Quit Smoking – The Deadly Wheel Of Misfortune

Most people remember the television program The Wheel of Fortune. The contestants spin the wheel to win a prize. So imagine a big spinning wheel and instead of prizes there are a selection of smoking related health problems, some mild, some severe and some fatal. Some could happen today and some are years off.

So being a smoker is like spinning the wheel of misfortune and waiting, and waiting and waiting as the wheel slows down and then promptly stops on a problem. You know the wheel has stopped, but you can not bring yourself to look up. One concern is there are no gaps on the wheel and no new cars or holidays.

After a few torturous moments you steal yourself, take a deep breath in and look at the board. Your eyes settle on the point where the wheel stopped and your heart sinks, and deep sense of regret sets in seemingly filling every cell in your body.

It's just a matter of how how the problem is and how soon you have to face it. This may all sound ridiculous. But the outlet is just as random and as in the television show everyone wins a prize, well everyone on the deadly wheel of fortune gets a prize, but just not one you would want to win.

Obviously if you had to pick you would choose something non-life threatening or less painful. But what if you did not have to spin the wheel at all. What if you could just turn your back on the world of smoking and all of its associated problems?

Quit smoking hypnosis will help you write a better healthier story for the rest of your life. Of course there are never guarantees in life, but you can bet your current story is one filled with pain, fear sorrow, loss and regret, somewhere in the near or distant future.

But quitting as soon as possible will give you the best possible chance to write a brighter healthier future.

Humans have found lots of ways to harm themselves, smoking, alcohol, drugs, junk food, dangerous habits etc.

But the good news is we can change all of those things including smoking and you do not have to worry about shifting habits your hypnosis session can set you up to just enjoy being healthy, but that does not mean boring, just being aware of works for you, and what does not.

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Lung Care – Things To Do Before You Attempt To Quit Smoking

In our attempts to raise awareness about lung diseases, we present this article on what goes wrong in the hundreds of unsuccessful cases where people have attempted to, but could not quit smoking. Quitting smoking or as a matter of fact, overcoming any form of addiction is a necessary step in ensuring that your lungs stay healthy and perform optimally. But we all know this – and so do the smokers. Why is it that this knowledge and the warnings, issued on the packages themselves, fail to deter the smokers? The simple and plain reason is that quitting smoking would most probably be the most difficult thing that the addict has done.

Before you lose hope on your aspirations of ridding yourself of the habit of smoking, know that it is difficult but not impossible. The reason, this scary image of being a difficult thing to do was presented right at the beginning, is that not realizing this, is the largest mistake made by smokers while beginning the journey to a smoke free life. They are not mentally prepared for the tough weeks ahead of them while they simply go cold turkey. Then when the withdrawal symptoms hit (and mind it they will hit hard), they start smoking again. This write-up looks at some of the vital things to do before you start on the highly difficult task of giving up smoking.

Prepare Mentally

Keep telling yourself that it will be a very difficult task to completely quit smoking. Tell yourself everyday and when the pangs start, that you knew this would happen and you will welcome it. Use all your stubbornness and grit to fight the urges to smoke. It will be a good 3-4 weeks before the urges die down.

Mark the Dangerous Territories

Make a list of all the places and times when you smoke. It may be your favorite tea-stall or right after your lunch. Memorize them so that you know when to stay the stronger while fighting your urges.

Form a Reliable Support Circle

Another important reason for people going back to smoke is the highly irritable nature which they develop during the withdrawal symptoms. They become highly unsociable and often break in order to avoid being tagged unsocial. Select a support circle of your friends who are the most patient. Tell them of your intention and ask them for help. Let them know of the bouts of desperation which you will be facing in the coming weeks. Talk to them whenever you feel irritated and grumpy due to the withdrawal.

Consult a Lung Specialist

It is very important that you are under strict medical guidance of a lung specialist during this period. This is important because the withdrawal period may cause severe physical and emotional trauma and the lung specialist will be able to help you tackle that.

Try doing the above before you embark on your attempt to quit smoking. A strong determination, good support system which should include the medical guidance of a lung specialist, will help you immensely in winning the fight. Know that it will not be easy and prepare yourself accordingly. Talk to a lung specialist today. Take up a hobby which you can pursue during the period. Drinking lots of water, deep breathing exercises, regular exercises will also keep you calmer. Tell yourself that it is not an attempt. It is a battle and you will come out victorious no matter what.

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Quit Smoking – Great Legs, Bad Luck About The Cigarettes

When it comes to bad news from smoking there seems to be no end to the options available to you. But here's one you might not have considered.

If you're a woman nice legs is generally desirable, if you're a man maybe strong legs is the preference, but in either case case both of them is always very handy. Ask anyone who does not.

Smoking affects your circulation and this links in with diabetes. The effects are gradual and progressive.

Cold feet, noticeable even in warm weather.

Weak pulses in the feet and legs.

Lack of hair growth on legs.

A decrease in blood pressure in the legs or feet.

Feet becoming blue or purple.

Leg ulcers which are notoriously difficult to heal

And the end result is amputation.

This is not an uncommon complication of smoking. Sure it can all happen to any diabetic, but cigarettes dramatically increase your chance of diabetes.

So do you have any history of diabetes in the family, or apart from smoking you have a poor diet and lack exercise you could have headed for a serious leg problem.

I've even seen people who have had one leg amputated continue to smoke and ever lose the other leg. This sounds like insanity, but human beings are nothing to doing stupid things.

Imagine what life would be like if you had a leg amputated, or even worse two. It's one thing for a person to lose the use of their legs through an accident but how much regret would you experience if your amputations were the result of smoking, and your failure to quit.

Imagine the discomfort leading up to the surgery, the pain of the recovery period and even more pain in rehabilitation.

Then when you get home, every aspect of your life is disrupted. It's not like you entered surgery as a fit strong individual. By the time it happens you have been a smoker for years and your health will have been declining as the diabetes took hold.

Plus being a smoking ensures you have poor wound healing, which was a part of the problem in the first place.

The point is not to scare you, but to motivate you, to take action, to quit smoking, to take back your health and allow your circulation to flow.

You may still have to deal with diabetes, but at least as a non-smoker, you will be stronger, your immune system is healthier which means your ability to heal is much better also.

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10 Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. You have to break the habit and you have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that you feel when your body begins to crave nicotine. What you will gain from giving up smoking goes beyond just the health considerations. You will save money, feel better in yourself, and you will not feel so much like a social outcast. There is no easy way to give up smoking and it does take a lot of will power, but here are ten things that you can do to make quitting smoking that little bit easier.

1. List out the reasons why you want to quit

Make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit smoking and then you will have something to refer to when you get the urge to light up a cigarette. Your list may include; the health reasons, the money, or the fact that your kids want you to quit smoking.

2. Plan your campaign in advance

Set a date in your diary that will be the day that you stop smoking for good. Work out in advance how you will beat the carvings; decide if you are going to use any nicotine patches, or gum, and plan what you will do if you do become tempted to smoke a cigarette.

3. Have a five-minute strategy

Generally, when you get a craving for nicotine, that craving will be at its strongest for about five minutes and then it will begin to wear off. Work out a method of distracting yourself for those important five minutes. That could be taking a walk, eating some mints, or phoning somebody. You will need something to occupy your mind while you wait for the craving to lessen.

4. Do not keep it a secret

Do tell your friends and family that they are going to quit smoking and they will be able to provide you with some support. Be sure to tell your friends that still smoke that you are giving up too, so that they stop offering you cigarettes.

5. Throw out or give away all your cigarettes

The day before you give up, remove all packets of cigarettes, lighters and any other smoking reminders that you have so you do not get tempted to smoke. The more difficult you make it for yourself to light up; the easier it will be to resist the urge when you get a craving.

6. Change your drinking habits

For many smokers, a cigarette goes naturally with their morning coffee, or their lunchtime beer. You will find easier to break the habit if you break your usual routines. Swap coffee for tea, and change the beer that you drink. That will help remove the association between drinking and smoking that you have probably built up in your mind.

7. Do not think that you can get away with having a sneaky smoke

As is the case with all addictions, if you want to quit smoking, you really do have to quit altogether. Do not think that you can have just the occasional cigarette because, that will just get you right back into the habit again.

8. Eat more fresh tasting food

Cigarettes taste better after you have ateen heavy, strongly flavored foods, but not so great after sweet foods. One research study found that smokers enjoyed smoking less after they had eaten fruit or vegetables, so changing your diet might help you stop smoking.

9. Do not risk having a single cigarette

Do not think that you will be able to have just the one cigarette, because that is likely to get you straight back into the habit again. If you quit smoking then you need to quit 100%, or you will find yourself right back where you started and have to go through the whole process again.

10. Get more exercise

Science has proven that exercise can dramatically reduce cravings. You will find that you have more energy when you quit smoking, so make use of that and go out for more walks and get some fresh air. Give up smoking and you will be able to enjoy it more.

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Quitting Smoking – OMG What Happened To My Adrenals

When we think about the effect of quitting smoking most attention is given to the lungs, I'm sure you know plenty about lung cancer and emphysema for starters. But the lungs are just the celebrities in the risks of smoking world.

There are lots of other body parts which suffer as well. Your adrenal glands are very useful to have working well. They perform many useful functions including:

  1. Producing adrenalin, help you react quickly in times of heightened stress or danger.
  2. Releasing cortisol, which wakes you up, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and influences metabolism.
  3. Securing DHEA which is your live long, feel great hormone, it converges to testosterone or estrogen, helps you sleep better and have more energy.
  4. Plus, your adrenal function affects your blood sugar levels.

So how does smoking affect your adrenals? The enemy of adrenal function is stress. Physical stress, emotional stress and or chemical stress.

Every cigarette is a powerful stress on your body, over time your adrenals attempt to satisfy by creating more adrenalin and cortisol. This action creates some serious hormonal imbalances.

As cortisol increases, then DHEA falls, plus melatonin which is your sleep hormone becomes displaced by elevated cortisol.

This is in itself bad enough news, causing increased stress and anxiety, an increased inability to manage depression and heightened pain responses.

But over time the adrenal gland fails to produce cortisol and the levels drop. This has a big impact on blood sugar, and consequential energy, concentration and general wellbeing.

I'm sure now you can see the problems around smoking, stress and hormone balance. When you quit, naturally your lungs will recover quickly, because of the fast turnover of lung cells, but your adrenals will take some time to re-boot.

Vitamins B5 and B6 are essential, plus the herbs Avena Sativa (Oats) and Liquorice plus the Chinese herb Buplerium.

Plus direct stress management tools whether they be Yoga, Meditation Qigong or specific techniques given as part of your quit smoking hypnosis session.

You need to take your adrenal recovery seriously, because if you do not you will not have the emotional reserves to handle life's trials and tribulations as they are thrown at you, whether you like it or not.

The added bonus is that is that not only your post smoking recovery will be faster; you will feel better than you have in years and you will be very unilaterally to return to smoking in the future.

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10 Reasons to Stop Smoking That Aren’t About Your Health

If you have been smoking for some time, you will have seen all the health warnings on cigarette packs, watched all the advertisements on TV, and have had no end of lectures from your doctor. You know that smoking is damaging your health. Some smokers, though, have had a health warning overload and have become blasé about the risks. Here then are ten good reasons to quit smoking that have nothing to do with your health, but that you will notice almost as soon as you stop smoking.

You will save more money than you thought

The price of a packet of cigarettes in the UK is now fast approaching £ 10. If you smoke twenty a day, that adds up to a whopping £ 3,650 saving every year. Add to that the cost of lighters and the cost of replacing clothes and furniture that you have burnt holes in, and you will have a lot of additional money at your disposal.

You will smell better

Just because you do not notice the smell of smoke that is constantly with you, other people do. Within days of your giving up smoking, you will notice just how bad other smokers smell. It's not just your breath, the odor of smoke lingers on in your hair and clothes too.

You can stop standing outside in the cold

Ever since the ban on smoking in enclosed public places was introduced, smokers have been banished out into the wind and the rain when they want a cigarette. Things are going to worse too, because there is now talk of banning smoking in open public places, like parts and pub beer gardens. Stop smoking, and you will never again have to make your excuses and step outside for ten minutes.

You will be able to enjoy food again

Over time, smoking numbs your taste buds and that is why you probably add lots of pepper and salt to all your meals. Within a few days of stopping smoking, you will start to notice that you can pick out some of the more more flavors of food and really start to enjoy your meals again.

You will have more energy

You will also find that you are a lot more alert and awake during the day. More oxygen will be getting your brain and that will give you a lot more energy. Give it some time, and you will not feel so out of breath when you walk up a flight of stairs as well.

You will not waste so much time

When you stop taking all those smoke breaks, you will be a lot more productive too. You will also be able to sit back and enjoy things better, because you will not have to keep getting up to go for a cigarette. When you go to a theater, you will be able to enjoy a drink with everyone else in the interval and not have to stand outside in the rain.

Your car and your home will be cleaner

If you smoke in your home or your car, then you will know how much of a mess it can make. You get ash in the carpets, the windows get grimi and paintwork turns yellow. Even if you go out to the garden at home to smoke, you still have to pick up all but butts at some stage.

Your family will stop worrying about you

If you have children they, no doubt, worry about the effects that smoking has on you. They will have seen all the lectures at school about smoking and that will be playing on their minds. Even if you do not worry about the health risks, your family probably does.

Your sense of smell will return

You will also notice that you can smell things again. That will include the fresh air, and the smell of the grass, and of food cooking. You will actually be quite surprised at just how numbered both your sense of taste and your sense of smell have become over the years that you have been smoking.

You will feel a great sense of achievement

Quitting the habit will make you feel great about yourself too. The next time one of your family or friends is about to launch into a non-smoking lecture, you will be able to smugly tell them; actually I quit, and that will feel so good.

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Quitting Smoking When You Have Lots Of Complicating Problems

Most people when exposed to hypnosis can quickly quit smoking quite easily. But some people have other problems which make quitting far more complicated.

  1. Some are anxious.
  2. Some are depressed.
  3. Some have bi-polar
  4. Some have alcohol or drug issues.
  5. Some have strong stress issues in their lives

Some have combinations of these problems.

If I add all of these people together it makes up a large proportion of all people wanting to stop smoking cigarettes.

Very few people walk into a hypnotherapist's clinic and say “I feel perfectly good about myself and all I need to do is to quit smoking”.

Most people have some back story running which is to some keeping their smoking problem alive and making it harder for them to quit.

Their whole bodies and minds are wired with these problems, so taking the desire away to smoke is not straight forward. What they need is a more comprehensive approach to their problem.

Here are five actions you can take to properly prepare yourself to quit smoking if you have any of the above challenges.

  1. A big part is about self-regulating the way your mind works. It can be simple actions like prolonged deep breathing which can positively affect brain chemicals.
  2. Detox your digestion, because we have lots of lymphatic tissue in the gut and it is here that we manufacture many of the neuro transmitters that we need for proper mental function.
  3. Drink plenty of water to ensure your brain is properly hydrated, which means your mind electrics are doing the best they can.
  4. Ensure your diet is rich in vegetables and fruits and quality meats and grains but low in fatty and sugary junk foods, because these poor foods are seriously thinking and decision making.
  5. Regular exercise helps emotional health, so just do it!

OK what you may have noticed is that none of the five actions involve medication or therapists. If you need those things then by all means go for it.

But most people I see with any or some of the above 5 problems are not seeing therapists and many are not being medicated. But even if you are still able to do the five actions and you will feel so much better and you will be able to quit smoking much easier.

Sure it takes some effort but you know it is worth it and you also know that you do not have a choice.

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Quitting Smoking – Loving Life T-Shirt

Recently I was walking through a café precinct of Brisbane, I was following a young couple, the guy was wearing a T-shirt the words “Loving Life” on the back. He stopped and turned around and I noticed he was smoking.

I joked to my wife that this is definitely an article topic for me to write about; it was kind of funny except for the young baby in his partner's arms, standing right beside him. She asked him to hold the baby, as her arms were tired, but he held up his smoke and shook, as if to say “Hey Can not you see I'm busy.

Wow talk about loving life. You may think that I'm judging them, and truth be told I probably am just a bit. As a parent, this scene to me was quite sad, and said so much about their lives.

I'm not judging the smoking, after all my income is all about helping smokers quit. I guess it's the whole package, the smokers, the T-shirt, the young mother and the baby. It just sees such a shame that there are so many things that could be made better.

A Young Dad smoking his way potentially to an early grave. A tiny baby exposed to toxic smoke into its lungs and from contact with its father's clothes.

A tired young mother who can not pass the baby over because dad is engrossed in sucking smoke into his lungs and in that moment a cigarette was more important than his child., And feeling personally unsupported.

Maybe he will quit and get his priorities right, maybe he will not and maybe you are nothing like this guy, but if you are still smoking you will have your own story about cigarettes.

So what would your T-shirt say? What message are you sending to yourself and to the world? What do you want the new story to be? And how would you like it to end?

The great news is that using hypnosis you can create a happy new T-shirt message; maybe you can wear a loving life T-shirt with pride.

The benefits of quitting are endless as are the problems with remaining a smoker. Just make a decision call a hypnotherapist and just get it done.

At best you will not feel a thing at worst you will have some discomfort, but nothing like the pain of living and dying with lung cancer.

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Quitting Smoking – It’s Not As Bad As You Think

A saying I heard recently states the in life nothing is as bad as you think and nothing is as good as you think.

In our minds we tend to make things, ideas and changes take on a larger importance for better or worse than the situation warrants.

The reality is that when you quit you will feel good. Your breathing will improve and quickly you will have more energy. But there will not be fireworks or parades, you will even forget what it felt like to be a smoker and if it was not for the fact that you will still see smokers, you would completely forget that you ever smoked.

The opposite is also true. Quitting is not as bad as you may think. In fact it's not nearly anywhere as bad as you may think.

The problem is if you have listened to other smokers who have struggled going cold turkey, or plastered their shoulders with nicotine patches or chewed bitter gum then you have certainly have heard some sad tales.

If you have watched government sponsored quit smoking ads which re-enforce how hard it is to quit then you have a deeply engrained fear of quitting.

All of this plus the stories from smokers who did not really want to quit and blamed their failure on the difficulty have just made it all the more difficult for you.

The first thing to do just put aside all your past efforts and all the stories you have heard. Instead focus on a simple fact. Every year worldwide millions of people quit smoking and if they can do it, then you can do it.

Of course some of them did it easier than others. Some battled themselves and succeeded, and some choose the path of hypnosis, which led them much more easily into the life of a non-smoker.

So in reality it will not be as good as you think, and it will not be as bad as you think, but using hypnosis will make the way as smooth as possible.

For many they will quit very easily, almost as if they never smoked in their lives. Some will have some mild discomfort and will easily shake it off, a bit like a an annoying toothache.

For a few unfortunately it will be more like having a tooth filled, they will struggle for a while but like having a rotten tooth filled, soon the pain dulls and then it heals and you feel so much better for the experience.

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Quitting Smoking – Rise Like A Phoenix From The Ashtray

Just as the Phoenix from mythology rose from the ashes so can you. In your case imagine it would be like climbing out of a giant stinking ashtray. You stand up brush off the burnt remnants of many cigarettes and take your first deep breath in many years.

Every day after quitting you become stronger and healthyier just as all the bad things you have heard about smoking are true, so too are all the benefits of quitting. It's true people who quit do feel so much better. And in some ways quit quickly.

Being better able to transport oxygen immediately gives more energy and endurance. It helps you to think clear and reduces the stress on your heart when under load. And all of that will happen tomorrow.

But those benefits are just the big obvious things. It's all the mixture things that you do not notice that are so important. The changes to your artery walls, your cells becoming more efficient or the ability of your muscles being able to contract and relax better, because of a better supply of magnesium, which is not being used in the fight to keep you alive when smoking.

But there is an even more important layer to your phoenix like rising. It's about how you feel about yourself. Your self image will dramatically be boosted. For no longer you are the odd one out.

It will never be you on the footpath outside the restaurant, or outside the cinema in the drizzling rain, or on the wrong side of the glass door at a social function, or as the quit advertisement on television shows the smoking mother standing opposite the school at child collection time, unable to cross the road and hug her children because it is illegal to smoke near a school.

I would have to say that in all my school drop off and collection years I never saw the sad smoker watching from afar, but I have seen many smokers standing alone in many different social settings.

Another problem you will instantly remove yourself from is social judgment. You may be tough and not care what others think, but their judgments can affect you career and recognition in society.

All in all there are dozens of good reasons to quit smoking cigarettes. You know it I know everyone knows it, so it is really just a case of taking action and reaching out for hypnosis, the single most successful way to quit.

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Quitting Smoking, Across The Road

From my balcony in South Bank in Brisbane I can see the park opposite the row of popular restaurants. A common sight is to see someone standing by a bin smoking, and looking back across the road at their friends or family who are in one of the restaurants.

The thing that stuck me is that there are never a group of people smoking in the park, but always just one person.

In many respects smoking is becoming an increasingly isolated activity. The person does not look like they are having fun as they smoke their cigarette as quickly as possible and stubs it out into the bin.

So while some sit eating, drinking and chatting in the restaurants, others stand by themselves by the bin.

When I see someone doing this I can not help wonder what they are thinking and feeling, sometimes it's “Wow this is great standing by the bin smoking while my friends are sipping cold beers in the restaurant” Or otherwise not.

Maybe you could use these isolating moments to think about quitting, ask yourself, why on earth am I standing here by myself, wasting my time and sucking toxic smoke into my lungs, hoping that some of these poisonous chemicals will find their way to your brain , and maybe you will feel a bit better for a little while.

But my question is, is the brief moment of nicotine high as good as sharing food and drinks with friends. From my vantage point it does not look that way.

You may not want to live this way and the good news is you do not have to. No more standing by the bins, no more outside on a cold night and no more returning to the table in a nice restaurant smelling like an ashtray.

The solution is hypnosis, not taking some mind bending pharmaceutical or sticking patches with insecticide on your body. That's right nicotine is used as an insecticide because of its high level of toxicity.

Just a pin head of this powerful chemical which is the amount in an average cigar, if injected into your blood stream would kill you in minutes. But enough of the scary stuff. Most smokers have had enough of the fear campaigns.

That why hypnosis is so popular, gentle, safe, no side effects and most importantly it works extremely well. So well that years ago I did my first session reading from a script, and I did a lousy job, but guess what, it worked. And it will work for you.

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Adverse Effects of Tobacco on Health

Tobacco usage has become more or less prevalent in our modern society in spite of its dangerous health effects. Tobacco is a plant that belongs to the family called solanaceae (nightshade family) and its botanical name is Nicotiana tabacum. The chemical nicotine, obtained from the leaves of tobacco together with other dangerous chemicals are associated with this plant. Tobacco smoke has more than 4,000 chemical compounds out of which 43 are cancer-causing compounds. Cigarette smokers are at high risk as smoking affectsxicate organs in the body. The following enumerates adverse health effects of tobacco.

Tobacco affects the brain by stimulating the adrenal gland to release the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline then stimulates the central nervous system and increases blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. Nicotine increases levels of the neurotransmitter called dopamine which affects the brain pathways. Long term changes of this effect results in addiction which has negative consequences. When an addicted user tries to quit, he or she experiences withdrawal symptom such as attention difficulties, irritability, sleeping disorders and powerful cravings for tobacco.

Cigarette smoking accounts for about one-third of all cancer cases including 90 percent of lung cancer cases. Aside cancer, smoking causes lung diseases and increase the risk of developing heart diseases such as heart attack, stroke and vascular diseases. Smoking damages blood vessels and can make them grow narrower. As a result, this make the heart to beat faster since increasing blood pressure. Smoking is also linked to diseases such as cataracts, leukemia and pneumonia. On average, adults who smoke die 14 years earlier than non-smokers.

In women, research has shown that cigarette smoking may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Smoking can make it difficult for a woman to become pregnant. Pregnant women who smoke are at high risk of ectopic pregnancy, death of the baby before birth (stillbirth) and low birth weight of newborns due to decrease of blood flow to the placenta. Babies who are born to smoking mothers are at risk of dying young. Smoking can cause weaker bones, tooth loss and gum damages in both men and women. In men, smoking can cause infertility.

Non-smokers who inhale smokers from others who smoke are also at risk. People who inhale second hand smoke are at risk of developing or increasing cases of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and adverse blood circulation. A significant number of non-smokers die each year as a result of breathing second hand smoke from other smokers. It is advisable to stay away or keep a distance from those who smoke near you to avoid the hazardous effects of tobacco smoking.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States, and causes more deaths each year than the following diseases combined.

1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
2. Illegal drug use.
3. Alcohol use.
4. Motor vehicle injuries.
5. Firearm-related incidents.

Tobacco addiction is a chronic disease that requires multiple attempts to quit. Most smokers need special assistant such as counseling and medication to help them quit. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people who quit smoking before reaching the age of 50 decrease their risk of developing life threatening diseases by half after just one year, compared with continued smokers. Smoking is dangerous to your heath, therefore quit now!

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Quit Smoking? Cool!

For every smoker, whether you feel smoking is your loyal friend? If you think so, then you are in big trouble because actually what you consider a friend is toxic to your body. Open your eyes because you have a life that is more valuable. Doctors are exceptional when you are sick. However, they can not stop you from getting sick. You decide on the off chance that you take medicine, and you decide on the off chance that you smoke. So here's the issue, you have been adapted to trust that you are a nicotine addict, you have gotten tied up with a sentence that stopping smoking is really troublesome.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a substance discovered normally in tobacco. Nicotine might likewise raise your state of mind and your heart rate, yet this inclining is just temporary. Not long after you finish smoking a cigarette, your body starts to show signs of withdrawal. Do you get a smoke when you're feeling stressed or apprehensive? To effectively quit smoking, you may need to reexamine your anxiety management decisions before you stop. Stop and take a full breath. Go for a walk. Physical movement can discharge a substance in your body that enhances your state of mind and diminishes pressure. Pressure can make your muscles stressed. Reduced caffeine, drink lots of water, eat healthy and get enough rest.

Cigarettes do not oversee stress, but rather they do aggravate it. Given that people all have the same endocrine systems, then every smoker feels more pushed by smoking. So at this point you are getting to be mindful that you require another life management system. At that point you require a superior approach to relax and to discharge stress. What you pick will rely on upon your identity. Some may decide to peruse or to invest a little energy in nature. Please note, just do this if you want less pressure in your life, or if you want to feel more content and to have a greater immune system. Try not to do it if you choose to feel stressed, exhausted and grumpy. I wonder what will happen if the thousand of chemicals from smoking that crossed into your mind each time you smoked have had.

There are various ways to quit smoking, including:

• Doing positive activities, for example, if you like to exercise then use your free time to exercise, so you will forget cigarettes.

• Promise to your family to stop smoking. For example, you make an agreement with your daughter because you are so fond of her this will further motivate you to quit smoking quickly.

• Associating with people who do not smoke. Some people start smoking because of associating with the smokers, then you are able to do otherwise, try to get along with people who are not smokers, and multiply the activity in the non-smoking room like air-conditioned room in the library.

• As a reminder, you can attach a sign prohibited smoking in the workplace, or in your room. You can also search for knowledge about the dangers of smoking with reading or browsing the Internet. This will remind you at any time, and soon you will stop smoking.

• Consult a doctor is also a good idea. By doing this, you will be given the best advice to stop smoking.

Actually, there is no perfect way to quit smoking, because it all depends on your intentions. People who can change your habits are your own, your health will also depend on the lifestyle you are doing. Quitting smoking is one way to make your life healthy, take care of your health, and enjoy a quality life with your family.

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5 Mistakes Many People Make When Quitting Smoking

MISTAKE # 1. I'm addicted to nicotine so I can not quit.

Wrong! Nicotine is not the powerful addictive substance it is reported to be. This belief allows pharmaceutical companies to sell billions of dollars' worth of nicotine replacements or hard core dangerous mind altering drugs.

The reason why hypnosis has been proven to be the most effective way to quit smoking, as reported in preliminary scientific journals, is because, smoking is 90% a powerful set of habits and 10% mild addictive drug.

Nicotine replacement has some success in controlled groups, but less than cold turkey in the real world.

MISTAKE # 2. Believing you will put on weight when you quit smoking ”

Wrong! While it is true that some people do gain weight when they quit, there is a simple way to avoid this, and it's about controlling the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your blood stream.

Cortisol makes people eat carbohydrates … but you will discover a proven way to prevent this happening.

MISTAKE # 3. “Believing it will be very hard because you have smoked for a long time or if you are a heavy smoker”

Wrong! A person who smokes 60 per day has no more difficulty quitting than someone who smokes 15.

Those 15 are the core cigarettes and the rest just fill in time, and are often wasted. Plus … The length of time does not matter either; my oldest client was 78 and had smoked for over 60 years.

MISTAKE # 4. “Believing that smoking helps you manage stress”

Wrong! It's a simple scientific fact that smoking briefly relaxes a person, but then quickly it increases your stress leaving you worse off than if you had not had a smoke. This is why you will handle stress just fine as a non-smoker if you follow the instructions in my program.

MISTAKE # 5. “I can cut down my smoking a bit every day”

Wrong! Smoking is an all or nothing habit cutting down just eliminates the extra cigarettes and leaves in, all the most important ones to keep your habit alive.

But … Research has shown that if you quit in one hit you will be far more successful, as long as you choose the right method.

The good news is that with specialized hypnosis you will bi-pass all of these mistakes, and you will be able to successfully quit smoking for life, without all the stress that those who make the 5 mistakes have.

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How To Remove Cigarette Smell From Your House

Tobacco cigarettes produce particles and gasses that easily mingle with the air and intertwine with different substances. The substances embed deeply on surfaces and the smokers skin, making the smell linger for long periods of time. Efforts to get rid of cigarette smoke from your house or fabrics can be hard, especially when you have a smoker in the house who can easily redeposit the residue to already clean surfaces.

Apart from having the need to have the smell removed to have better smell and air around your home, if you are a property owner, you will find it extremely important to remove the cigarette smoke for the sake of potential new tenants interested in the house. Nonsmoking tenants will definitely not like renting a house that have severe tracts of cigarette smoke and you there before must find ways of cleaning off the smell. You can hire experts to handle your cleaning needs but here are some tips you can use to get rid of the smell of your home.

Tip 1. Open the windows and let the fans run. This allows ventilation which can work great in getting rid of the odor around your home.

Tip 2 – Clean fixtures including light bulbs. Light bulbs tend to disperse the smell when they are heated and cleaning then can go a long way in keeping the smell at bay. You can alternatively consider using bulbs that do not heat up as much when in use to keep the problem under control.

Tip 3 – Clean all hard surfaces thoroughly with ammonia based cleaners, ensuring that you clean window insides, but keeping acidic products off your woodwork to keep damages at bay. You can also consider painting surfaces to trap the odor even though this might offer only temporary results.

Tip 4 – Consider replacing the carpet because it can be very hard to remove smoke particles from it. It also helps to scrub the flooring that is benefit the carpet before installing a new one. Another step you can take to still use the same carpet is hiring professional carpet cleaning services. The experts will know the best products and techniques to use to thoroughly clean your carpet and get rid of the smell.

Tip 5 – Soak blinds and use an all-purpose cleaner to scrub off the smell and let them dry. You can have the curtains professionally cleaned or if need be, replace them to keep your house smelling good.

Tip 6 – Use a chemical sponge to remove the residue from books, lampshades and other types of materials you have around the home that can not be cleaned any other way.

Tip 7 – Consider replacing air and heating filters, because they can harbor the cigarette orders and other irritants.

Tip 8 – Have your house ozone cleaned by professionals. This is one of the best treatments you can have around your home because it gets rid of not just the cigarette smoke, but all other kinds of odors, viruses and bacteria.

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