Smoking – Takes More Willpower To Start Than Stop

I want you to see it for what it is. As you start the process of eliminating cigarettes from your life, you'll have to throw logic out the window just as you did when you started smoking.

We all remember our first smoke … the coughing, the spewing, and the turning green as we naturally got sick from the experience. At this point one would think smoking a second cigarette would be completely out of the question … at least for a rational person. But no, what do most of us do? We choke down another, and then we choke down another. And after waking up the next day, we choke down still another. This senseless process slowly conditions our bodies and minds not to only accept, but to actually crave the poison, nicotine.

By continuing filling our lungs with smoke, we trick our brains into thinking this altered state of mind now feet normal. We actually begin believing this new so called normal feeling equates with being relaxed and having improved concentration. Now keep in mind, just a few days ago, inhaling this poison caused dizziness, coughing, and confusion. Ladies and gentlemen … you have just been brainwashed.

Our bodies are extremely resilient and responsive. We can condition them to be accredited to just about anything. Yes, even the ellogical act of smoking cigarettes.

I'm here to tell you, the act of starting to smoke is more difficult in many ways than the act of quitting. Because once you quit, you'll see the benefits start to evolve. You initially begin the wonderful process of getting your living back that has been taken away by this horrible drug. Feeding off these benefits will serve you well as you deal with the temptations and fears that come knocking at your door trying to convince you to have just one more smoke. And do not take these fears lightly … especially the fear of the unknown. This one is a big, big deal which breaks a lot of people, but not so big you can not get through it.

What you may need as you put an end to this madness is someone you can trust to help guide you when you feel weak … someone who has been there, who has seen the other side that can help pull you through. Because if you're absolutely aware of what awaits you on the other side, you will not have nearly the trouble kicking this habit as you did starting it. Because when you want something bad enough, nothing will be strong enough to stand in your way … not even fear.

More to come on fear later.

Bill Peak

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Quitting Smoking – Billy Joel Knew The Truth About Cigarettes

Sweet Virginia cigarettes are burning in my hand, they used to be a friend of mine but now I understand, it's been burning up inside me for so long, but in the morning there will be hell to pay somewhere along the line.

These are some lines from an old billy Joel song, and they very much sum up the realities of smoking. I'm sure many of you have thought of cigarettes as your friend at some point.

That companion who is always there whether you are bored or lonely or stressed. There with your morning coffee or your, after work drink. Always at hand to help out, always ready to relax you.

You may remember your friend being right there when you first noticed having less energy or started coughing in the morning. It was with you as you stepped out of your doctor's office after being advised to quit.

Maybe it was there when you received that serious diagnosis. I've even seen people standing out the front of hospitals in their gowns hooked up to their drips, still sharing a special moment with their friend before returning to the ward to continue treatment.

For these people they have reached the point where there is hell to pay. Of course you would not let it get this far, would you? Well many have, and many still do!

You understand that this friend of yours is no friend at all. What kind of friend would deceive you, steal your hard earned cash and threaten to kill you.

The cleverly written lines by Billy Joel go right to the heart of the problem. Those cigarettes which drew you in, seemed to offer so much but were plotting against you all the time. If you do not realize it by now then good luck, you may be one of the lucky few who slide through unscathed.

But if you want to get rid of that dodgy friend before there is hell to pay, then you need to consider quit smoking hypnosis. Because when you think about it you know it's all about the habit. Those times your friend was there about boutine not some questionable drug habit.

All those moments spent with a cigarette, were just moments of self deception. Fooling yourself that some dried plant combined with chemicals and roled in paper can have meaning in your life will surely end in pain.

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Quit Smoking – 200 Reasons And Counting

Since 2009 I have published 200 articles on the topic of quitting smoking. When I started there was no way I could have imagined finding 200 reasons to quit smoking. The fact that I have found 200 topics about stopping cigarettes in itself, tells a powerful story.

That there are so many reasons to stop smoking now. Even more than 200. Reasons that delve into every area of ​​your life, physical, emotional, financial, family, time etc.

Every organ, every cell, every obvious and not obvious part of you is affected. Your time on this planet is so precious, but you are voluntarily giving up perhaps 14 years of your life.

14 years is a lot to sacrifice just for the pleasure of sucking in burning smoke. Of course not everyone loses all those years, some just experience failing health for decades, losing much of their quality of life along the way.

Unfortunately there has been little room for humor in those 200 articles, as there is not much to joke about with this topic. The only smiles are those on the faces of all those who have taken the action to quit and to take back their lives.

The emotional relief for them and their families can not be under estimated. Of course after a few months most ex smokers forget about the danger they have left behind, in other words they just stop worrying.

So imagine for a moment, not having to worry about lung cancer or emphysema or any of those horrible conditions depicted on the cigarette packets. Or those television ads with a stressed out family, standing by the bedside of the dying smoker.

Now imagine yourself getting out of bed and taking an easy deep breath, feeling your lungs expand, and the best part is, there is no coughing, no gasping no nasty surprises from your lungs. With that easy breath comes a feeling of freedom, and a confidence that you have reclaimed a big chunk of those 14 years back.

I wonder what you will do with those years, family, travel, hobbies, and most importantly living!

Something that can easily be taken for granted, until that moment when the doctor announces that you have a smoking related cancer.

But that's not you, because you are reading this article, you have taken a step, and maybe you have reached that point where you have had enough and you pick up the phone and make that all important appointment to see a quit smoking hypnosis specialist.

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Quitting Smoking, What Does It Really Mean To You?

Usually when asked, what quitting smoking means the answer is off the cuff and wonderful, such as “I will feel healthier.”

But what does this really mean? And does this answer provide the emotional power required to quit smoking for good. I have to say an emphatic no. If an easy answer is the best you can offer then I seriously question your real commitment to stopping cigarettes.

I guess at this point the less than serious will opt out, but I encourage you to take a long hard look in the mirror and find a strong reason.

Given that you have seen hundreds of grisly images of dying smokers on cigarette packs and countless television commercials of people in sad smoking induced situations, you are most likely quite jaded and a little malnourished by fear based quit programs.

So how can you access those deep powerful reasons which will be your guide to stopping cigarettes for life.

Perhaps you could take yourself to a quit place, and allow yourself to remember the important times in your life. To recall times when you felt healthy and well.

Now think about the things you still want to do in your life. Things that will work much better if you have your health and energy.

Really concentrate on seeing yourself doing those things, notice how you feel, how good that will be. Allow yourself to completely be immersed in those feelings and enjoy seeing your life unfolding.

Now quickly switch your mind to the same future if you do not quit smoking. Your health has declined; your energy is low, see and feel how things would be different. Maybe you have had a serious diagnosis.

Now think about oranges or cows or anything else. No one wants to dwell on thoughts like these, but that imagined future is likely to happen and you know it.

So I'm sure you are beginning to gather a list of powerful reasons to quit. Each limitation of your future smoking life will add to the list. Keep looking at that list then make an appointment for a hypnosis quit smoking session.

A good therapist will take all those reasons and weave them into your session. But more importantly they will filter all those future healthy events into your unconscious mind and make it easier than you could imagine to walk away from cigarettes forever. Start planning for your life today.

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Quitting Smoking – How Far Is Too Far?

When you first started smoking, it's most likely your friends did well, you were cool and grown up, part of the group and sometimes a bit of a rebel. But soon that changed. You discovered that smoking did not make you special; you had just created for yourself a powerful dangerous habit.

Then in spite of all the warnings you continued, but for you how far is too far. Was it the first signs of loss of energy, or puff climbing the stairs?

Maybe the cough when you wake up each day, or the more frequent colds. The slow decline of your cardio vascular health or the general feeling of being unwell, often blamed to aging, with the obvious signs of skin aging.

Through to the more serious problems, such as amputation from smoking caused diabetic complications or the long list of deadly illnesses lead by lung and throat cancers.

In my experience as a clinical hypnotist I have seen it all. From the person with the slight shortness of breath, to the emphysema sufferers, to the client who has had a limb amputated and facing the prospect of losing another.

Right through to the person who only has three months to live and has come in to quit in the desperate hope of just having a few weeks more on this planet with their loved ones.

So I ask you again, how far is too far. How much pain will you put up with, how sick will you become, how much of your body must fail or succumb to sickness before you lean out of the window and that enough is enough.

When you weigh it up; in the blue corner you have a habit which stinks and costs you a fortune over time. A habit which has conned you into believing you are getting some benefit instead of just a ticket to a premature demise.

In the red corner you get back as many as 14 years on your life, thousands of dollars in your pocket, not having to go outside to smoke, and the security of knowing you have given yourself the best chance to be healthy.

Do not sweat over the past, it's right now and the future that counts. The sooner you book your hypnosis quit smoking session the sooner you can get on with leading the best possible life. Just do it!

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I’m Afraid I’d Love to Quit Smoking, Which Is It?

If you'd love to quit smoking, but fear you can not … you're not alone.

Fear is one of the two dominant energies in life; love is the other. They do not occupy the same space very well … in fact, they oppose one another. Fear methodically paralyzes until it completely keeps us from experiencing the very thing which would make us happy … love.

If we fear failure … we will not try. If we fear death … we will not live. If we fear fear … we will not love. But, if we confront what we fear, we begin to dissipate its energy.

Fear of the unknown is no question the most terrifying fear of them all. Although with a little information, it can dissipate much faster than you think.

For years, I had a terrible fear of flying. I just could not understand how the weight of a jumbo jet, full of passengers and luggage, could ever get off the ground, much less fly safely.

On those rare occasions when I had to fly, I would find myself foolishly replaying in my mind, over and over again … you guessed it … the worst case scenario which would always end in a fiery crash.

The fear of the unknown is so powerful it can supersede rational thought. You see, I knew for a fact thousands of flights successfully departed and landed day in and day out … but somehow my fear would stay on the crash that made headlines 10 years ago.

I finally decided to break free of my fear by flooding myself with as much information as I could soak up on the safety aspect of flying. I read countless testimonies from career pilots with 30 and 40 years' experience elaborating on the safety and their love of flying.

I learned of the many safety aspects which make flying the safest mode of travel there is today:

• A two engine plane could fly and land just fine even if one failed.

• In the extremely rare event all engines were to stop at cruising height (35,000 feet), the aircraft would glide 30 minutes covering 120 miles before landing on the ground, because all the controls would work as if the engines were still going.

• Every commercial airplane system is built with a primary, auxiliary, back-up, and emergency system to ensure the safety of passengers.

Honestly with all of this information, I was able to tame my fear and fly much more comfortably.

Your fear to quit smoking is no different than my fear of flying … both try disappointingly to keep us from living the life we ​​desire. The good news is … with enough reliable information, any “fear of the unknown” can most certainly be transformed into a paper tiger.

Do not you just love it?

Bill Peak

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Quitting Smoking – Recognising The Big Con

Smoking is one big con.

When you started you thought you would look cool or sophisticated or at least more grow up. But it did not take long before you got over those feelings and grow up yourself.

You thought it was a good way to bond with friends. Sharing clouds of smoke and all smelling like ashtrays does not seem like such a great idea in hindsight. But the con goes much deeper than just the superior. Accepting smelling bad and spending a fortune over your life time, not to mention the added cost of health care and loss of income is just a part of the con.

You were conned into believing that smoking could help you relax. Relaxing helps you relax not some stick of poison in your mouth. Nicotine increases anxiety it's as simple as that.

Smoking relieves stress. Nicotine while briefly it delivers a dose of dopamine to give you a boost of feel good chemicals coming back quickly with a hit of cortisol which raises your stress. Simply declared smoking makes you stressed.

Smoking helps you to think or manage boredom. Stopping what you are doing for a few minutes helps you think and the whole world of non smokers survives boredom perfectly well without lighting up.

Smoking is harder to quit than heroin. This is just an urban myth, we all know that coming off heroin requires some serious medical intervention; coming off smoking just needs a good hypnosis session.

A big con which has been perpetrated by government campaigns and pharmaceutical companies is that you will need several attempts to quit. This is not true!

The largest con is that nicotine is so highly addictive that you will need mind altering drugs with significant side effects or nicotine replacement at least. Real world studies show no benefits from nicotine replacement.

Perhaps the largest unjustice that continues to levied against smokers is that the most successful method to quit smoking, hypnosis, according to New Scientist, is still something of a secret, in spite of practitioners worldwide helping smokers every day to quit.

The simple fact is that for you to quit smoking, the very best thing that you can do is put all the past beliefs behind you and look at quitting with fresh eyes and feelings.

Decide to quit, believe you can do it and book your hypnosis session as soon as possible.

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How to Stop Smoking the Easiest Way: A Stop Smoking Timeline

If you smoke a pack a day or less; pick a day, wrap your head around the process of quitting and your commitment to quit and then just do it on that day. If you smoke more than a pack a day, it is very helpful, even safer, to taper down to under a pack before you actually quit. If you have other addictions it becomes a little bit more complicated. First quit addictions such as alcohol, cocaine, meth. Most people do not like hearing that, but the problem is these other addictions can often create triggers to smoke cigarettes, so you can end up going back and forth if you do not quit these other addictions first.

Your body is already an expert at making you a non-smoker. The body detoxes you of nicotine in less than 48 hours. So your body has been trying to make you a non-smoker between every cigarette you have ever smoked. It is the habit that is the big hook for most of the people. This, of course, combines with nicotine as the addictive process, which then perpetuates the cycle. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis work in the same area of ​​the brain where habits remain. The subconscious is the domain of hypnosis and the domain of habit in the brain and the body. This is why hypnosis works to stop smoking the easy way.

After you quit smoking, the good news is that within ten to fifteen years your chance of chronic illness from smoking reverts back to as if you never smoked.You can shorten that time period by considering proactive in your recovery. This is more noticeable in the first few days after you quit. Within two to three days your risk of heart attack or stroke drops tremendously. Your blood pressure drops, your breath smells better, your skin smells better, numerous other positive benefits occurred within a very short period of time. And of course, within two to three days all the nicotine leaves your system.

So the next question becomes: “how do you become proactive in your recovery?” It is good to quit smoking but in my view it is only going half way. The other half is becoming active in detoxifying and assisting your cardiovascular and respiratory system recovery. How do do this is by very carefully detoxing after you quit: drink lots of water, get lots of exercise, sweat, do a liver cleanse, do a cellular cleanse. Lose weight because toxins are stored in the fatty tissue of your body. Replenish your body nutritionally with a whole host of minerals and vitamins.

Get a good, solid, super nutritional diet. Eat the right foods and this will help shorten that recovery time considably. Shoot for, let's say, five to seven years for a full recovery, depending on how long you smoked and how much you smoked. The best way is to begin now … and you can do it!

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Quitting Smoking – Where Have All The Flowers Gone

There was a famous anti war song in the late sixties entitled “where have all the flowers gone”, by Pete Seeger. Not a very happy song but quite true. Someone could have equally written the song about smokers.

Where have all the smokers gone. Well the good news is that many have quit, but the bad news is that many have died or are likely to soon.

So why do so many continue to smoke given that we have known the truth about smoking since the late seventies. In spite of the American government refusing to believe the research that showed that smoking caused lung cancer, for several years.

Simply it was recognized about the same time that smoking did not mention stress, it just gave you a short term hit of feel good chemicals followed by the big hit of cortisol, the core stress hormone.

In the eighties the research continued into the effect of smoking and heart disease and diabetes, confirming more and more reasons to not smoke.

Yet people in countries where this information was freely available continued to take up or continue smoking. It's almost impossible to believe that in this era of so much comprehensive data that smoking kills, there are still large numbers of new people taking up smoking each year.

Sure more and more smokers are quitting than ever before, but the problem still exists for millions, and every year many young people take up the habit.

It's not about being uninformed, the nanny state we live in planes or or consciousness with images and messages about the problems. It's not about blatant stupidity, even seemingly intelligent people smoke, so what is the appeal for new smokers and why do so many continue, often in spite of painful reminders right in front of them.

Many know family members and friends who have died, some are feeling either mild or severe effects, yet it's not enough. At the time of writing I have a potential hypnosis client who has suffered one amputation and facing another, yet still remains uncommitted to confirm his appointment. I can not imagine the thought processes involved.

Perhaps he is fearful of feeling some discomfort or not knowing what to do with his hands or even that he will miss his special smoking moments. But if you weigh up the loss against the pain of being a double amputee, it is mind boggling.

What he is failing to forgive is that quitting with hypnosis is at best 100% pain free and at worse a mild discomfort over a couple of days. What a shame to have to live with that pain and regret.

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Quitting Smoking Is More Important Than Better The Devil You Know

A reason I have heard many times that people give for not quitting smoking is that they can not imagine life without a cigarette.

For many people in the forties and beyond they have smoked since they were in their early teens and naturally every event in their lives was accompanied by a smoke.

Smoking with friends when young, stepping out for a quick last smoke before tying the wedding knot. Cigarettes with the birth of children, or celebrating a business success.

Smokes to comfort, to calm, to energise, to think, to relax. Other smokers to fill in the gaps during boring times, or as a reason to escape from a party or dinner party for a few minutes.

If you stop and think back there will be so many occasions when a cigarette was just a natural part of your life. So many events, so many people you have shared a smoke with, friends family and strangers.

But now things have changed, sometimes some of those people are no longer with us, taken by the very habit which provided so many memories. Or depending you are one of few or the only remaining smoker in your social circle.

And instead of chatting away outside of the restaurant or party, you are there on your own, sucking that toxic smoke into your lungs while the fun is having had without you.

In those early days you were fit and healthy, now the morning cough and the lack of energy is a cruel reminder that smoking is not all it was cracked up to be.

Yes it may have seemed like a friend, always there to share your special moments, but that friend has turned on you. Robbing you financially and slowly draining your health in such a stealthy way that you can not quite remember when you started to feel old.

This dodgy friend who still promises to solve your boredom and help you to think and relax, the friend you still rely on to get you going in the morning with a coffee.

This friend, the devil you know has sold you one lie after another with zero in return. Just the unspoken knowledge that one day it would turn on you and kill you.

You do not have to stand for this any longer. None of those special times in your life was made any better by smoker, that was just another lie. If you have had enough and are ready to make the most of the next part of your life, then quit smoking hypnosis is the quickest most effective way to do it.

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The Road to “Quit Smoking” Goes Through Fear, Without Fail

How to deal with fear is a common theme throughout many of my blog posts because it factors into every decision we make … every action we take. Whether we desire to quit smoking, lose weight, get in shape or even speak in front of others, fear will do its damnedest to keep us at bay. Although fear has many faces … the fear of failing may indeed top the list.

I believe the fear of failing is as debilitating to the human spirit as cancer is to the body.

There is no question that the fear of failing generates negative thoughts which give rise to self-doubt. Sadly, as self-doubt is left to fester, low self-esteem permeates the spirit, potentially keeping our dreams, goals and aspirations from ever leaving the starting gate.

The road to “Quit Smoking” goes through fear and there's no getting around it … believe me, I've tried.

Going through fear, rather than around it, is the quickest, most efficient way of getting to the other side. And why is getting to the other side quickly so important? Because therein lies your key to success … CONFIDENCE. And just a taste of its fruit may be just enough to get you longing for more … hopefully, much more.

I find when I fix my mind on something I really want, I begin feeling the joy associated with it. And this is absolutely essential … because it's that feeling of joy which builds my confidence, stimulating me to continue pushing through … keeping me in motion.

Understanding and utilizing this process has given me the tools and the confidence needed to easily quit smoking and accomplish anything else I have set my mind to do.

Do not cheat yourself out of happiness by fearfully standing still. You want to quit smoking? Set your mind to it and begin … and do just that … BEGIN. If you wait for that master plan, you'll never get started. Just follow through with one small step and build from there. If you just stay in motion with your eye on the prize, you'll attract everything you need … as you need it.

You'll build confidence as you make it through each minute and you'll continue to do so as you cross hurdles and get through cravings one at a time. Keep in mind, cravings have a life span of around 10 minutes. You can do 10 minutes. Deal only with the here and now … not the big picture … it will overwhelm you at this point. Remember … you're building confidence you do not have yet.

String a few small successes together and you'll notice your confidence awakening. And as it does, the sheer optimism associated with it will provide the momentum needed to keep you in motion.

Feeling this momentum is like going through the proverbial wall you hear runners talk so much about. It's when you begin to relax and take charge of your situation, you believe in yourself and the possibilities of what you can achieve.

When the going gets a little tough … and it will … remember these simple truths:

a) You can not light up if you do not put a cigarette in your mouth.
b) The craving will not last more than 10 minutes. They will dissipate over time.
c) Coughing means you are healing.
d) Believe me … if I can do it, you can too … and I did it 30 years ago.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. This is about more than just quitting smoking … much more. There are hidden blessings associated with this journey you will receive as you progress. These nuggets will present themselves as revelations you would have never recognized any other way. Believe me … they will indeed carry you through every facet of your life from this point forward.

You should thank God for this unique opportunity and pray you do not fail. Fear not … and you will not.

Bill Peak

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How To Stop Smoking? With Pleasure!

For four long years I tried every way to stop smoking … nothing worked. That was, until it finally dawned on me that I was not using the most powerful weapon in my arsenal.

Allow me to explain. When I first decided to stop smoking, my total focus was on my body. I felt I had to conjure up ways to somehow trick my body into not wanting to smoke anymore. This way it would be less painful … or so I I thought.

So I began to cut back on how many I smoked each day … made sense to me at the time. But after that failed, I came up with “plan B” and started smoking low tar and nicotine cigarettes. Yes … that's the ticket! Well … soon I realized that was not the ticket since I was smoking twice as many as before. Next, I had this wonderful idea of ​​transferring my habit from cigarettes to a pipe … now, that's the ticket!

My logic? I thought I would not inhale the smoke from a pipe, so slowly conditioning my body to becoming addiction free. Hell … that one did not make any sense at all, as reality was quick to confirm. I began not only inhaling the pipe smoke but continuing the cigarettes as well … brilliant!

After about a year of this double jeopardy, coughing became an everyday occurrence, and even the mere act of breathing became painful.

After a prayer and a long talk with myself, I gave quitting smoking one last desperate shot. And this time, I put my mind to it … I was all in. You see … this ol 'student was finally ready as the teacher did, indeed, appear.

I was instantly reminded of my most powerful weapon I eluded to earlier … me.

Again … allow me to explain.

Thinking it through, I realized my body (where, by the way, I was focusing my energies) is nothing more than a slave to my mind. It carries out literally any task my mind directs it to do. My mind, on the other hand, is this ultra-super computer if you will. It can easily solve any problem or achieutely any task … providing it is thoroughly prepared with the fuel it so craves … pleasure.

Let's break it down. A mindless body has no life … it's just a vegetable, for lack of a better term. Add an ultra-super computer (the mind) and you have potential for some action … although no guarantees. Just look around … zombies wandering everywhere.

Now … there's you. You are the programmer at the keyboard of your life. Your program, in this case, is pleasure. You'll recognize other brand names such as happiness, joy, thrills, contentment, delight … but for the sake of this post, I'll refer to its generic … pleasure.

This program, pleasure, is totally up to you to administrator. It's not easy, though once you get the hang of it … the possibilities are endless. When the mind is convinced that pleasure is imminent … nothing will stand in its way of getting it … absolutely nothing.

This pleasure program is extremely versatile. It can be used for anything you decide you want to have. But for this post, my goal is to save you four years of pure hell and cut straight to the chase. It's time to quit smoking. First … here are the facts.

• The only way to stop smoking is to not light up.
• The only way to not light up is to want to not light up.
• The only way to want to not light up is to have a damn good emotional reason to want to not light up.

Damn good emotional reasons to want to not light up are borne from the promise of pleasure.

Just how powerful is the motivation of pleasure? Extremely powerful … as a matter of fact, it supersedes pain. Just ask any smoker who chooses to live with the pains associated with his addiction in exchange for short spurts of poison inhaled pleasure. Extremely irrational and ellogical you say? Sure … but pleasure trumps everything. There are no boundaries.

Consider the pain and discipline runners go through training for a marathon. It's child's play for them because it's all about the high … the pleasure. Once they've received it, they come running back for more … no pun intended.

Here's one many can refer to. There is no stimulating factor stronger than the pleasure from love. Some will move mountains for it. Many would give their life for it. I would catch a grenade for it.

The mind not only works endlessly and effortlessly in pursuit of pleasures experienced, but equally, if not more diligently, for the ones convinced it will later enjoy.

So here's the task at hand … and it's a mind game. You have to convince your mind of the many pleasures it will certainly receive in turn for finding ways of keeping the body from lighting up a smoke … and believe me, there are plenty of them. Invest some time with this.

As you think of reasons to stop smoking, associate those reasons with vivid, emotional thoughts and feelings of pleasure. Remember … it's all about the promised pleasure … because you have not experienced them yet. Both the reason and the pleasure associated with it must go hand in hand, for their product will be your crutch, your inspiration, and your fuel to see you through to the pleasure.

Example of a non-emotional reason: I want to stop smoking to have more energy.

Example of an emotional reason: I want to stop smoking so I can easily run and throw the football with my son in our front yard on a bright, crisp, autumn afternoon without feeling the least bit tired or winded.

The more imagination and emotion you associate with your reasons for quitting, the greater the odds of your success.
Now, throw away your lighter, pick up the football and enjoy some fresh air.

Listen … giving up smoking is a tough nut to crack … no question about it. And if there was one sure fire way to get it done … you can bet I would shout it from the mountain tops.

The fact is … what works for some will not needlessly work for others. But you can take this to the bank; if you want it bad enough … you'll find one. Maybe this is it … what your pleasure?

If you have successfully beat this thing and no longer smoke … leave a comment and share your story. It just may be what someone needs to hear.

God bless you,
Bill Peak

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Quitting Smoking – How Your Body Will Respond

Most people thinking about quitting can only focus on the problems they expect to experience. But naturally from the moment you quit your body will be letting out a huge sigh of relief.

Then it is all uphill from there. Within 24 hours your nicotine levels will be close to zero and you will be transporting more oxygen and much less carbon monoxide.

In just seven days your breathing will have dramatically improved and the small hairs will have begin to recover.

This knowledge alone can give you comfort and convince you that you have made the right decision.

After two weeks your throat will be feeling better, you will be losing that classic smoking discomfort.

Three weeks in and your body could cope with surgery, your immune system is making a recovery and therefore wound healing will be much improved.

Six weeks on and your circulation will improve.

Around two months your insulin resistance will be subsiding, basically this allows you to feel well, plus a host of improved physical functions.

Around nine months your sinus and lungs will be better than they have in years.

Inside just a year your risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke are less than half that of a smoker.

It does take fifteen years for your risk of stroke to fall to that of someone who has never smoked. But do not let this be an excuse if you are an older smoker. The benefits flow quickly to every part of your body, plus to your pocket through significant weekly savings, and your lifestyle, Ie not smelling like an ashtray or having to stand outside in the cold to smoke, or skulk off to smoke so no one will know.

Your body has a remarkable capacity to tolerate various kinds of insult. Smoking thousands of cigarettes proves this. If your body immediately went into shock with your first smoke it would have done you a big favor.

But unfortunately you did tolerate the thousands of cigarettes you had, but only on the surface. All along, your cells and organs and every part of you has been suffering slowly, bit by bit, until you notice a lack of energy or breathing difficulties on exertion.

How long can you continue to fool yourself, to deny the obvious, you can not just bury your head in the sand and cross your fingers jumping that you will be spared from the same diseases which have taken so many lives.

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Smoke To Relax? I Have Some News For You.

When I was 25 years old, I was a two pack a day smoker, and had been, for better than a decade. Among other reasons, I would smoke to relax. Each time I thought about quitting, I was reminded of how wonderful and relaxed I felt lighting up … especially after a big meal, or while drinking a cold beer with friends. It appeared to help me unwind … and that was something I did not want to lose. Many times this vision either kept me from trying to quit, or was my primary excuse for failing.

Now … 35 years as a non-smoker, I realize how utterly brainwashed I was back then, and more importantly, how you are right now.

I use the term brainwashed because that's exactly what it is. I now know for a fact, I had it backwards. The nicotine, which I thought calmed me, was rather what kept me agitated.

That relaxed state I so coveted was nothing more than a brief reply between nicotine fits … which by the way, were only calmed after inhaling the poison my body was addicted to. Talk about a dog chasing its tail … mercy!

Having a cigarette to set a nicotine fit is as nonsensical as having a shot of whiskey to settle a hangover.

I can say with authority … you have no earthly idea how absolutely wonderful it feels to be really relaxed … cigarette smoking has taken that from you. You see … smoking has not only consumed your joy, it actually has you believing its nicotine creates it. You, my friend, are brainwashed.

The ability to deeply relax is not a reward allocated from smoking a cigarette … it's a natural state, which non-smokers enjoy, most anytime they so desire.

I've lived on both sides of the fence, and there's no comparison between the two. In fact, it's like night and day. Listen to me … knowledge is power. It eliminates fear, as it breeds confidence … the perfect frame of mind to have while crossing over that proverbial fence.

The better you understand the nature of your addiction, the easier it will be to dismantle it.

You see … smoking has you enslaved in two different ways … nicotine addiction and brainwashing. Knowing the differences between the two, and how they play off each other keeping you addicted, will help bring clarity and focus in defeating each.

Now … focus on the prize … relax and get started.

Bill Peak

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Answer One Question and I’ll Show You How to Quit Smoking

Can you tell me, in one sentence, precisely why you want to quit smoking? Let's chisel it down even further; can you tell me your # 1 reason why you want to quit smoking?

Take some time to think about this. As a matter of fact, think about it as if your life depends on it … you just never know.

Your # 1 reason for quitting will be your new best friend.

• It will lift you up when you're weak.
• It will serve to motivate you through the tough times.
• It will remind you why you must stay strong.
• It will not let you down.

Choose your reason wisely and with conviction, because the better you can refer to it, the longer it will sustain you … just like your best friend.

You see … once it dawned on me to focus on the one reason why I wanted to quit, I was then able to channel all my energies in that one direction to make the kill … gang tackle, you might say. That's how you bring the big ones down.

I failed a hundred times before I finally quit smoking once and for all, and the only thing I did differently to identify my # 1 reason for not lighting up. That was it. This laser beam approach showed me a new perspective I did not see before … one which inspired me to … refuse to lose. And I have not had a smoke since. And believe me … I am no stronger than you.

In retrospect, the concept seems so simple … which is precisely why many people tend to shy away from it. Somehow, we're conditioned to believe that anything good must be difficult to achieve.

The fact is … the opposite is true … the best ideas are always the simplest.

• Want to sell? Find out what the customer wants … and simply give it to them.
• Want to start a business? Copy a proven business model, or system if you will, and simply stick to it.
• Want a happy life? Understand you get what you give … then simply … forever give.
• Want to quit smoking? Identify your # 1 reason why … then simply focus on it like a laser beam.

Never try to reinvent the wheel … it's turning just fine.

I suggest you get started and invest as much time as it takes to identify your core reason for giving up the smokers.

• Find one that motivates you.
• Find one that scares the living hell out of you.
• Find one that awakens you.
• Find one you can not live without
• Find one you'll never forget.

Here's the key. When you identify your one reason … electrify it by attaching as much emotion to it as you can possibly muster … fear, excitement, joy, sadness, accomplishment … just to name a few.

As you internalize and associate these emotions with your reason for quitting, they will help you face any difficult moment that may arise. Just the thought of your reason will automatically trigger these emotions, emboldening you to carry on. And just like a best friend … it will not let you down.

My number # 1 reason for quitting smoking:

I was constantly coughing up everything but the kitchen sink, and I was tired of blaming it on a cold I did not have. Hell, I was only in my 20's … much too young for feeling like 70. The fact was … it was beginning to scare me.

What's your reason for quitting? Come on … cough it up.

Stop The Madness!

Bill Peak

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