Quitting Smoking – Getting Past The Bouncers

Many people ask me how hypnosis works for quitting smoking and why it does not work for 100% of people.

The 100% question is easy, there is no treatment or remedy in the world that works for 100% of people, because there is always the variable human response to intervention.

As to how it works. Imagine you are standing in a queue for a top night club, outside you have made a decision to go in and have a great night, but you have to get past the bouncers first. This outside area is like your conscious mind, just because you want to go in does not mean anything.

You could approach the bouncers dressed appropriately and with a friendly manner. Or you could rock up an old Tee shirt and no shoes, and demand entry.

The bouncers are the critical faculty which is the gate-keeper between your conscious and unconscious. They have to offer entry for hypnosis to occur.

The Tee shirt approach is like coming to a hypnosis session doubting it will work or challenging your hypnotherapist to fix you. This could make passing the critical faculty difficult and you may not drop into hypnosis

The friendly well-dressed approach is like coming to your session with commitment and expectation of success. This will allow the critical facility to allow hypnosis to occur.

Let's say you have been awarded entry by the big bouncers and you are inside. You can now take a couple of different approaches.

You could stand in the corner and be annoyed by the loud music and be convinced that no one will dance with you, and at the end of the night have a host of excuses for why you had a bad night.

Or you could order a long cool drink put a smile on your face and go boldly onto the dance floor and have a fabulous night.

The point of all this is that you have to bring the right attitude to the hypnosis party. It's OK to be a bit exotic but if you seriously doubt you can be helped then maybe it's not the right time for you.

Hypnosis is a working process between two people, you the one who wants change to occur and your hypnotist who knows how to help you do it.

You can quit smoking, but do not forget the bouncers work for you, sometimes you have to pull them into line and remember who is in charge.

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Quit Smoking – Smoothing Off The Rough Edges

For many people quitting smoking is a kind of rough spiky experience but there is a way to smooth off the rough edges.

In a previous life over 25 years ago I was a builder so I was thinking about the difference between running your fingers over a rough piece of timber and a nicely sanded piece. In life there are always easier or harder ways of doing things so why not make quitting as smooth as possible.

If you are still smoking you know that cold turkey quitting is anything but a smooth process.

If you have been down the route of a common pharmaceutical, and not then then that process can be anything but smooth.

The same can be said for nicotine replacement, especially if you had the vivid nights and headaches and little else.

So it brings us back to quitting smoothly which means with as little stress as possible and as quickly as possible.

Hypnosis is the best possible way forward. Here are a few steps which are all easy and stress free.

  1. Watch a couple of videos online to properly inform you about smoking and quitting.
  2. Complete a simple questionnaire to identify all your triggers and smoking behaviors.
  3. Have a friendly chat about your questionnaire and the videos when you come in for your session.
  4. Sit back and relax and enjoy your hypnosis session. Many people report it is the most relaxed they have ever been.
  5. Follow through on any homework you are given. The benefits of this homework is that it flows over into every area of ​​your life helping you to feel less stressed and more relaxed, which of course makes everything go more smoothly.

With hypnosis your transition from smoker to non-smoker requires only your desire to quit and your commitment to yourself. The rest of the process works perfectly when you just allow it to happen and of course expect a positive exit.

The hypnotic experience differs from person to person, there is no universal feeling. Some feel a very deep almost detached feeling but for most it is lighter with periods of drifting away with the words.

Your practitioner will combine the information from your questionnaire with any other details you give them and weave this into the relaxing hypnotic process which is designed to speak to your unconscious in a way that the new thoughts are immediately up taken. All in all, a very smooth process.

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Smoking Addiction Can Be Overcome

It is one of the most insidious things that humans do and it does not only affect the smoker as many who breathe the toxic fumes are also at risk. Cancer is the big one and should be warning enough and a strong reason to quite the habit. Unfortunately some would rather die from cancer than give it up. Others, however, want to quit smoking but can not manage to achieve it. After painful efforts to do so they may then give up trying and return to the habit.

If one is sincere about wanting to quite any addiction they need to examine why they do it in the first place. Why did they take their first puff? Was it because of induction from someone else or was it because it was a family thing to do? Maybe they did it out of rebelliousness against parents or society. The problem does not go away with discovering the answer to these questions.

It will go away, however, if one takes a different approach. Think of your body as a great gift from God. It was given to you without blemish or need away from those of essential survival patterns. You have food and water to sustain it and anything else will tarnish or destroy it.

If you give a present to a friend do you want to see him tip acid over it or paint it with stain? How would that make you feel? Transfer that to how God must feel when we do things to our bodies that stain them or put holes in places where they are not meant to be? Look at the rest of your life. Are you happy? Do you get depressed? Have you got major problems you can not handle? Is smoking a relief mechanism?

If you answer yes to one or all of those questions then you are out of sync with your spirit. Inside you have a link to the Great Creator of the Universe. It leads and guides its own and steers them out of trouble. That link gets severed through the worship of false gods, and they can be anything including cigarettes, money, drugs, and so on.

So the question you need to ask yourself is how much you love God. Do you ever think about it and does it matter to you. If you do then ask the Spirit to help you quit the smokers. In my experience it is possible for you to be cured of the addiction in seconds. Throw the packet away and when an urge to light up strikes turn to the Spirit within and you will overcome it.

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Quit Smoking – I’ll Have A Flat White And A Nicotine Patch To Go

So you need a cigarette with your coffee or a beer or a glass of wine right!

You need a smoke when you relax on your patio after work.

Perhaps you light up when the phone rings and you settle in for a long chat or need a smoke when you drive.

This is common right? Most smokers have their own habits and so do you. You are told over and over by the marketing world that nicotine replacement is the way to quit smoking.

So why is it that you would not have a patch with your morning coffee or relax on your back deck with a glass of wine and a patch, or slap one on your shoulder when the phone rings?

I'm guessing you already know the answer, it's because nicotine has nothing to do with it! You and millions of people have been sold a big fat smoking lie.

What you have is a powerful connection between certain times places people and emotions and sticking a burning stick in your mouth and lighting up.

You have watched other smokers and copied their behaviors whether it be looking cool or tough or sophisticated or lighting up when they are stressed and you took on these same behaviors. Over time these rituals with cigarettes became more and more a part of your life.

Until it seemed like you could not do without them. Perhaps you tried to quit going cold turkey, but it just appeared so hard changing all of these smoking habits.

You may have plastered patches on your back, chewed the gum and tried to spray your cravings away but most often this does not work because the problem is not about nicotine at all.

In life it looks all too easy to create new bad habits, because we often get a quick benefit, but stopping bad habits and starting new healthy ones require mental and physical effort.

This is where hypnosis comes in, it bi-passes all your old deeply held beliefs and gently allows you to let them go, quickly and easily. Plus it quickly replaces these beliefs with the new empowerment feeling of being a non-smoker.

The best part is you have a friendly chat with your practitioner and just relax in a comfortable chair and all you have to relax and go with the process with a mindset of I'm doing this I'm quitting smoking once and for all, that's it done and dusted.

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Quitting Smoking – Why So Many Struggle To Stop

So many people struggle to stop smoking because of a simple problem. It's about the immediate reward as opposed to the delayed benefit of quitting.

So you're bored, or stressed, driving or on the phone and you light up a cigarette and you are immediately rewarded. Suddenly your boredom is solved, you relax the phone conversation is much better.

This is the power of nicotine, or so you are lead to believe. The problem is you had to suck the smoke into your lungs into order for it to be transported into your blood stream for your heart to pump it to your brain so that you can feel the benefits.

So you go from instant relief to a gradual slide back into the world of no nicotine.

Here's the problem with quitting. Instead of having an instant solution to your problems, at least for a few minutes, you have the expected stress of withdrawal.

Expected because that has probably been your past experience, or at least the government advertisements on television enforce that thinking.

The strange thing is that most of your smoking benefits are not available with nicotine replacement, and you know it, even if you have not acknowledged it to yourself.

No one ever puts a patch on or uses the gum or spray when they are bored, no one grabs a patch when their friend calls on the phone or when driving home after a long day, and no one relaxes on their back deck after work with a cold beer and a patch.

In fact nicotine does not do 90% of the things you think it does. So what on earth is smoking all about? It's about habits. It's about linking a behavior such as driving with another behavior such as smoking, and soon this becomes a habit.

Non-smokers just link different behaviors to other things like driving or talking on the phone or relaxing etc. It is as simple as that, but the difficulty comes from doing one thing which seems to promise and immediate response, without replacement the smoking behavior and just trying to go cold turkey.

Because cold turkey is so much more than stopping nicotine, it's about leaving a big gap in your lifestyle, which is the largest stress to manage. Nicotine replacement and pharmaceuticals do not do any better in filling these life gaps, and so that explains their poor success rate.

Hypnosis combined with lifestyle strategies stops the quitting stress and makes the process as easy as possible.

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Quit Smoking – Are You An Abstainer Or A Moderator?

It is said in the area of ​​creating new habits that there are two kinds of people.

  1. Moderators are the sort of people who can cut down and reduce their negative habits over time.
  2. Abstainers tend to be all or nothing. There is no cutting down, if you try you will experience a lot of stress and you will most likely fail.

You know yourself better than anyone else what kind of person you are so it's important not to fool yourself. Cutting down smoking is always just a path to being a non-smoker, I'm sure you're aware that there is no safe level of smoking.

As a moderator it is best to create a fixed schedule which takes you from where you are now to being a non-smoker. This schedule needs to be specific and contain dates for each shift down in smoking levels.

Hopefully this will work for you but be aware of hiccups along the way during stressful times or when around alcohol or heavy smokers. If cutting down fails you then you may have to bite the bullet and become an abstainer.

There will be places in your life where you have identified your type. Chocolate is a good example. My wife can have a couple of squares and a bar would last well over a week.

If I sit down to watch television then I just take the whole bar with me to the couch, and I will keep grazing until either I gather the strength to take it back to the refrigerator or more easily when my wife takes it away.

In my experience there is one best way to quit smoking. You just stop and never look back. Hypnosis is the easiest way to do this it takes the stress out of the process and gives you a high chance of success.

Do not wait for the perfect time, it does not exist. Do not over think the process, it is not necessary, just book, show up, and then fully participate, the only other thing is that you really want to quit and that you are committed to your well being and your future life.

Hypnosis removes the stress and the inner battle most people experience when quitting with either cold turkey or when using pharmaceuticals.

My advice is that whether you are an abstainer or a modulator your best and fastest way to quit is to embrace hypnosis.

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Quit Smoking – The Emotional Roller-Coaster

Everything we do in life is driven by our emotions. Smoking for a while provided some emotional support for you, maybe it still does, but I'm sure you know that propping yourself up emotionally with a burning stick of tobacco is not a good way to live your life.

As you get closer to quitting you are feeling new negative emotions with smoking such as fear of illness or death, or feeling a failure for not being able to quit up until now.

Perhaps you feel weak or embarrassed when seen smoking in public, or shame when you children beg you to quit.

You may feel disappointed in yourself for still doing this dangerous habit or even sad that you have not taken control of your life.

You may not have thought there would be so many emotions, all of which are causing you to lead a life that is less than ideal, less happy than you deserve.

Now imagine that you have already had your hypnosis session and that you are now a non-smoker. Does this mean that your life is perfect, no of course not, everyone has their problems and difficulties, but you will have eliminated all of the negative emotions that you had been experiencing.

Now in the place of each of those negative emotions you will experience new positive feelings. Your children and friends are happy for you, you no longer hang out with the smokers outside restaurants and social functions.

No one is judging you, no one is pointing a finger at you, instead you feel in control, confident, successful, free and so much happier with yourself.

You may not have solved all of life's problem but you certainly have taken a huge load of stress from your shoulders, and strongly boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Surely this is so much better than all the problems and hassles of smoking, even though there may be times when you miss your old habit, just a minute of reflection will put that thought into its proper place. The rubbish bin, just imagine placing that desire into a stinking smokers bin where it belongs.

Then stand up straight and take a few deep breaths of clean fresh air and enjoy the success you gained through quitting with hypnosis, the single most successful way anyone can stop smoking cigarettes quickly and easily for life.

So you know what your next step is if you want to dump all of those negative emotions now. That's right, book your appointment now.

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Quit Smoking – $40 Per Packet!

In Australia one of our brilliant political parties is floating the idea of ​​raising the price of a packet of cigarettes to $ 40 per packet. In the same breath they claim this will raise a fortune in extra taxes.

I thought our caring governments were interested in helping people quit cigarettes, but it seems it is just a cynical grab for cash. After all most non-smokers would think it's a good idea and it's bad luck for smokers, so they should just suck it up.

There are already services available to help people quit, so there will not be any more services available. Of course this price rise will affect the most financially disadvantaged smokers.

Sure it may force some more to quit, but it's a lousy way to do it. Many people will be spending over $ 250 per week on cigarettes and there will be a lot of suffering caused by this price rise. There are enough people on the financial edge already, this stupid suggested price rise will just push more over.

Many have tried the obvious ways of numbing their brains with pharmaceuticals or placing toxic patches on their skin with little result. If cold turkey was a solution then many smokers would have already quit.

Hypnosis has long been recognized as the most successful way to quit, because it helps you break the habit cycle at a deep level. It also addresses your exact smoking triggers and even your favorite locations and times to light up.

It does not attempt to change the way your brain works, there is nothing wrong with you except you have a strong habit which seems to run your life.

It does not even fill your body with more of the toxic chemicals which have been a problem all along.

It does not try to scare you with nasty images and statistics about sickness and death.

Hypnosis just gently changes the old beliefs you have held for so long.

So maybe it's time to quit for yourself, but if that is not a good enough reason then quit just to stop the government from profiting from, from screwing you down financially, you can play a part in ruining their pathetic grab for your cash without giving your wellbeing the slightest thought.

Get angry, get serious about quitting, get fired up about sticking it to the man, they have been applying the financial screws to you for years and still so many keep smoking.

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Quit Smoking – Is Your Goal A Delusion?

To quote Jim Rohn from his book “The five major pieces to the life puzzle” We can not causally pursue the goal we have set for ourselves. A goal that is usually pursued is not a goal, at its best it is a wish, and wishes are little more than self-delusion.

Jim does not mince his words, but he makes an important point. If you approach quitting smoking without complete commitment then your goal is little more than a wish.

In my pre-session email I tell clients that they should have no cigarettes in their home. Recently a client came back for another session, I asked if she had smoked at home after the session and she said yes.

I asked why and she said that she wanted to have them on hand to prove she did not need to smoke anymore. In her case late at night when she was tempted she reached for her stash. If she did not have any on hand she would have gotten through and remained a non-smoker.

I know this because I have heard this story several times. I have to ask was her goal solid or was it just a wish. Why would someone set themselves up for failure if they were truly committed to their wellness and there future.

I admit that a committed client is better for me because the whole process works more smoothly and I have happy customers, but this committed goal is really for you, the person quitting because it is your life at risk not mine.

Even though as a hypnotist I have an important role to play, I can not help you succeed unless you want it to happen. After what you may have seen on television, no one can make you change, no one can force you to quit, without some terrible threat hanging over you.

Even then you would make that decision for yourself in the end. I can understand someone making a half-hearted decision to quit, they probably do not want to, but to go as far as book a hypnosis appointment, turn up and not follow the guidelines is another story.

It's most likely fear and anxiety, not knowing if they can face life without a cigarette. If you feel like that you can take comfort in the fact that millions around the world have quit and survived just fine.

But you have an advantage that many of those did not have. By using hypnosis you will automatically feel more relaxed and less stressed about the whole deal.

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Quit Smoking – One Lonely Cigarette Packet

While out walking recently I saw a crushed empty cigarette packet which had been tossed on the ground. I guess this says a few things about the owner. They see littering as OK, good thing is that most smokers do not agree with them.

But the isolation of this packet seemed to reflect the growing isolation that many smokers experience. Sure I occasionally see people smoking in a group but this is usually around a bin in an alley in the inner city, most are on their own with their cigarette and a cloud of smoke.

You may not like this but most people do not look at you as an uncomfortable person with an addiction, they look on with disgust and will steer their children away from your toxic plume.

Am I pushing some buttons yet? I'm in the business of helping people save themselves not being nice about your difficulties. You need someone to help dump your habit not to pat your hand and say there's it's OK.

You need someone to help you confront the realities of you continuing smoking and not to support your lame excuses.

I've lost count of the smokers saying that we all have to die of something. Well I can tell you that after spending the last six weeks visiting a cancer ward most days that there are easy ways to die and there are hard painful ways, and cancer is very hard and very painful.

You may still enjoy smoking, and you are sick of people telling you what to do, but if you take a long hard look at your life and decide to continue smoking then that is your business, but if you decide that it's time to quit then help is available.

Stop smoking hypnosis is the most successful way to give up cigarettes for life. Sure your life will change, there will be many times where you feel different because you are not smoking, but you will also notice other things.

Like being able to breathe easier, having more cash in your pocket, more energy, sleeping better and not smelling like an ashtray, plus never having to be the lone smoker. Standing near a bin outside a restaurant.

There may be moments when you see someone light up that you miss your old friend but mostly you will feel relieved that you have been freed from the deadly habit of smoking with hypnosis.

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Quit Smoking – Managing The Boredom Factor

When quit smoking clients come to see me, on their take form I would estimate that 70% plus tick the box that boredom is a trigger for their smoking.

If this is a problem for you then there are four important things to consider.

  • Boredom does not cause a nicotine deficiency. So you can take comfort knowing that smoking is just a time gap filler and nothing to do with addiction.

  • Everyone has time when they get bored. But non-smokers just find a different way to fill in time. Not all of these are healthy of course, such as snacking. Initially you will notice a gap during times of boredom, but you will find other things to do.

Over eating after quitting can be a problem and using food to manage boredom is a common reason for people putting on weight.

Think back to any previous times you have quit, you will realize that you managed your boredom just fine. These days the smart phone looks to be the most popular time filler, for better or worse.

  • Boredom is a kind of stress. If you really have absolutely nothing to do then either quitting is a perfect opportunity to read or learn or discover new information or learn a new skill. While it annoys me to see people glued eyes down to their phones, these devices do allow access to a vast amount of information.

Acknowledging boredom as a stress is another chance to manage that stress, especially for someone who has just quit smoking. Deep breathing, awareness meditation or just noticing your environment can all be relaxing.

  • Boredom can be an excuse to procrastinate. How many times has a child complained of being bored, and the adult replies that they could tidy their room or do their homework. It's obviously not the answer they are looking for, but as adults just notice if there is something you should be doing and claiming boredom as an excuse for not getting their tasks done.

To avoid this boredom trap which could lead to smoking again or overeating it is best to plan in advance of quitting. Do not wait until you quit and then be surprised that you have nothing to do at times, do not complain when this problem arises, get organized and plan in advance.

So that after your quit smoking hypnosis session you will be ready to face this issue, and have a solution which will not place you under stress.

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Quit Smoking – The Permission To Stop

You're an adult, you do what you like within reason, you choose to smoke and it is you who decides to quit right?

The idea of ​​the permission to stop smoking cigarettes is about giving yourself the permission to quit. Not seeking someone else's permission.

I say this because I see this as a common issue in people wanting to make a significant change in their lives. It's about going to your core self and choosing to take action, while accepting that it may be tough at times.

It's about motivating yourself to book a hypnosis appointment and turning up with a full commitment to the process.

It's giving permission to completely expect a great exit from your session. It's easy to walk in with a fix me attitude. But it takes more involvement to give yourself the permission to completely engage with the hypnotic process.

You may be thinking that there is no way you would not give yourself permission, but failure to give permission comes from fear and unconscious resistance.

Fear of failure and fear of living without cigarettes, can underline your success. Permission to quit requires some conscious effort to overcome the unconscious messages which have keep you a slave to nicotine for so much of your life.

As a smoker when you book your hypnosis session you do so in good faith and the hope that you will succeed, it is natural to feel apprehensive and a little exotic, but giving permission also reduces your stress.

If you could look a short way into the future you would have surprised what all the stress and delay was about, the difficulty of quitting is large in your imagination. You expect it to be difficult because lots of people say it is.

Many of them have tried to do it the hard way or maybe they did not want to quit at all. Stories about quitting have been around for decades, but in that same time millions have managed to quit successfully.

The true permission is to seek a good life, to live long and enjoy great health, then to reach out and take it. But that will not happen as long as you are smoking, you know that perfectly well, so bite the bullet, book your session, engage fully and discover what it is like to have clean oxygen surging through your arms, instead of some murky toxin filled blood, stripped of oxygen and the life giving nutrients you need to survive and thrive.

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Not How, But Why You Should Quit Smoking

9 Reasons to quit smoking

Find a reason, most people have one. And stick to it.

1. Yes, it's that simple. All you have to do is to find a reason. And do not worry, most people have one. The stronger the reason, the better chances you'll quit. Place this written somewhere you can see every time.

2. If you do not see any reason, there's always the rule of two: Firstly, the people around you, close to you, your friends or relatives, children & family, who do not smoke or who have quit will be disturbed and unnecessarily suffer health consequences because of passive smoking, Secondly, maybe if you do not feel for those you do not know, think about this as a way of improving your health.

3. Your health has already suffered a lot since the day you began smoking. And by the time you read this passage, thirty persons in the world would have died of smoking. And it is not a quick heart attack, but usually a slow and painful cancer that kills. They suffer for months or years sometimes, without any food, all on Intravenous lines, meeting doctors, taking chemotherapy, and can not swallow anything, can not breathe spontaneously either sometimes.

4. Patients do not realize this when they're young, but it strikes suddenly at any age and they then repent without any use, the cough affects, the chest pain and these are very common symptoms in 8 out of 10 smokers. But these are subtle hints that your body has reached its threshold to suffering.

5. The reason is all that matters, because if you have a strong reason to cut down, you can not go back. If you do not, you can falter. So self-reflect and find that in you.

6. Just cold quit for the fad or to test if you really can. There was a time that smoking became the trend among peasants in India, but not anymore. The trend has changed to quitting more over the past years.

7. Play smart. Remain sexy! Even one cigarette can rot your organs from inside out. It is not a hidden fact that tobacco can make you sterile in no time. It can make you look uglier, it dehydrate your body and takes away your youth glow. This should not be why you grow old so soon.

8. Have you seen any tobacco advertisements in the recent past? Over the last few couple of years? No. Why? Because cigarette companies are now shrinking. They're paying for all the wrong research they published. The number of people smoking are now reducing from 8 out of 10 in the late 19th century when it was at its peak coming down to 3 in 10 because they're seeing the harmful effects of it themselves in the older generation. Their parents are dying of clogged arteries.

9. Realize that you can not do this alone and get your well-wishers involved like your children, your partner, your family or your friends. Also do not forger to seek advice and speak with a specialist in addiction. There are Psychologists specialized in ridding you of tobacco addiction. Consult and take help from the experts.

You may have symptoms of withdrawal syndrome, but do not let that sway your decision. It can be treated and managed better than the harmful effects of smoking .

“Where there's a will, there's always a way!”

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3 Simple Things You Can Do To Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard. That's why so many people fail to do it.

On the first of January every year millions of people try to quit smoking, and millions of them fail.

That's because it's not easy to do it that way. If it was, then they'd all succeed and become instant non-smokers.

But the truth is that quitting smoking does not have to be difficult. Not if you do it the right way.

You just have to break your smoking habit. And you do not do it by not smoking. Instead you change your habit. You change the way you smoke. In other words, you get out of your smoking comfort zone. It's a wake up call that will not only change the way you smoke, but make you more conscious of what you're doing.

And here are 3 things that can get you started (but believe me, there are more things you can progress to doing that make it even easier still).

  1. Put your cigarettes in an awkward place. This means making them less easy to get your hands on. So if you have a two storey house, keep them upstairs. Or put them on top of a high cupboard so that you have to get a chair out to reach them. Or put them in a locked draw in one room and put the key in another. Or keep them in your car in the garage. Or in your garden shed. Just put them anywhere that makes them less accessible. And only take the necessary number of cigarettes with you when you go to work, or go out somewhere. That way you'll be less likely to smoke too much if you think you'll run out of cigarettes.
  2. Change to your second favorite brand of cigarettes. Just imagine if you went to the shop and they did not have your usual cigarettes in stock. Which would you choose instead? Also choose a lower tar brand. A lighter cigarette. Then next month, choose your 3rd favorite brand, and so on.
  3. Never smoke and drink at the same time. Whether it's tea, coffee, alcohol or a drink of water with a meal. Drinking and smoking is not allowed. Either is smoking AFTER a drink. Instead, have your cigarette first and then your drink or meal. You can not smoke within 2 hours of drinking or smoking. If you're out for a night's drinking, smoke before you go out and when you get home. But not while you're drinking.

These 3 simple things are not only easy to do, but they will not cost you anything. In fact, they'll save you money because they'll instantly make you smoke less.

But you will not feel deprived because you're still smoking, just not the way you used to.

There are many more things you can do that you can continue to add to the list, but these 3 little things will get you started and show you how easy it can be.

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Is There An Easy Way to Quit Smoking That You Can Start Today?

So many people are looking for an easy way to quit smoking.

But the truth is that if quitting were easy everyone would do it. In fact there would be no regular smokers.

People only smoke cigarettes regularly because because they do not know how to stop. It's a habit that is built slowly slowly and continued for years and years and years. In fact, after a while it becomes part of your life. You feel safe knowing that your cigarettes are close to hand and that you can reach for one whenever you want.

Of course, no one ever admits to being addicted to cigarettes. Never. All smokers say they could quit if they wanted to but they just do not want to.

But why would anyone smoke if they did not have to?

Chances are, you do not really want to quit smoking at all. You just want the urge to smoke to go away.

Would not it be great if it would?

Imagine waking up tomorrow with no urge to smoke whatever. You can even look at your packet of cigarettes and not want one. The only urge you have is to throw the packet in the bin.

Would not that be wonderful?

Well, it does not have to be a dream.

It can be your reality, if you follow my easy way to quit smoking.

You do not have to go cold turkey and quit all at once. In fact, that's why most people fail. Stopping suddenly is too hard.

Instead you need to give up smoking the same way you started. One cigarette at a time. There's no need to go through the self punishment of quitting all at once. Just one by one.

Here's How to Quit Smoking Today

Start by changing your smoking habits. If you smoke when you drink a cup of tea or coffee, stop doing it. Instead, smoke your cigarette first, or wait at least 15 minutes AFTER you take your last sip.

It's the same with eating. If you light up a cigarette as soon as you finish a snack or meal, do not do it any more. Make yourself wait at least half an hour. If you do not have the time to wait (like if you're at work) then smoke BEFORE you eat.

And do something while you're waiting for your cigarette. Do not just sit there and wait for the 15 minutes or half an hour to pass. Empty the trash. Wash the dishes. Take a shower. Go for a walk. Just do something not related to smoking. In other words, do not sit and roll up a few cigarettes while you wait.

Also put your cigarettes in a hard to reach place like on top of a high cupboard, upstairs, in a locked draw in another room with the key to the draw in a far away place. Just think of what you can do to make it more difficult to get to your cigarettes.

And then, once you've gotten used to the changes, make another one. Stop buying your favorite brand of cigarettes. Buy your second favorite, the ones you'd buy if your favorite ones were not available. And make sure they are also lower tar content too.

Just starting with these few small changes will really wake you up to your smoking habit so that you can see just how addicted and dependent you are one them.

Not only that, but without even doing anything else, you'll start to smoke less, without even trying.

And this is how you break your smoking habit.

One cigarette at a time.

Just try it and see the difference it makes.

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