If You Want To Give Up Smoking, Try These Basic Methods

You must realize that smoking is so addictive that for some people, quitting without help is impossible. Some people have had to turn to therapy and hypnosis as a way to quit. You will even find that many people who used to smoke belong to support groups to assist them to not go back to smoking. While the recommendations below are not able to guarantee to make you quit, they could help to control the urges.

The first thing you should recognize is that you are not addicted to smoking. Some people say that they do not know what to do with their hand if they are not smoking, but that's purely a habit that will go away in time. Even though cigarettes are not addictive, the nicotine which is located inside the cigarette is. And because your brain is aware that it receives this nicotine from cigarettes, people just assume that they are addicted to smoking. One thing that can make giving up smoking easier is to buy a pack of nicotine gum or maybe you could even use the patch to get the nicotine your body demands. While this can help people to be successful when stopping smoking one thing you should understand that that if you really do not want to quit then they really will not help that much.

Another thing that might help to curve the craving to smoke is toothpicks. This will help you to deal with the actual habit of bringing your hand to your mouth, while the nicotine might help curb the chemical urge. Even though this is only a habit and can be broken easier than the nicotine urge it is always good to have help with it. Cinnamon toothpicks had been my families and my own favorite choice for the toothpicks. So as an alternative to holding a cigarette, you will find that you are bringing a toothpick to your mouth. Many people find that the flavored toothpicks seem to suppress the urge better, though I am not actually sure why.

Needless to say one of the most significant things that can help you quit is locating the best motivation you can. For many people it is their spouses or children that provide them with the motivation they need. Most people say that they can not envision the thought of not being there for his or her family, and they realize that smoking will eventually end up killing them before their time. So when it comes down to selecting a good motivation for giving up smoking, your family bought to be at the top of the list.

Even though these few recommendations will help many people quit, you may find that they do not work for you. If that is the way it is, and you actually want to quit, you should try seeing a hypnotist or a doctor. Hypnosis is something that could be very helpful and many individuals have successfully quit with this technique. And there's a remedy of which a doctor can prescribe that will likewise be able to help you quit. That being said, I would really only recommend this as the final thing you try.

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Quitting Smoking? How to Cope With Nicotine Withdrawal

If you are willing to quit smoking then you must be aware of its after effects which may last for a few months. You need strong support to cope with nicotine withdrawal. When chain smokers quit smoking, they start having somatic symptoms of addiction and it becomes difficult for them to stay away from cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy is a technique adopted through the world to cope with nicotine withdrawal.

This therapy contains a few nicotine products which supply the needed amount of nicotine to your body but these products are not toxic and do not harm your health further. The nicotine patches are attached to the bare skin and each patch is removed after 24 hours. You can also take nicotine in the form of gum and it gives you the liberty to adjust the dose as per your requirement. Nicotine sprays are also available and they also help in coping with the immediate withdrawal of nicotine.

Nicotine replacement therapy is not a permanent solution as you need to get rid of nicotine permanently and for that you also need some psychological tools and support. You can take help of a professional therapist and work with cognitive behavioral therapy. The main focus of this therapy is to provide awareness of the problem and to highlight the negative patterns of your thoughts. You need to change your irrational beliefs to quit smoking completely.

Most of the smokers are afraid of quitting just because they think that they will not be able to cope with the depression and stress afterwards. Some people feel so insecure that they start smoking to get socially accepted in certain groups and do not care about their health at all. Hypnotherapy helps such individuals to overcome their unconscionable conflicts and insecurities about life.

Moreover, you can also go for quit smoking mp3s as these contain useful advice from professionals and success stories of the people who have successfully quit smoking and are enjoying healthy life. This will boost your motivation and will also help in coping with nicotine withdrawal.

If you are caring enough then you can quit smoking at once without worrying about nicotine withdrawal but you will need the nerves of steel to be able to do that. It is not possible for normal people to quit smoking at once. All of the above mentioned methods will help you in coping with nicotine withdrawal issues and you will come out as a champion.

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Smoking Kills – Don’t Let It Get You

Smoking is a slow process of suicide and it is also known as a silent killer. Everybody wants to spend a healthy and happy life among the loved ones but smoking comes in the way and destroys all the plans of happiness and health.

If you see the data of the US and the UK, you will see that a large number of people die due to the lung cancer or other smoke related diseases and this number is increasing every day. Today smoking has become a social need or a status symbol and people smoke just for fun. The media is playing a very important role in increasing nicotine usage among teens. The fun smoking that starts in the teen age goes into the adult age as a powerful habit and addiction. The roots to the teen age problem usually lie in your past and can be corrected by using hypnotherapy.

Smoking is especially a killer for people with family history of asthma because smoking can trigger their asthma genes anytime and can make them vulnerable to various other breathing disorders. Lung cancer and mouth cancer are two most common types of cancers caused by smoking. A cognitive behavior smoking awareness program and intervention will help you understand the situation logically and will change your false beliefs into reality.

The residue from burned tobacco is jammed in your larynx and esophagus and constricts out the air passage and causes inflammation of arteries and veins. Gradually the air passage becomes so tight that it becomes hard to breathe and swallow food. It can also become a source of constant coughing and can turn into chronic coughing. The residue also enters in your system through your nose but your nose has protection barriers but they can not protect you forever.

The harmful chemicals and toxins from tobacco infiltrate your body and balance of the body is disturbed. Smoking gradually affects the self healing property of your body and that's when different kinds of cancers start to develop. The smoke of tobacco kills the healthy and protective cells of your body and destroy the immune system.

You need to be aware of smoking hazards and should not fall prey to it. If you have not been able to quit smoking till now then you should not wait any longer. If you do not kill your burning cigarette today then it will definitely kill you tomorrow.

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Cigarette Addiction and How to Beat It

You become an addict when you become dependent on a substance and can not control its craving. Your life pattern is disturbed and you are not able to do anything without taking that substance. It can also be referred to as substance abuse but in simple terms, you are an addict. People start smoking with a thought that nicotine is not addictive but they are very wrong. It causes very powerful addiction.

You want to quit smoking all the time but somehow you are not able to do so. Have you ever thought of the reason? The answer may vary from one individual to another but the basic reason is that you are not willing enough. Your mind is not accepting the fact that smoking is injurious to health and you need to quit. You can only quit smoking by increasing your motivation and will power and you can overcome these problems through various methods.

Some people are blessed with a strong will power and they act upon whatever they decide to do. But some people are not that strong and it's difficult for them to fight the addiction and that is very normal. You can take advice and help of professionals and can join a smoking cessation program. Hypnotherapy is also very useful for smoking cessation. While undergoing therapy, there are just a few things you need to change about yourself and then you can overcome this problem for sure.

Positive Self talk

You talk to yourself every day and so many thoughts strike your mind and almost all of them are negative or self defeating thoughts. You think and believe for nothing that bad things will happen to you, you will fail the task, you will be punished or ridiculed and you will never be able to quit and since never bother to try. A good neurolinguistic program for smoking cessation will help you develop positive thoughts.

You need to correct your thoughts and develop a positive stream in your mind. Whatever you think should have a positive note. You need to train yourself to think positive and self correction takes time. It does happen perfectly and it will bring a very healthy and positive change in your life.

Positive Attitude

You need a positive attitude to quit smoking, you should be open to new and exciting activities and you should learn more about the harmful effects of smoking. Develop a healthy lifestyle and compare it with your smoking life. Once you think about quitting with a positive mind then you will be able to quit smoking in no time. Positive attitude will help you beat your smoking addiction.

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Stop Smoking Before It’s Too LATE

You must have heard of the sayings, “better late than never” and “it is never too late to learn” but you should not apply these sayings to your smoking habits. Most of the smokers never get a chance to see their children graduate or married because the poison of smoke kills them at a very young age. Smoking is a habit that takes the shape of a disease quite quickly. It starts affecting your body system slowly and within a few years it destroys your lungs, causes blood pressure and many other health hazards.

The most common health problems related to smoking are lung cancer, coronary heart diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoke produced by tobacco contains hundreds of toxins and tobacco itself contains thousands of chemicals that start to react during the burning process. When you inhale this smoke, it directly affects your esophagus and lungs.

Mouth cancer is also a common sight in hospitals and its major cause is tobacco smoke as well. It destroys your larynx and esophagus and makes you permanently handicapped. You can not eat or drink anything without the help of machines or tubes.

A smoker needs to know the hazardous effects of smoking on the environment. Smoking has a negative effect on the children and if parents are smokers then children automatically become passive smokers by inhaling the tobacco smoke. It can cause an effect of asthma and lung abnormalities. Smoking is even more dangerous for infants and the risk of sudden death syndrome increases in infants living in the smoking environment.

Apart from the biological losses, smoking is socially very undesirable. People usually do not enjoy the company of a smoker because he not only pollutes the environment but also has a bad influence on their kids and lifestyle.

You need to stop smoking before it is too late. Your organs are not replaceable and they can not fight for long. Your organs do have self healing capabilities but if you do not mend your ways then they may stop working. Most of the people do not take notice of the minor health problems that arise during smoking.

Your body system starts to deteriorate from the day you start smoking and if you do not quit smoking in time, you can die at a very young age. It is not difficult to quit smoking these days as you can take help of cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis or neurolinguistic programming. You just need to be willing enough to quit.

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Quit Smoking Tips to Beat Nicotine Withdrawal

It is never easy to quit smoking especially when you are not willing to quit. The addiction of tobacco and nicotine is no different than the addiction of alcohol. If you suddenly quit smoking, you may have to experience some withdrawal symptoms like intestinal craving for nicotine, tension, anxiety, frustration, restlessness or impatience, concentration problem, headache, sleeping issues or drowsiness, hunger, irritability, and depression. Severity of these symptoms also depends on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day but do not allow your decision to be taken by these symptoms as these are going to last for a few weeks only.

So here are some tips for you to quit smoking and to beat nicotine withdrawal.

  • It is better for you to quit smoking and you keep telling that to yourself. You should believe that it is a temporary phase and once it is over, you will be living a healthy life.
  • Gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. This way you will not feel the drastic symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and will remain motivated.
  • Identify the times you mostly used to smoke or chew nicotine. Try to keep yourself busy during those times. You can take tea or can go for a walk with your friend.
  • Remove all the cigarette related stuff from your home including ashtrays and cigarette cases.
  • You need to make some changes in your life to get over this phase quickly. Try going to the public places where smoking is not allowed or join a gym and do regular exercise with your friends. Try something new to physically avoid yourself from smoking. Activities like swimming, yoga or playing video games can be effective for you.
  • Spend some time alone and read a good book or take a hot bath and get your mind free from all the things. Try not to think of it as a luxury and treat it as a part of your cessation program.
  • Add multivitamins to your diet as they will help in offsetting the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They will also provide essential nutrients to the body which had been depleted by nicotine.
  • If you fail to quit smoking in your first attempt then do not get discouraged. Most of the people are not able to achieve their goal of smoking cessation even after their fourth or fifth attempt. What is important is that you should realize the harmful effects of smoking and should be willing to quit.

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Are There Better Quit Smoking Options Than Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Nicotine replacement therapy is a substitute of smoking and this program is devised for smokers who want to quit smoking. We all know now that there are thousands of toxins in nicotine so nicotine replacement therapy provides a chance to get cleaner nicotine without the buildup of toxins.

Different products are used in nicotine replacement therapy like nicotine patch, nicotine spray, and nicotine bubble gum and various others. These products are safe to use and satisfy the craving of nicotine. The desperate smokers need to take heavy dose of these products to have an effect on them. There is no doubt that millions of people are using nicotine replacement therapy but it is not a permanent solution of the problem. These products are not as harmful as cigarettes but do not let you get rid of nicotine completely.

Getting rid of smoking is difficult so you should be positive about it to make the process easier for you. There are a lot of other methods that you can try. Hypnotherapy is one of the proven methods and it has helped thousands of people across the world in getting rid of smoking. You can also undergo hypnotherapy if you really want to quit smoking. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a proven and effective smoke cessation method adopted by a lot of people.

All these therapies require nothing but positive energy from you. Cognitive behavioral therapy will help you make a rational decision and will enhance your abilities to quit smoking. If it's not working for you then you can choose hypnotherapy. A few sessions with your hypnotherapist and the power of suggestion and your unconscious motivation will help you get rid of smoking. You need to remind yourself continuously the harmful effects of smoking and how it is destroying your health.

There are quit-smoking audio programs available that do world of good to motivate you and also help in eliminating negative thoughts from your mid. These are all negative thoughts that force you to smoke as you let them get control of your mind. This process may take a long time if you try it yourself but if you seek the help of a professional then you can quit smoking quite quickly. These types of therapies makes you complete smoke and nicotine free and help you lead a healthy and active life.

Before adopting any of these methods, you must decide that smoking is not good for your health and you must quit. If you are not in it whole heartedly then you may never achieve the desired results.

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You Caught Your Child Smoking, What Should You Do?

A majority of all smoking habits develop during the teenage years, and this is something that most smokers would vouch for. While children are not really supposedly to smoke, finding children as young as 12-13 years smoking is not uncommon.

In Australia, close to a fourth of all children have tried smoking by age ten. So, if you have recently discovered that your child smokes, while it is a definite cause for concern, you really do not have to lose sleep over the matter.

See, the first thing that you have to realize is that a number of children try smoking without it turning into a habit, and this is where you can help. You, as a parent, have to ensure that your child has the right information when it comes to smoking, and your child should also be able to count on you for support if he / she wants help with quitting smoking.

Once you find out that your child smokes, the most important thing for you do is talk. Your child should know exactly how you feel about smoking. This can be a little problematic if either you or your spouse smokes. In such a situation it is important that you set an example by either quitting or by making a genuine effort to reduce. Also set rules surrounding smoking, and these should apply to everyone in the household (these could include making the car and home 'smoke free' zones).

Also, when you find out about your child's smoking, making them aware about all the possible health problems is important. This can be tricky because children could perceive this to be 'lecture' time; and talking about smoking related problems usually is more likely to have the desired effect. Losing your temper is almost certainly not going to help, and would only increase the chances of your child wanting to go and light up again.

If you think that your child has picked up smoking because of the company he / she keeps, then asking your child not to interact with the group of friends in question is also not going to help. This would only encourage your child to do so on the sly. Instead, invite the whole group over to your home, and over an otherwise fun filled evening you could show them a little presentation about the perils of smoking. Using the internet to get pictures and videos can help.

Remember, finding out that your child smokes is not the end of the world. Timely intervention and help can ensure that the trial period does not turn into a full-fledged habit.

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Smoking Stinks – Here Is How To Quit

Smoking kills your lungs, your air passage, your mouth, and your breath. You lose the shine of your teeth and vigor of your youth. There is no doubt in it that smoking stinks. It increases the risk of heart strokes and imbalances your blood pressure. Moreover, it also causes wrinkles on your skin and causes premature aging. These are just a few personal side effects but it is also bad for people around you. Passive smoking or second hand smoking makes the people around you smokers because they inhale the smoke exhaled by you.

Couples who are planning on having a child should be very careful because smoking can cause retardation in infants; it can also cause ADHD, premature birth, low birth weight and sudden infant death. Children born under tobacco influence are more vulnerable to different diseases and can become slower learners in life.

The above description has made it clear that smoking stinks to the highest levels and it is very important to quit smoking as early as possible. You need to start working on it today to save yourself and others from its killing and disastrous effects.

The first step towards smoke cessation is the decision to quit. If you have taken a firm decision then you can move ahead. But if you are still vulnerable and find it difficult to make a decision then you probably need a professional help. You can join a cognitive behavioral therapy program or a hypnosis smoking quitting program.

These therapies will help you find out the alternate solution of smoking and letting out your emotions so that your dependence on smoking is reduced. Moreover, these also help you to combat your inner negative thoughts and irrational core beliefs related to yourself and smoking.

In these therapies, the therapist will also train you with necessary tools that will help you in the long run to fight against the desire to smoke. You can learn relaxation, meditation and breathing strategies to overcome the anxiety caused by nicotine deprivation of your dependent system.

It is very important to inform your friends and family that you are quitting because you alone can not keep an eye on yourself. They will help you to point out the positive change in your life that has happened because of smoking cessation. We sometimes overlook small changes but other people notice and appreciate them. With moral support and inner motivation, it is very easy to quit smoking.

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Smoking Cessation Methods – Which Is Right for You?

You may find it hard to quit smoking but it is very much possible and there are a lot of ways to do it. You may have to make several attempts before you are actually able to quit smoking but if you are willing enough then you will definitely achieve your goal. I will be discussing some of the best smoking cessation methods below and you can go for the one which suits you the best.

Cold Turkey :

It is one of the simplest but probably the toughest quitting methods. You set up a quitting date yourself and quit smoking at once on that date. It may sound easy but this method will test your will power and commitment to get rid of smoking and you have to face severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If you thing you are strong then you can adopt this method and you will not need any help to quit smoking.

Gradual Reduction:

A slow but an easy and successful smoking cessation strategy is a gradual reduction in which smokers try to gradually reduce their daily nicotine intake. This method prevails the smokers from severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) includes some products like patches, gum, lozenge, nasal spray, inhalator, and lollipops and these products contain nicotine which is less toxic compared to the nicotine present in cigarettes. NRT can be a very successful smoking cessation strategy if it is applied properly according to the manufacturers' instructions.

Zyban :

Zyban is a nicotine free anti-smoking drug and it is widely used these days. It reduces smoke cravings and is also helpful in giving relief from nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It affects the brain chemicals which are provided to link with nicotine addiction.


Hypnotherapy is an excellent and highly effective smoking cessation method with more than 60% success rate. Hypnotherapists put people in an unconscious state of mind so they most likely accept and follow the suggestions given during that state. If you adopt this method then make sure you get help of a professional who understands your problem and does not violate your privacy.


It is an ancient Chinese healing technique that only works for people with strong will and desire to quit smoking. In this method, special needles are inserted into the specific skin parts or spots.

Always remember that these techniques depend on your will power, motivation and determination. If you have these three ingredients then you can definitely quit smoking and can live a healthy life.

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Quit Smoking Tips for The Desperate Smokers

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy and is the culprit behind most of the diseases. There are a number of ways to get rid of smoking but these will help only if you are willing to quit. You should be aware of the harm it is doing to your health. If you have tried a lot of quitting methods before and have not been able to succeed then you are not willing enough. You smoke only when you want to and it all happens in the mind. Once you tell your mind that smoking is not good for you and you have to stop smoking then you can quit easily. You need to be really positive about quitting and should motivate yourself to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips for desperate smokers who have tried to quit but have not succeeded till now.

  • Continually remind yourself that if you can avoid cravings for smoking during 6 to 8 hours of sleep then you can definitely avoid it when you are awake.
  • Try to quit smoking with a partner. It can be very effective as it will provide you support and accountability which is beneficial to succeed.
  • Self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy helps a lot in getting rid of smoking and you can take help of a hypnotherapist too. Once you undergo hypnotherapy, your mind will experience its magic and a few sessions may extremely end the smoking addiction.
  • Avoid particular foods that lead to smoke cravings and go for healthy and nutritious foods that can speed up nicotine detoxification and recovery. Do regular exercise for at least half an hour as it can replace cigarette satisfaction with endorphin production and it can also help in maintaining the post-nicotine metabolism.
  • Use cigarette substitutes like lollipops, gum, sunflower seeds, toothpicks, coffee stirrers, and straws. Put any one of these in your mouth when you have a smoke craving and you will really feel better within a few minutes.
  • The best quit smoking way is to go for cold turkey and stop smoking at once. Although it's hard to do and you need very strong will power and motivation and it may take several attempts for ultimate success but no doubt it's a very effective method.
  • Go for any Nicotine Replacement Therapy like nicotine patches, gum, spray, inhalator or lollipops as these are not as harmful as cigarettes and reduce the smoking urge and ease withdrawal symptoms.

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Smoking Tips: How to Beat Addiction

It is easy to indulge in smoking but once you get addicted to it then it is hard to get rid of it. If you have the power and determination then you can quit smoking. You have to make up your mind to beat the smoking addiction and you need to realize the bitter health consequences of smoking. Here are a few tips that will help you in getting rid of smoking.

A Quitting Date:

Set up a quitting date and use gradual reduction strategy. Cut down your number of cigarettes you smoke per day and go for the cigarette brand that you do not like.

Get rid of smoking stuff:

Get rid of all the stuff from your home and workplace which can remind you of smoking. Things like ash trays, cigarettes box, and lighters should be out of sight.

Have something to eat:

Always have something with you to put in your mouth like candy or chewing gum to avoid your oral urge of smoking.

Support of friends and family:

The support of friends and family matters a lot and can be very effective for you if you are willing to quit smoking. Their presence will help you and you may get involved in healthier activities in your spare time. They can also be supportive by avoiding smoking in front of you.

Change your social circle:

You need to stay away from the people who smoke a lot. If you have smoking addicts around you then it is illegally that you will be able to quit smoking. Spend more time with friends and colleagues who are non smokers and go for a walk and exercise with them.

Avoid the places that trigger addiction:

Avoid those places or situations that can trigger your smoking addiction like pubs and clubs where you can find a lot of smokers. These places can make things harder for you and ever your will power, motivation and determination will exhaust.

Seek counseling or medical help:

If you are unable to beat your addiction on your own then professional counseling can greatly help you no matter how addicted to smoking you are. Counselors can better find out your life aspects which made you a smoker. Listen to some quit smoking mp3 to boost your motivation or join a smoking cessation program.

Join support groups:

Join support groups as they can provide you precious assistance to beat addiction. People in such groups can provide you supportive advice and company and if you have people like you who want to quit smoking around you then it will boost your motivation.

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Changes to Expect When You Quit Smoking

When I finally became a true non-smoker, I realized that I was experiencing changes to my physical body that I had not expected. I had expected that the almost constant rasping cough would go away. I expected that I would not have that constant yellow stain on my fingers. I expected that I would have better breath and generally smell better to others.

But what I did not expect on the physical level was that I did not need nearly so much sleep. I found that I could wake up in the morning, get out of bed and not feel like I was awakening from drug sedation. Instead of the eight to nine hours I felt I always needed, more if I could get it, I felt well rested after seven hours, and could function well after only five or six hours of sleep.

I realized that I did not need to plaster my underarms quite so thickly with anti-perspirant / deodorant as I had been doing all my adult life. I had always thought that being a bit smelly of body odor was just a part of adulthood. Since I've been smoking since fourteen years old, it was certainly a part of mine.

But the wonderful thing about the reduction of my general body odor was that my feet quit smelling altogether. I do not do it often, but I can wear the same pair of socks for three days straight without a shower and take them off and smell them and they do not smell bad. Amazing. No foot odor. It never was very bad for me, but it was there. Now it's not. Once my body no longer oozed out the poison that I was being sucking through my lungs and dispersing through my bloodstream, the smell of them was gone.

Of course my teeth got whiter without using any whitening gel or the like. I had not even thought about that benefit when I decided to end my relationship with cigarettes. I was relaxed when I noticed. Even more pleased when others mentioned it to me.

I had never been a victim of acne while growing up. My skin had remained clear and smooth all during puberty. It was only into high school that I began to notice the occasional pimple or two popping out. That happened on a fairly regular basis, almost weekly. They would appear, large, red and pussy, and take several days to disappear. I do not think my constantly trying to squeeze them away helped at all.

They continued to pop up well into adulthood, and I just thought of them as part of life, my life. But once I quit smoking, they became so rare that I can not even remember having one for years. Seems the poison found more than sweat glands from which to escape.

But far more wonderful to me is the psychological change I have come through. By that I mean the way I look at myself, self-image it's called today. Now that I am not a smoker, I feel like a bit of a champion. I have taken on the big bad villain and defeated it.

I read a survey of 1,000 long-term heroin addicts who were all also long-term smokers. Sixty percent of them said that they could quit heroin easier than they could quit cigarettes. That's a pretty scary statistic, do not you think? Cigarette smoking is more addictive to most than heroin addiction? Wow! And I beat it. I quit smoking. I am no longer a smoker. I have no desire to smoke.

I am proud of myself in a way that I do not believe that even winning an Olympic Gold Medal could give me. I have “cleaned up my act”. I am a better person than I was. I am certain of it.

I do not look down on smokers as less than me. I look at them with a sadness in my heart for them. For they are in a trap set for them by incredibly powerful forces, and they have not yet found their way out. They are to a degree crippled in a way that I once was and am no longer.

It is my life's work now to help them out of that trap. I have found a way to do it that is different and easier than any other I have researched.

You see, I discovered that smoking was not even my problem. My real problem was my desire to smoke. Once I realized that, I began to find ways to reduce that desire until today, there is none left in me. Until the day I smoked my last cigarette, I smoked every one I felt the need to smoke.

Today I no longer feel that need. I have great sympathy for those who do feel it.

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Home Remedies to Stop Smoking

For a long time, home remedies have worked for several ailments, including smoking withdrawal. This article reveals the various home remedies that can be used to stop smoking.

Addiction to nicotine is powerful. It's like being in a prison yard with smokers struggling to break free. Some of the tools that are vital to kicking the habit of smoking include will power and determination. Apart from these, research has shown that many home remedies can be used to stop smoking. One of such good ways is chewing licorice sticks. Smokers who want to quit smoking can chew licorice sticks whenever they sense the urge to smoke. Somehow, this method is effective in moving the brain to forget about smoking.

Smoking depletes the vitamin C content in the body. It is there good that smokers who intend to kick the habit consider replenishing the quantity of this vitamin in their body. There are many fruits and juices that supply the body with vitamin C, a notable example is orange. Such fruits are also helpful in flushing the system and ridding it of toxins and nicotine which would have accumulated in the body as a result of prolonged smoking.

Extract from grape seeds is also very effective in helping smokers get over nicotine addiction. It is reputed to be one of the best known home remedies to stop smoking. This is because it can help in repairing the damage done to the lungs as a result of smoking. Consuming grape juice on a daily basis is also good as it can assist in getting rid of nicotine addiction.

Getting rid of toxins and nicotine in the body is very important for smokers who want to quit. However, it's vital to note that detoxification for smokers is a gradual process and can be transported out by taking ground oats. Add a tablespoonful of ground oats to two cups of boiled water and leave overnight. After the main meal each day, this mixture should be taken as it can help in the elimination of toxins that have accumulated in the body over time.

When smokers decide to quit smoking, it is recommended that they live on diets rich in nutrients as these will help the body to recover faster. Nutritious foods are there before part of the home remedies to stop smoking.

If you decide to quit smoking naturally , you will experience little withdrawal symptoms because nature has a way of easing the stress that comes with dropping off cigarettes.

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Quit Smoking – Why Plain Packaging Will Fail

Governments have tried many ways to reduce the number of smokers in society. In Australia the latest attempt is to introduce plain packaging on cigarettes. The packs will still retain the grisly images of cancer effects, but the manufacturers will not be able to identify themselves.

This is supposed to stop people smoking. It will inconvenience the shopkeepers who will have to re-organize their systems to find the right product for buyers, but the notice that this will make people stop is very questionable.

If you are reading this I assume your are a smoker. I bet the color or design of the packet will not make any difference to you. It's the nicotine that drives the smoker.

Its the smokers belief that they will feel less stressed that drives them. It's the belief that smoking will forgive boredom, or make coffee or food or driving somehow better that drives people to smoke.

And it's the fear of being without a cigarette that pushes people to light up.

I believe that until a person decides to quit then they could wrap smokers in cement bags and people would still buy them.

Sometimes I think that governments act for the sake of acting, they want to be seen to be doing something. Maybe they should consult some hard core smokers and ask them what they think, then sometimes some workable solutions may be found.

The point is do not rely on the outside world to solve your smoking problem. The government can try as hard as they want but nothing will make you quit until you make the decision. It's always been the direct decision of every smoker to quit. Sure tax increases or fear campaigns can give you a push, the end decision is always yours.

Then it's just a matter of how you choose to quit. Advanced hypnosis and NLP is very successful and can give you the best chance of saying goodbye to the smokers forever. A plain pack with a scary photo will never break the bond you have with lighting up and driving or coffee or anything else.

The only true way it shatter those connections is to do it at a subconscious level, this is where the connections are locked in. Hypnosis is the solution to this life sapping problem. But it will only work once you are committed to change. You decide and you can be free.

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