomes Your Poison

So you want to quit smoking but you have so many fond memories of cigarettes locked away in your unconscious mind. Looking cool, or more mature, relaxing or being part of a peer group all made smoking seem like a good idea.

In time you used smoking to manage stress and boredom, or to help you to think so cigarettes took on a kind of therapeutic or medicinal role. Decades ago doctors even prescribed smoking for nervous people.

But of course there was the realization that smoking was your poison and not your medicine. This creates another problem. You know that smoking is bad for you but you still rely on smoking to medicate some of your life.

Most smokers would completely reject any idea that smoking equals self-medicating, but what else do you call, taking a chemical into your body with the goal of changing how do feel?

So let's look at this differently. Firstly you are self-medicating with a drug which is highly likely to do you significant harm or limit your life at least. The old saying holds true that the doctor who treats himself or herself has a fool for a patient.

Secondly in hypnosis terms you have a parts conflict. One part knows all about how harmful smoking is, but another part is still connected to the old beliefs that smoking holds some benefit.

In real terms your conscious mind says to quit, but your unconscious mind believes it is still good to smoke.

Until your unconscious mind is brought up to date with your current desires you will struggle and you will lose the battle.

Hypnosis is a simple fast and effective way to communicate a new idea straight to your non-conscious mind. That idea is your strong desire to quit smoking and that there is no benefit any longer for you to smoke and you will drop any idea of ​​medicating with cigarettes.

It is as simple as that, in my experience most of the difficulties people experience is in either over thinking about the process, or going about it the wrong way all together.

Sure you require commitment and some effort but it's also important to put your past experiences behind you, plus ignore those around you who wants to tell you how it is, and to just allow hypnosis to work for you.

A side note; many people who go on about how hard it is, have probably never fully committed themselfully to quitting and failure is an expected outlet.

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Quitting Smoking, Timing Is In The Mind

Most smokers have set routines for smoking and feel cravings coming on if they miss those times. But an interesting study showed that the cravings were not fixed to time but to events.

The study involved flight attendants. The routine was that after a four-hour flight where they were free from cravings, that when the plane landed and arrived at the arrival gate that felt the cravings for a cigarette kick in.

They then tested the same group of attendants on a six-hour flight and found that being craving free until, once again they arrived at the arrival gate.

It was interesting that the desires were situation dependent and not time dependent, showing that they had created a habit and trigger connected to the arrival gate, knowing that within a set time they could light up.

A true nicotine dependence would not have given them two hours leeway, and by rights they should have been suffering on the last two hours of the fight.

Most smokers have experienced this for themselves, they know that they can easily stretch out the time between cigarettes when circumstances dictate and also they know that they have many more cigarettes in a fixed period when stressed, bored or in a party mode.

You might not realize this but, this is great news for you when it comes time to quitting. It means that your smoking is not a fixed problem, but it's a flexible habit which changes as you day does. Which means that it is not a strong brain chemistry issue, but an ingrained habit.

Brian chemistry is a tricky thing to deal with but habits are another matter. Hypnosis allows us to dive in, in a completely safe way to literally overwrite your old habits and quickly replace them with new habits which support a healthy life.

A life which offers the things you want, such as breathing easier, more energy, more cash in your pocket, and a seriously reduced risk of cancer or some other nasty smoking related illness.

You have the option of remaining a slave to people situations, places, events and emotions which trigger your desire for a cigarette, or you can make a simple decision to quit and follow through with it.

You bring the commitment, the hypnotist provides their expertise and you do any follow-up strategies you are given to ensure your success. It's a simple solution to a deadly habit.

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Quitting Smoking – When It’s All Too Much

Sometimes life can be cruel, sometimes tragicy strikes us or misfortune smacks us right in the face. It is more likely at these times that an ex-smoker will start smoking again especially if there are other smokers involved in the problem or are there to give comfort.

If you are reading this it's more than likely that you have started again, as not many people tend to read my smoking articles just for fun or curiosity.

My question is that when you started again, did it help. When you had that first smoke did it offer a brief moment of peace or a distraction from your pain?

Maybe it did, but did it keep on giving you peace or did it in any way solve your problem.

If there were two people in your situation, and in many cases there are, if the other person was not a smoker did they fare any worse than you did. Did you manage any better than they did?

I will guess the answer is no. In fact on top of all your problems you smoke as well. So you have more to contend with.

The problem is that now, regardless of how your other problems have resolved or not, you have to contend with the effects of smoking. Stress takes its toll on every aspect of your health and wellbeing, but smoking just makes it so much worse.

If your stress has not been resolved you may need to get some assistance. One thing you need to do is to separate out the idea that smoking and your stress are connected. Smoking does not help stress it just causes your adrenals to produce more stress hormones making your problem worse.

Once you are clear that there is no, benefit for you in continuing to smoke, you can make the decision to quit knowing that your stress will not get worse in fact it will be better.

This is an important step to regaining your health which started erode as soon as your major problem occurred. Once you have made one step towards better health you are more likely to take another and another.

By quitting smoking with hypnosis you are breaking a vicious cycle of stress that if not addressed will just eat away at you bit by bit eroding every aspect of your health and your life, smoking is never worth losing those precious things.

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Quitting Smoking – Over And Over Again

I wonder how many smokers reading this have lost count of how many times they have quit smoking. The old joke goes something like “I've quit smoking hundreds of times, I do it every Monday”

The problem is that each time most lose a little more confidence with each failed attempt and soon there is little belief left at all, so the next attempt is made with little expectation of success and usually this fails as well.

If you keep doing the same things nothing is likely to change, so in order to quit for good a better approach is needed.

Quitting smoking needs a comprehensive approach. Years of helping people to quit, has led me to know that a certain combination works best.

Specialized hypnosis gets to the seat of the problem. That is your subconscious mind, the place where all your fixed beliefs are held and your successes and failures are created.

The can make all the decisions you want and shout them from the roof tops but if your subconscious fights you then it will be a losing battle.

This is why cold turkey has such a low success rate if it is for quitting smoking, losing weight or any significant change.

Do-able stress management, you can not just remove cigarettes and leave a void, there has to be a way to keep your stress at a manageable level. But you have to firstly value stress management and secondly put a bit of time and effort into it to keep your life under control.

The last thing you need is a series of action strategies to use in place of a cigarette in case of emergencies.

It could be as simple as sipping on a water bottle to replace the action of sucking on a cigarette.

Taking a few deep breaths if you are stressed or have a thought about a cigarette, stand on your head if you have to, but decide in advance exactly what you will do in such a situation.

It's no good waiting until you're looking for a smoke to decide what you are going to do, planning is essential.

By combining these three strategies you will have everything in place to successfully quit smoking, if you are committed to your own well being you will win no matter how many times you have tried and failed. Just do not give up, you are worth it.

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Quitting Smoking – The 300 Challenge

Your challenge is to quit smoking, mine is to help you realize that, but another challenge has been to communicate about how to quit smoking. When I wrote my first article I found it easy as I had plenty to say.

But after ten articles I thought I had completely exhausted all my thoughts about quitting smoking cigarettes. But I kept on going and now this is my 300th article published on the subject. A reason I could keep going was because as I saw more and more smoking clients I learn more and more about why people smoke and how to help them quit.

I have retained the number one article publisher in the world for over three years and now no one is even close.

But back to your challenge, and I mean your challenge because one thing I have learnt about helping people is that everyone is unique. Sure you all light up a smoke the same way, and of course many of you have similar patterns in what triggers you.

But every person is different in the small specifics about why they smoke. This is important to remember and explains why most quit methods fail.

Quit smoking drugs are general in nature and most often help very few people but cause problems for most who use them.

Cold turkey has a low success rate because most people struggle with changing habits for even simple things, let alone a deeply ingrained long term habit.

The beauty of hypnosis is that it is usually a one on one process. Sure you can buy CD's or do online programs, I have one myself, but I know the results are good but not great, of course they are inexpensive.

In a one to one situation if the practitioner takes the time and makes the effort they can gain insights about the client's exact situation and needs. Of course after 300 articles I have gained some important insights and am in a position to pick up even very humble clues about that individual and in doing so learn exactly how to help them to quit.

Quitting is a challenge, but it is one you can rise to and conquer, all you need is a burning desire to quit and the right person to guide you and help you on your journey. Just remember you can do it, you can and will succeed, after all your life may just depend on it.

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