Quitting Smoking – Pathway To A Better Life

There are many versions of what a great life constituents, for some it's about things, others it's experiences and for others it's family or career.

But one thing all people agree on, at least to some is that having good health is an important part of living a better life.

A young person will give it some importance, an older person will rate good health highly, and a sick person of any age will usually give health a number one priority.

The great news is that even in spite of possible genetic issues, is that we have a huge capacity to create our own good health.

Despite being married to a doctor my advice to you is do not rely on doctors to make you healthy. Doctors are great when you are sick, but they can not stop you from getting sick. That is your job!

You decide what food you eat.

You decide what drinks you consume.

You decide exactly how active you are.

You decide how much rest and relaxation time you give yourself. The exception is when you have young children, sorry can not help with that

You decide if you take drugs.

And you decide if you smoke!

So here's the problem, you have been conditioned to believe that you are a nicotine addict, you have bought into a huge con that quitting smoking is really difficult. Because of this so called knowledge about quitting smoking, when you try to quit, and you start to feel a craving, then you throw in the towel and light up.

Some of you may hold out longer than others, but many will fail, because the message in the unconscious mind is that it's going to get worse, in fact so bad that you will not be able to manage your life unless you smoke.

But I'm sure you already know that no one has ever died from not smoking, your head will not explode, you will not fall in a heap drooling and shaking on the ground in the foetal position.

The worse thing that happens is you might get a bit angry, have a headache, feel some weird sensations somewhere in your body. That's it, that's the lot, and guess what, it will not last long.

You may think I'm making light of the quitting symptoms. But actually, what I describe is the worst case scenario. For most people who quit using hypnosis the discomfort is somewhere between none and mild, and even the rare people who do experience a stronger reaction, it soon passes leaving them free from cigarettes for life.

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Quitting Smoking – Freedom From Emotional Smoking

There are many triggers for smoking. Most are just learned habits, such as smoking when talking on the phone. But one of the biggest stumbling blocks to quitting is emotional smoking. This falls into two categories which really are just one, but quite often smokers don’t see themselves in both.

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Insomnia, Nicotine and Sleepless Nights

Feeling tired? If you said yes, you're not alone, we could all use just a little more energy from time to time. A hot cup of coffee is the typical go to drink to kick start our day and then sometimes a red bull later in the day to keep us going. It's no wonder that energy drinks have blossomed into a 20 billion dollar a year industry over the last decade. Unfortunately for many of us, “just a little short of energy” does not sum up how we feel a good portion of the time.

Simply feeling tired is not a reason for panic nor is it necessarily the result of a medical condition, but for many of us, it goes much deeper than that. Millions of Americans go through their daily routine feeling drained just as the did the days and weeks before. For some, these periods can escalate to months and even years due to their accessibility to get a good night's sleep. This inability to get the adequate sleep we need is a condition known as Insomnia. Insomnia is described as the difficulty of falling asleep, staying asleep or both, despite the opportunity to do so. This deprivation of sleep or poor quality of sleep leaves us feeling less than refreshed during the day and can often be the result of poor decisions we've made along the way.

Do you smoke? Health officials claim that more than 1 billion people around the world indulge in this ever so increasingly socially socially unacceptable. Smoking, along with other health implications that come along with it, can have a major impact on your ability to get the sleep you need because of all the chemicals inhaled in the process, namely nicotine. Not only will it have an impact on how quickly you fall sleep, it can have just as big of an impact on your ability to stay sleep.

Remember, Insomnia in part, is the inability to fall sleep. You should think twice before lighting up that late evening cigarette. Within a matter of seconds after taking your first puff, the nicotine immediately begins to reduce the oxygen supply to the heart making each beat less effective. Your blood vessels begin to narrow because of the formation of blood clots and your blood pressure increases immediately. As a result of this, your heart rate must increase in order to supply the same amount of oxygen to your muscles and organs as it had done so prior to the sudden influx of nicotine in your system. During this period your brain activity increases leaving you alert and feeling elated. Since the common belief that smoking has a calming and relaxing effect, it will actually work against you when it comes time to lay your head on your pillow. Although Nicotine can be detected in your system for up to three days, its immediate stimulation effects that impact your ability to fall sleep will stick around for only a short while. The duration of this short period will differ from person to person. We'll just assume, for argument's sake, that you've just postpones your sleep by one hour.

There are many factors that contribute to one's Insomnia, which can include stress, depression, diet and your environment. The best defense is a good understanding of what is causing yours. If you are suffering from Insomnia and are a smoker or any other form tobacco user, sometimes a slight change on when you choose to light up late in the evening can be a good first step towards your goal of a better night's sleep.

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Is Tackling Tobacco A Worthwhile Cause?

Recently, we have discovered a social enterprise that is all about tackling tobacco use – particularly through challenging the way children and young people think about smoking. Their main aim is to reduce tobacco use for everyone, as well as to reduce the amount of new smokers from beginning the habit. This particular social enterprise is known as Tobacco Free Futures, who are based in Manchester. As part of their aims, they run many projects, campaigns, events and activity, which raise awareness for their cause.

As for why Tobacco Free Futures aims to tackle tobacco use, they claim on their website that every year in the UK, 206,000 people start to smoke. Additionally, 90% of those new smokers are under the age of 19. They also claim that half of those people who do not quit, will usually be killed by their addiction, after suffering at the hands of related disease.

Tackling tobacco use therefore helps minimize the harm that comes from smoking, as well as impacting upon family and friends of those who smoke. In England alone, smoking is the cause for 79,100 deaths each year, which is more than obesity, alcohol use and illegal drugs combined.

Additionally, asides from health reasons, there are many economic factors that occur due to smoking. For example, smoking actually costs the English economy £ 14 billion each year, which includes £ 2.7 billion in direct NHS costs. This massive cost also includes costs that stem from second-hand smoking, costs to local authorities for related house fires, as well as costs due to litter cleaning.

Also, none of these costs match up in any way to the tax revenues received from cigarettes, which provides only around £ 9 billion each year in England. This means that smoking not only harms us as individuals, but it harms our society and local authorities on a wider, economic scale.

The final way that Tobacco Free Futures claims that smoking impacts very harmfully is through the effect onto debt and child poverty in the UK. Statistically, smoking and tobacco use is actually highest in the poorest families and communities around the country, and particularly in the most troubled families. Children with parents who smoke are far more likely to grow up to smoke, which creates a cycle in poor communities for this habit to continue.

On their website, they have a shocking graph that shows: the lower the family income, the more percent of that income that they will spend on cigarettes in general. This there means that smoking impacts further on these families that receive lower income, as the costs of smoking cuts their finances even further.

Therefore, now that we have outlined their main reasons behind tackling tobacco, do you agree that it is a worthy cause?

Tobacco Free Futures have campaigned and been involved in many changes to tobacco and cigarettes, as well as other main factors that all help current smokers to quit, and anticipates young people from being attracted to start smoking. For example, they have been involved in recent changes to tobacco promotion, such as assisting with changing the cigarette boxes to be plain and unattractive, and concealing the tobacco stands in shops.

As a social enterprise, one of their core aims is to “Make Smoking History for Children”, with aspirations to help future generations remain smoke and tobacco free. In order to do this, they support both regional and national tobacco control activity, offering consultancy and training to enable others to tackle tobacco in their local areas.

Another vital area is to try and encourage current smokers to quit, as there are currently around 10 million people who smoke in the UK. However, they claim that around 63% of these smokers want to quit. They participate in this encouragement there through holding campaigns, such as marketing and promotion that aim to target stopping smoking, as well as offering local support services for those trying to give up the habit.

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Quit Smoking – The French Don’t Always Get It Right

In many respects the French are seen as a model of class. Great food, wine, fashion, impressive towers, supposedly slim women and depending on your view, classy cars.

But there is one area that we surely do not want to follow their lead. Their smoking rate, up to the last senses was rising. It sits at 30% with young women pushing the rates along.

This is one trend that we definitely would not want to follow. Fortunately our statistics are better with males at 21% and females at 16% which is good but it still represents approximately a million lives which will be limited at best or made extremely painful by using cigarettes.

If you consider that the average person is closely connected to about four other people that means, that at some point there will be around 3,200,000 lives severely affected by cigarettes.

That is 7% of the Australian population will suffer because of cigarettes. So these are just numbers maybe they mean something to you and maybe they do not. It's easy to dismiss numbers and statistics and pretent these do not mean anything to us.

But ask any family member of a smoker who has died or any smoker struggling to breathe or one who spends too much time in doctor's surgeries if these statistics have meaning, they will tell you of the fear and the pain and the loss and the anger.

None of this sounds very classy. You never see French movies where the star is delivering smooth lines in a cancer ward or maybe the beautiful woman in haute-couture with a breathing tube in her throat.

But that is the real back story, nothing cool or sophisticated. Nothing suave nor debonair, just nasty and painful and sad.

I have published about 250 articles on smoking, I would like to write happy stories, but I'm speaking to smokers not ex-smokers so it's very difficult to put a good spin on these messages. There just is not anything cheerful to write about except, that there is an out.

There is a way to get yourself out of the film noir and back into a feel good, living happily ever after story.

Hypnosis will free you, not beating your head against the wall with cold turkey or mincing your brain with pharmaceuticals or increasing your toxic load with nicotine replacement.

So maybe it's time to write a new script for your life and enjoy the new cool, not smoking.

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Quit Smoking – Real Ninja’s Don’t Smoke

When I think back over the years in sports I've engaged in how many people used to smoke. Martial Arts has long been a passion and in my early days rugby league and running.

I can clearly see people smoking after a fun run, or after a hard martial arts training session and sometimes even during a break. I could never work out how it worked. Some of us would be bent over trying to suck air into our lungs and a few would go outside for a smoke.

I guess they were drawing hard as well just with a cigarette in the middle. I those days I never rated people's performance down because of smoking, some were just fitter than others, but it must have made a huge difference.

Athletes of all kinds are seen smoking in the old movies, as was the habit of the day, maybe the four minute mile would have been broken sooner if some early champions had not smoked. We just do not know. But it's safe to say that many people never reached their athletic potential as smokers.

The old Ninja's smoked heavily as was the social norm, but there is no way they were jumping back in trees or running fast for long distances or able to hold their breath under water like the movies as smokers.

I suspect cigarettes would have robbed them of their super powers.

So what superpower have you lost? Maybe you're not a Ninja, although there are plenty of people still train in Ninjitsu and statistically 10-20% would smoke.

At an elite level smoking would barely exist, although other drugs have made their way into the lives of the fit and famous.

But at a weekend warrior level there are still plenty of people not getting the best from their training because of cigarettes.

This also makes me think of how we prioritize things in our lives. Have you every stopped to think about how much importance you give cigarettes.

Smokers come in second in many areas of life. They miss important moments being out of the room smoking. They are negatively judged fairly or unfairly. Is second good enough? In some areas of life, like relationships being second is another name for losing, and what a shame to lose just to keep smoking.

Just to keep harming yourself. Hypnosis has proven to be the most successful way to quit so if you are sick of second best you know what to do next.

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How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes – Taming The Smoking Dragon

On the maps of old there would often be a dark place with the warning. There be dragons! Obviously this would be a very dangerous place. And typically the dragons would blow fire and smoke from their nostrils.

But the dragons of old were difficult to train and manage, just as your inner dragon is difficult to control. If you think of smoking as an external thing, as a dragon that is not a part of you, but something that has taken control of you, then the process can be easier.

If you believe it's a part of then how will you ever separate you from the habit. So start to see it as the dragon, sure dragons are cool but they are dangerous and killed people in the myths.

So the strategy is from now on to treat every cigarette as a foreign invader, a dragon from the dark ages trying to destroy your kingdom. Treat it as an enemy. Look at your packet with disgust and talk to each cigarette.

You may appear slightly mad if you do this in public, probably in your mind will do. But in the privacy of your own home look at it before lighting up and say something like: “You dirty stinking thing, I'm sick of controlling my life, I'm sick of you robbing me financially and I've had enough of you destroying my health and my life.

(Back to dragons) I'm going to slay you, cut you down and be free from you forever. Say it with passion and mean it, get angry! Get serious! This is your life and your future at stake. This is no fairy tale, the dragon is real and it's out to get you.

Your self-talk is the first phase, it prepares you for your hypnosis session. Self-talk at best can motivate you, but the hypnosis takes those same messages deep into your unconscious mind, and this will set you free.

Hypnosis is the most effective dragon slaying weapon you can use. It's like putting your armor and swinging your magic sword and returning triumphant from battle.

OK that's a bit overkill, but the dangers in the long run are just as real as dragon fighting, just slower, which gives you more time to think about your actions. At least a dragon has the decency to whip your head off quickly.

So start taming your dragon and get ready for a healthy life.

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Why Is It So Difficult to Stop Smoking?

Cigarettes contain nicotine, and nicotine is believed to be quite addictive, harmful and only has a very short duration of effect. So it's well worth quitting, but for many it's very hard.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a substance found naturally in tobacco. It affects the brain quickly when inhaled and may seem to cause a sense of temporary relaxation or anxiety alleviation. Nicotine may also elevate your mood and your heart rate, but this feeling is only temporary. After your body rides itself of the drug, you start to crave another cigarette.

Shortly after you finish smoking a cigarette, your body begins to show signals of withdrawal. You begin to crave another cigarette to overwhelm these symptoms, beginning a vicious cycle of dependence. Most smokers experience the first signs of withdrawal within hours of their last cigarette

It may seem difficult to find new approaches to handle your stress. Do you catch a smoke when you're feeling stressed or nervous? Strain, whether it's from your work, relationships, caregiving burdens or simply plain fast paced living, can cause you to look for fast and easy alignment. But in the long term, smoking will only strengthen your stress. To successfully stop smoking, you might need to re think your stress management choices before you stop.

Consider these tips:

Stop and take a deep breath. Taking five to 10 deep breaths is a great beginning to pressure elevation. In addition, you get the advantage of inhaling clean air into your lungs without those dangerous compounds!

Go for a walk. Physical activity can release a substance in your body that improves your mood and relieves tension. Walking for thirty minutes a day can be a healthy distraction, burn off extra calories and help your heart.

Try to relax. Pressure can make your muscles stressed. Relax them by stretching, deep breathing, doing yoga, obtaining a message or even closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in a peaceful area.

Call a buddy. Talking through your highs and lows with family, friends or maybe a support group may give you comfort and positive reinforcement.

Cut back on caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that may raise your heart rate along with your tension. When you're trying to manage your stress, caffeine can make you tense, keep you up at night and may even cause you to want to smoke.

Take care of your own body. Drink lots of water, eat healthy and get enough sleep. You'll feel more energized and prepared to take care of pressure.

Below are some other questions to think about as you organize your smoke free life.
Does smoking:

Supply ways to meet people or hang out with a group?
Distract you when you're feeling lonely?
Help you control your weight?
Boost your self-confidence?
Give you something to do with your hands or alternative physical habits?
Serve as a companion to coffee or booze or look like the thing to do after a meal?
Give you something to do while you're driving?

Below are some great alternatives to deal with quitting smoking:

Rethink your social breaks. Should you smoke with friends to be social or with coworkers in your lunch break? It is essential to let them know that you're trying to stop and encourage them to join you. In case it becomes too difficult to spend time in these areas where you typically smoke, think about altering your schedule or taking your breaks with nonsmokers.

Keep yourself active. Go for walks, read a book or listen to music.

Keep your hands along with your mouth occupied. Chew gum, eat a wholesome snack, squeeze a stress ball or play with putty.

After a meal, get up immediately from the table and participate in a pleasant activity.

If coffee is your cause, change something about the manner in which you drink it. Change the mug you drink from or when and where you indulge. Start a brand new habit!

Should you smoke in your own car, remove your ashtray and replace it with potpourri or notes to remind you why you wish to stop smoking.

At parties, attempt to stay away from smoking areas. Remain inside or distance yourself from folks who are smoking. This may be hard, but stay with it!

You might also need to cut back on booze. It's hard to have will power and remain focused on your dedication when you've had too much to drink.

Knowing yourself and finding out why you smoke can help you make a plan to quit. Your heart will thank you for years to come!

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What’s Your Reason to Stop Smoking?

Everyone has their own motives for quitting smoking. Perhaps they would like to be fitter, save some cash, or keep their family safe. As you prepare to stop smoking, think about your own motives for quitting. Remind yourself of them every day, they can motivate you to quit smoking once and for all. Whatever your motives, you will be amazed at all the ways your life will improve when you become smoke free.

Some of the most common reasons to quit smoking:

How Quitting Smoking Affects Your Health & Appearance

My chances of having cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, and other ailments will go down
I'll breathe easier and cough less
I'll be less likely to get ill
My teeth and fingernails will not be stained
My blood pressure will go down
My skin is going to appear healthier, and I'll appear more youthful

Although stopping will make you feel better and boost your health, there are many other reasons to discontinue that you might not have contemplated:

How Quitting Smoking Affects Your Body & Lifestyle

My food will taste better
My clothes will smell better
I'll have more money to spend
I can spend more time with family, catch up on work, or dive into my favorite hobby
I will not have to worry about when I can smoke next or where I can or can not smoke
My car, house and children will not smell like smoke
I'll manage to smell food, flowers, and other things a LOT better

How Quitting Smoking Affects Your Loved Ones:

I'll place an excellent example for my children; it takes lots of strength to quit
My friends, family, co-workers, and other loved ones will be proud of me
I'll protect my family and friends from the dangers of secondhand smoke
I will be fitter so that I can keep up with my kids or grand kids
My kids will be fitter because I will have more energy to play with them
I'll have more energy to do the things I love with friends and family
I'll get healthy to make sure I'm m close to share in my family's particular moments

Make a list of all the reasons you would like to become Smoke free. Be sure that it remains in a place at which you will see it often, like your car or where you keep your cigs. When you are feeling the necessity to smoke, have a look at the list to remind yourself why you want to quit.

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How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes – A Tale Of Two Sisters

There have been a number of studies using twins, one a smoker and one a non-smoker. The advantage of twins is obvious, given that they lead similar lives, in general they should age at a similar rate. A famous study followed twins until age 39, one a smoker and one a non-smoker, and the results were alarming.

In the studies they controlled for other things such as alcohol and sun exposure etc.

So the differences are obvious. The first is the facial appearance. The skin loses its elasticity and forms lines around the mouth and eyes and jowls. In photos of twins even the underlining muscles are lax and eliminated.

The classic look for thin women is the cats bum look. The skin pulls tight around the mouth and a lot of fine lines appear.

It's easy to see the differences in study photos but the real question and concern is why this is happening. Maybe you could stop for a moment and consider what sort of things are going on in your body to make these changes incidence.

The problem for most smokers is that there is no one else to compare yourself with, you have no idea what you would have looked like if you never smoked. In some cases the clue lies in the fact that some smokers look older than a younger sibling.

Back to what is going on in your body. These changes that are obvious in your face are occurring through every cell in your body. The toxins and poisons are everywhere. The lack of oxygen affects everything and everywhere.

The problem is that you can not see what your liver or your lungs and every other part of your internal body look like.

Most smokers develop a cough at some time. When you next cough or hear a smoker cough somewhere you could let your mind wander to what is actually happening. Even a chest cold will aggravate the surface of the lungs, and that's just a bit of mucus.

But in the lungs of most smokers, and probably yours the surface of the lungs are damaged. Just imagine the wrinkled face of an older smoker, with that same aging in your lungs.

Add to that the build-up fr of tar and you have a very scary situation which unfortunately all too often leads to lung cancer.

I have not even mentioned your heart, or treaties or your brain for that matter. There is not a single space in your body that is not affected by cigarettes, so there is nowhere to hide. But the good news is that it's never too late to quit smoking using hypnosis.

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Young Women Smokers Die Unnecessarily

Smoking-related illnesses are not just something people develop in old age. While smoking can be a contributory factor to many cancers, circulation problems and heart disease in later years, young women have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which can include a variety of diseases including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These young women had smoked excessively in their teenage years. The symptoms can be as bad as lung cancer and cause breathing problems. About 30,000 people die unnecessarily young every year yet all they had to do was stop smoking.

But how do they give up addiction to nicotine, the most addictive substance on the planet? Every smoker says they can stop anytime but often find they can not stop just by their own willpower so face cravings and horrible withdrawal symptoms. Some ask the pharmacist for nicotine replacement products eg tablets or chewing gum but still remain addicted to nicotine. Nicotine chewing gum has also been associated with oral cancer. Take your pick – lung disease possibly leading to lung cancer or oral cancer?

What if I told you that smoking can be beaten easily with hypnosis? It's safe, natural and quick, in fact most people stop smoking in just one session and stay stopped. It is also effective. Recently a couple of chain smokers reported that they had not smoked since their single session with me back in 2009 – six years ago !!! One man told me that not only had he stopped smoking immediately but felt like he had never smoked. Hypnosis is really powerful.

Smoking cessation is even available via Skype in the comfort of your own home. The hypnotherapist will probably ask you questions about your health and lifestyle then ask about why you started smoking, why stopping has been so difficult and what are your personal reasons for wanting to stop. Everyone is different but many say:

– Difficulty breathing

– reduced stamina,

– want to try for pregnancy

– do not want to smoke around children

– health problem caused by smoking

– possible impotence

– doctor has advised you to stop smoking

– signs of early aging

– makes you smell of stale ash

– waste of money (literally burning money away)

– prefer to spend the money on holidays, hobbies or going out

There are many reasons to give up and I can not think of any good reason to keep smoking.

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Quitting Smoking – Your Solution Lies In Your Mind

Most smokers consider themselves added to nicotine. It is true that nicotine causes a short term release of dopamine which makes you feel good. In much the same way that when you dig your fingernails into your flesh and then you stop doing it, feels good.

But there is another part of your mind that is far more involved in keeping you smoking. It is your unconscious mind. This is the place where all of your reasons and excuses for smoking are locked in place.

Every time you try to quit the flood gates are open and these thoughts fill your conscious mind with negative beliefs about quitting. For most people this makes quitting almost impossible.

This is why just wanting to quit is not nearly enough. The problem lies in your unconscious and so does the solution.

The problem with discussing things like the conscious and unconscious minds is that they are not places that you can locate on a map of the brain. But none the less they are clearly understood as being real things with real jobs to do in our lives.

Hypnosis is the fastest way to influence the unconscious mind, and if that does not happen then quitting will be a short term thing at best.

It's like chaining up a vicious dog with a weak chain and hope it will remain restrained, but you know that it's only a matter of time before it gets free and runs amok.

Hypnosis overcomes your natural barriers which can both harm you and protect you. Some equate the unconscious mind with the hard drive in a computer. The reality is that your mind is much more powerful and complicated than any computer, but the interesting thing is that influencing your unconscious mind is very simple if done right.

After all you are unconsciously being influenced by marketers every day to get you to buy what they want you to.

In hypnosis we just gently slide past the barriers and and carefully crafted suggestions your old connections to smoking and your triggers just gently fall away. In their place are new strong convictions that will keep you on the side of being a non-smoker.

Your new life will be simple, just breathe fresh air, let your body heal itself cell by cell and this process will begin straight away and within a year your body will have gotten over your old habit and restructured itself.

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Quitting Smoking – Creating A New Life Management System

We all like to think that we are in charge of or lives, but I'm here to tell you that as a smoker you have given over a very important aspect of your life management to cigarettes.

You may disagree but what is in control of your stress management or relaxation. What is your first port of call in a time of stress or crisis? You know that its cigarettes. You have found something outside of you to handle your internal world.

Unfortunately there are two problems here.

1. Cigarettes to not manage stress, but they do make it worse. It is simple bio-chemistry; just add nicotine to a human, after a brief feeling of wellbeing the body produces adrenalin and the stress hormone cortisol.

Given that humans all have the same endocrine systems then every smoker feels more stressed by smoking.

2. Your chosen method for stress management will probably kill you and highly likely to make you very ill.

So by now you are becoming aware that you need a new life management system. Firstly you need to decide that your current way is no good for your life.

Next you need to use hypnosis to help you quit smoking and dump this destructive habit for good.

Then you need a better way to relax and to release stress. What you choose will depend on your personality. An active person may choose to exercise daily or at least having a relaxing walk.

Some may choose to read or to spend a little time in nature. But the research shows that some form of meditation works the best.

Before you run a mile you do not need to be fancy and you do not need to spend hours doing it. It's as simple as sitting in a quiet space and just notice your breath for 10 minutes, start with 5 minutes if it's too much.

Please note. Only do this if you want less stress in your life, if you want to feel happier and to have a stronger immune system. Do not do it if you prefer to feel stressed and tired and grumpy.

Research shows that only 10 minutes per day will change the way your brain functions in just two weeks.

I wonder what effect the 200 chemicals from smoking that crossed into your brain every time you smoked have had. The good news is that you can unwind this effect, but your first step is to stop smoking.

Hypnosis is proven to be your most successful way to quit so why wait another day?

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How Hypnotherapy Helps You To Quit Smoking

To quit smoking successfully, you must be able to see your future self being free from smoking rather than looking backwards and feeling somehow stripped. Your ability to stop smoking is inside you but your desire to stop smoking must be stronger than the need to continue smoking.

Consciously deciding to stop smoking does not work. Your conscious mind does not make any decision, it is a security guard for your subconscious. The real power, the controller of your actions lies behind the security guard in the subconscious mind. This is how our habits and body language tell the real story of how we feel, not our words. Our words are coming from the conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind helped you to learn how to smoke in the first place and it is reasonable to assume that only your subconscious habit can make the change for you to quit smoking. When you learned how to smoke – remember no-one took to smoking immediately but it was important to learn either to fit in with your friends or to rebel. Unfortunately, as you have matured (hopefully!), The smoker part remains the same and will not change unless you can give it good reason to. This is why no-one can make you stop smoking, you can not be forced and sometimes if you feel badgered into stopping smoking, your internal rebel will sabotage your efforts as it is really in charge of you.

This is the same process in ruling “I'm not going to smoke today” – straight away you feel the need, the desire to smoke a cigarette, you put yourself near smokers to smell the cigarettes. Why? Two things are happening – “not” is canceled out by your mind as your mind does not recognize a negative in self talk and you feel deprived as your focus is on what you feel are missing out on! You are being controlled by your smoker self.

Let's face it, you are no longer a child, if you want to stop smoking you can and hypnosis gives you the extra edge. Hypnosis is a relaxation in itself and allows your entire system to set down and be calm so that you are able to deal with situations in your life more effectively. Why is this important? Because this special relaxation is the key to access your subconscious mind. You may think of smoking as being like a friend but it is bad company, sending you down a road of ill health, it is an enemy in disguise.

Picture this: your child (if you are parent) hangs around with a smelly friend. This friend acts as though it is all your child needs, it creates isolation. Your child no longer has to take responsibility. In fact your child continues to give money and attention to this “friend”. If you take your child out socially, their focus is on how their “friend” is going to fit in.

What do you want to do? You want to stop this “friend” controlling your child.

This is the relationship you have with cigarettes. Your life revolves on where and how you smoke, it gives you a chance to rebel but who are affecting – only you.

Smoking gives you nothing but smelly breath, smelly clothes, makes you car smell. Even you do not smoke in your home, you know where the cigarettes ashes and butts are. You leave your mark. You know it is socially becoming more and more unacceptable to smoke and no matter how nicely presented you are, you are demonstrating that you really do not think much of yourself or others by continuing to smoke. There is no such thing as a conscientious smoker.

In the background of a smoker, there is usually a stress management that needs to be addressed, confidence building and some self improvement tools should be offered by your hypnotherapist to help you. There is nothing sophisticated, debonair or cool about smoking. If you want to stop smoking but do not feel you have the inner resources to be successful, then hypnotherapy can offer that boost.

When the smoke finally clears from your eyes (figuratively and literally), you will see cigarettes for what they really were – a pacifier, controlling you. Is not it time you took control of what goes on inside you!

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Quitting Smoking – The Things We Get Used To

When you first started smoking it probably tasted so bad that you wondered why on earth would anyone, ever want to do this.

The next smoke was nearly as bad, and then soon you did not notice it. After a while you even bought in to the idea that smoking was good. After all you were a cool looking rebel thumbing your nose at authority.

As the years passed and your energy waned you got used to it, maybe even blaming it on you getting old.

You stopped noting that at times you smell like an ashtray, you even imagine that others do not notice that you smoke.

As your lungs feel the effects of smoking bit by yet you get used to not being able to breathe as easily as you used to. Soon puffing as you walk up the stairs becomes a normal way to live.

Your heart works harder every day, it gets used to the increased strain, it does not like it, but it has to live with it, until it gives up.

Your liver is a major organ of detoxification, it has been in trouble mode since you started smoking, it is probably used to it, but it can not do its job properly, so instead of ridding your body of toxins like it is supposed to, every cell in your body holds on to some toxic material, and it gathers year by year.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it literally breathes. Smoking dramatically ages your skin, not only making you look older than you are but it becomes less and less able to do its job, and the problem is it gets used to it.

Just as you get used to not being able to run around with your children or grandchildren, or how you get used to being the person outside in the cold while others enjoy them inside at the function or just watching a movie.

So what else are you prepared to get used to? Sometimes it's carrying an oxygen bottle around with you, or what about having a leg or two less than you used to have.

Maybe you will get used to hospitals and family visits restricted to visiting hours. Or maybe you are so used to burying you head in the sand and condemning that these changes are occurring or sometimes it's thinking that you have super powers and will not die miserably because you just got used to smoking.

If you would like to get used to breathing fresh air and having more energy then hypnosis is your best solution by far.

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