Quit Smoking – Put First Things First

Steven R Covey in his well-known book the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People discusses in habit number 5 to put first things first.

He asks the reader to write down one thing that they know that they should be doing that would make a big difference to their life, that they are not yet doing.

As a smoker what is one important thing that you will be doing as a non-smoker that your are not doing as a smoker.

Maybe exercising, or spending more time with your partner or your children. Perhaps it's affording a holiday with the money you currently spend on cigarettes.

Or never having to worry about whether your hair or clothes smell like smoke. It could be actively seeking a relationship or traveling more without worrying about when you can get your next cigarette.

These are all big picture obvious changes, but maybe you have something personal and special just to you that you are not doing now because as a smoker it's not possible, or practical or it seems too much at odds with your smoking habit.

One young lady I saw really wanted to become a Yoga teacher but she felt that as a smoker she was being a hypocrite teaching people about wellbeing while secretly smoking.

I'm sure you already know that these things you are not doing are creating gaps in your life and feelings of loss and stress.

So how many areas of your life are affected by smoking, how many things that you want are not right right now in your life because of cigarettes.

What price are you paying in loss of quality of life? And how important is this to you. So with regard to putting first things first, how about putting you before cigarettes. Because up until now that has not been happening.

You construct your life around smoking, the dreaded smoke comes before a pleasant night out with friends or a partner. You leave the table of lively or romantic conversation to go outside and smoke, meanwhile the person or people left at the table wonder why they are being placed second to a rotten pack of cigarettes.

They might not say anything but they are thinking it and you will pay a price. If you are ready to put your life before smoking then hypnosis is your best solution, being fast effective and completely safe. Then get on with your life.

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Quit Smoking – Is It Time To Be Honest With Yourself?

You know that you need to quit smoking, in fact you know you should have quit a long time ago. There is no gray area with smoking, there is no doubt about the consequences and there is absolutely no question as to what your future holds for you if you do not quit.

So why are you still smoking? Too hard to quit? Afraid to quit or maybe you just like smoking. You might want to smoke but you do not need to smoke and there is a big difference.

On one hand you may have struggled in the past, or have have heard lots of stories from others but on the other hand millions of people around the world have quit.

Those millions live perfectly well without cigarettes, in fact their lives are better by any measurement, so why would not you like to like to join their ranks?

If you really want to quit but are still smoking then I'm guessing that you are not being honest with yourself. You might be making all the right noises, buying nicotine patches or are taking some pharmaceutical, making promises but if you are still smoking then you are just fooling yourself

Do not worry this is natural for many people, they say they want one thing but they do something else. Consciously you know you want to quit, so what if you like it, the message is loud and clear, do not smoke!

But you struggle with yourself, even to arrive at a solid decision to quit. You might be going back and forth, wanting to quit then, worried if you will be successful, or wondering how you will manage without cigarettes.

These thoughts go around and around in your mind, it's a battle between the conscious and unconscious mind, one wants one thing and the other is trying to avoid change at all costs. In most cases the unconscious mind will win, simply because it is very persistent, fact it is like a steamroller it will just keep at you until it wins.

So the tricky part is making the decision to quit consciously, then quickly booking your hypnosis appointment as quickly as possible before your unconscious advances you from taking action. One you are booked in then you can relax.

Once you attend your session then your resistance will fall away, and the hypnosis process will win your unconscious mind over to the new thinking of being a non-smoker quickly and without the previous stress and anxiety.

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8 Steps to Successfully Quitting Cigarettes

How to Successfully Quit Smoking

If you have ever tried to break a habit you know just how difficult it can be. There are so many pieces that play into a habit and why we do them. Some habits, like smoking, bring in their own set of difficulties like psychological and physiological effects. These steps will help you gather the tools needed to help you be successful.

Step 1 – Commit Fully

The first step is vital when wanting to change a habit, especially and addiction like smoking. It is vital to commit completely from the beginning. Tell people that you are quitting, create a plan and determine that you will be successful. During this time of commitment ask for help. Get those people on your side that will hold you accountable and will encourage you to stay on the path that you are taking. It may seem trivial but in the end that commitment is what will help you through the tough times ahead.

Step 2 – Make a Plan

The second step is crucial if you want to be successful. You need to make a plan on how you are going to quit. This plan will include setting millions with rewards and what rewards will be gained when those milestones are achieved. Make the rewards count so that you are motivated by them. Join an online forum or support group to make you accounting and seek help when those cravings hit.

Step 3 – Know the Withdrawal Will be Hard

The third step is to understand that impact of nicotine withdrawal. There will be many side-effects to withdrawal. Not only will there be the physical effects of the cravings, feeling sluggish, the “smoker's cough” that will expel the tar and nicotine from your lungs but there are also many psychological effects. These include feeling angry, depressed, impatient, tired and even hostile. The first response will be to get that cigarette to remove these feelings but they are only temporary. Stand firm in your resolve as they should only last 3-7 days. There are many great products that will help detox the nicotine from your system quickly and safely so that the withdrawal is made easier.

Step 4 – Know Your Motivation

Step four is vital to help remind you why you are quitting smoking. What is your motivation? What is it that is driving you to stop? Write these reasons down and hang them where you will see them all the time. Maybe you are quitting for you family, kids, health and / or financial. Write down specifically what your motivations are and remind yourself of them when those cravings hit.

Step 5 – Write Down Your Rationalization

Step five is important so that you can see exactly why you think you want to take that one puff or just smoke that one cigarette. As your mind tries to rationalize why you want to cheat write them down and then say them out loud. There is something powerful about reading out loud those things that you want to change. Listen as you read them to see if they really make sense.

Step 6 – Not Even One Puff

In step six you will make a vow to coincide with your step one commitment. You must vow that you will not even take one puff, because, one puff leads to two that leads to three and pretty soon you are right back where you started. If you vow to not take one puff, even when those desires are off the charts, then you will be able to make it through those temporary cravings.

Step 7 – Look for Those Triggers

In step seven you will be looking for those habits or things in the day that will trigger your cravings. Are you a habitual smoker that smokes through the day because that is simply what you are used to doing? Switch up your routine until you are through the withdrawal stage. Is it places that you frequent that trigger your desire to smoke? You will need to avoid those places until you are through the withdrawal stage. Learn to do relaxation breathing when you get those cravings. Keep your hands busy and find non-smoking friends that will be able to help take your mind off of cigarettes.

Step 8 – Keep Positive

Step eight encompasses many aspects. You will need to keep positive and remember that if you fail to get right back up and start moving forward again. Take those negative habits and replace them with positive habits. Drink plenty of water and keep healthy snacks around to help curb those cravings. Remember the detox products that will help eliminate the tar and nicotine. Delay the urge to smoke by reminding yourself of why you are quitting. Remember those rewards you are looking forward to e-learning. Know that you can do it and be successful!

For more information on detox products click here .

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Quit Smoking – Just Like Ripping Off A Band-Aid

Remember removing a band-aid from your knee or from your child, if you carefully lift the edge and gradually ease it off, it takes much longer and draws out the pain.

But if you bite the bullet and just rip it off the pain is short and sharp, but goes just as quickly. Quitting smoking is best done the same way.

Trying patches or pharmaceuticals is a slow pull on the band-aid, and cold turkey is like a big plaster patch being slowly ripped off a hairy leg.

But hypnosis is a fast yank on the band aid, which usually results in far less pain than was anticipated. No tears, no screaming just the relief of being free from smoking. But like any wound it might be a bit tender for a few days so some care needs to be taken.

In this case the care is avoiding heavy drinking with smoking friends and definitely not, no easing off the habit having any cigarettes in your home.

The wound analogy continues because smoking is like having a graze on your arm which you scratch at and it gets worse and worse, and it does not stand any chance of healing until you completely stop any contact with it, and you will ramp up the number you smoke very quickly.

When a person cuts back from 30 a day to 15 all they do is cut out the smokers which are incidental. All the key smokers are left in. So to if you then cut down to 5, you are left with the five key smokers of the day.

Soon you will find yourself planning your day around these few cigarettes, and all the unconscious drivers are being alive, just waiting for a moment of stress or too many bees and you will be back up to 20 or thirty before you know it.

I know that quitting smoking is not as simple as ripping off a band-aid, but the principle is the same especially if you use specialized hypnosis. You will be assisted and supported through a simple yet effective process, leaving you feeling confident and free from smoking.

By reading this my hope is that you will put away any beliefs that quitting is difficult or impossible for you. And start to think that you can do it, that there is a way for you to end your dependence on cigarettes.

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Quit Smoking – The One Thing That Is Always Yours

In the book “Mans Search For Meaning” by Victor Frankl he writes, “In the concentration camp every circumstance conspires to make the prisoner lose his hold. The ability to choose ones attitude in a given set of circumstances. ”

This belief is what allowed Frankl to survive years in a Nazi concentration camp. But recognizing this simple fact that we all potentially have this same ability to choose our attitude at any time, no matter what is happening, can be very empowering or equally debilitating.

So what does this have to do with you quitting smoking?

Your attitude in any situation is under your control, and you can decide whether you smoke or not.

When you are bored, you can smoke or not, it's up to you, most of the world mans boredom without smoking.

When you are on the phone or driving the same applies. You know that you have this choice. In fact 90% of cigarettes you have each day are the same, it's your attitude which determinates if you smoke or not.

But I'm sure you are thinking that it's just not that simple, you have to smoke, after all you are addicted.

But if you stop and think about it you know that addiction has nothing to do with you smoking when you have a coffee or a beer or after sex, it's all about a series of decisions you have made over time.

Decisions which have led you to smoke when you do other things have never been related to nicotine, it's always been a choice which has over time become a habit.

But this is the best news possible. Most of the cigarettes you have each day are because of attitudes, choices and decisions. And because of these reasons you can quit smoking using hypnosis.

It works so well because it helps you to release you habit no matter how long you have had it. Plus an important bi-product is that you will find it much easier to adopt the attitude of that of a non- smoker.

A non-smoker simply never thinks about smoking when they are bored or stressed. At the moment you may find it difficult to even imagine thinking like a non-smoker, but once you have experienced quit smoking hypnosis you will switch your thinking to the side of the non-smoker.

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The Trick To Quitting Smoking Is Not Doing It

This may seem like a blindly obvious statement, but in my years of experience in this field it is anything but obvious.

The problem with most means of quitting smoking, is that you the smoker, are just an observer in the process. I believe this is because the quit smoking industry is mostly just another medical problem which is poorly managed through pharmaceutical drugs.

And just like much of modern medicine the patient carries on their life while expecting to be fixed by a magic tablet.

The medical profession can advise clients to make life style changes until they are blue in the face, but most people just want to keep on living their lives while the medications work their magic.

In some cases this works, and people get better in spite of themselves. But smoking is very different, because it is only in part a medical problem, ie partially a nicotine addiction and in most part a powerful habit it requires you to fully engage with the quitting process.

You can have a heart attack and still kick along for years eating junk food, or torture a dodgy liver with frequent alcohol and keep on living in a fashion.

I even see this attitude at times in my hypnosis clinic. A person will come in, sit down in the chair and expect me to fix them.

Or they arrive and in spite of having booked a week or more in advance they have not found time to do their pre-session activities or maybe they did not fill in their take form.

This rarely happens otherwise as I have filtering systems in place, because It did not take long for me to realize that when people can to the session either unprepared or expected me to do all the work, they rarely succeeded.

I believe it was in part just wanting it to happen automatically, or they did not want it to work at all, but simply wanted to show others that they had tried their best.

My advice is that whatever method you choose to use, just commit yourself fully to the process, do not expect anyone to fix it for you. As I say to my clients, hypnosis is an agreement between people, each of us has a role to play. All you have to do, is completely expect to succeed and I will bring all my skills to the party.

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Quit Smoking, Look After Your Meat Bag

I heard the look after your meat bag comment somewhere and it seemed to apply very powerfully to quitting smoking.

A week ago today I checked into hospital to have a knee reconstruction. I was moved through a series of pre-surgery rooms over a period of three hours. I got to see a variety of people having either day surgery or staying overnight like myself or longer depending on their situation.

As we sat in a lounge wearing our surgical gowns, thankfully covered by a comfortable dressing gown, having had various body parts shaved, and two things came to mind.

Firstly the look after your meat bag comment, at that time I was wishing I had been a bit kinder on my knee and perhaps a bit luckier.

Secondly that while everyone seemed relaxed, there was an undercurrent of anxiety in that room. Facing the unknown is always a bit scary. I'm no doctor but it appeared that like me, the others here were also getting something repaired.

There did not appear to be any truly sick people. This meant that anywhere from days to weeks most of us would be back to normal.

But there are other wards where people are ill and some will not be going home. They do not have the luxury of a body that will heal, their lives are forever changed.

Humans have worked out a lot of ways to damage their meat bag, and smoking is one of the more interesting. A slow destruction of tissue and organ function, with a guaranteed guaranteed outcome of death or a least serious dysfunction.

The meat bag is extremely tough and resilient, it does its best to cope with all kinds of dietary and chemical abuse. But it can only do so much, and the problem is that you do not know when it simply says enough is enough.

It could be at 105 years old or it could be at 35 if you push it hard enough. It's a roll of the dice and many factors will determine the outcome. One person can smoke all of their life and die in their sleep at 99, but another could smoke 20 per day and fall foul of cancer at 30.

The problem is very few fall into the 99 group and luckily few fall into the 30 group but many fall in to the middle of life group. So why not just use hypnosis to quit smoking this week and give your meat bag a break.

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Advice For The Smoker Quitting With EFT

EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a mixture of easily self-applied acupressure plus releasing word. You can also visit a practitioner and have them apply the acupressure on you if you prefer. It seems to work by bringing up various aspects of why you smoke, one by one, and whilst the energy of each aspect is on the surface, the acupressure looks to release it. There has been research done on EFT and addictive cravings, with very good results. If you are planning to use EFT for stopping smoking, here are some tips to get you prepared before you start.

First of all, set a date for starting your tapping journey and stick to it. For example, if you choose to use a self-help guide or YouTube videos, make yourself a program of daily tapping and stick to it until you quit. If you choose to see a practitioner, stick to attending sessions till you quit. That is the main commitment you have to make.

Second tip is to tell everyone you know that you are going on a stop-smoking journey. Explain that the method you chose gets the smoking at its emotional root causes, so you may stop in one session but it may be 10 or so, and ask for their support and understanding as you go through this exciting journey. Maybe you can even attend a short EFT introductory course in your area together with your partner or best friend. Just do a search engine search for workshops in your area and see what comes up.

The third tip is to be prepared for the thought that you release from your life any ashtrays, lighters, nicotine, and of course your smokers, whether cigarettes, pipe, cigars, or roll-ups. You do not have to do anything about this thought as yet, but just make a mental note that you will release any such attachment with EFT in a gentle way when you are ready on your quitting journey.

If you feel that you smoke to curb eating desires, write a list of what foods can feel irresistible to you if you did not smoke. Get pictures of these foods or note unhealthy eating habits, such as having to finish the food on your plate, or not knowing when to stop.

And lastly, Make a note of what drinks are associated with smoking for you, such as coffee, alcohol, tea, etc.

All of the above will be helpful on your journey. The more ready you get, the easier and faster it can be to go through the process. An remember, it is a process, not a race with others. If you know people who quit with EFT in one session, be happy for them, but do not expect the same for yourself. Expect nothing, come to it with an open mind and a willing heart, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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The Huge Mistake People Make When They Try To Quit Smoking

If you're reading this article, then it's because you're looking for a way to quit smoking for good.

Why are you looking for a way? Probably because you've tried to quit smoking several times and failed. And that's because quitting smoking is difficult. It's a habit that's hard to break.

So often people think that in order to give up cigarettes, all they have to do is pick a day to stop smoking and that's it. They believe that in some magical way, they'll wake up on that day and their craving for cigarettes will be gone, or at least diminished enough so that they will not be desperate for a cigarette any more.

Usually the day they pick is January 1st for their New Year resolution.

But as usual, it does not work.

So what goes wrong? Why can not smokers stop smoking?

It's because of the huge mistake they all make.

And that mistake is thinking that smoking is an addiction and all they have to do is stop smoking and their addiction will go away.

But smoking IS NOT an addiction.

It's a habit.

You see when junkies try to quit, their bodies are so addicted to the drugs that they've been taking, that they struggle to live without them.

This is why, as soon as they stop taking drugs their bodies react by becoming cold and covered in goose bumps (otherwise known as turkey flesh) which is where the saying “going cold turkey” comes from.

They also progress (or worsen) to having leg spasm, which is also where the saying “kicking the habit” comes from.

Junkies go through a lot of physical and psychological trauma when they quit drugs.

But when smokers quit, all that happens is they want another cigarette and they do not suffer from adverse effects because their bodies are not addicted to nicotine, which is why nicotine patches or nicotine gum do not work, because your body is not ' t craving nicotine. It's your mind that's craving the habit of actually smoking a cigarette.

You do not want to ingest nicotine. You just want to light up a cigarette, taste it, and feel the smoke going down into your lungs and back up again.

That'S what you miss. Let's face it, if nicotine was removed from cigarettes and they still tasted the same, you'd still want to smoke would not you?

So what can you do?

How can you stop wanting to smoke?

The answer is simple.

You need to stop smoking the same way you started. Gradually.

You did not begin as a pack-a-day smoking and you do not have to stop so abruptly either.

Instead you need to unravel your smoking habit one day and one week at a time, until you wake up one morning and the craving to smoke is gone. Not only is it gone, but you're glad it's gone.

You've created a brand new non-smoking lifestyle.

And that's what you've really been craving. Is not it?

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Quitting Smoking – Time To Flip The Switch

When you flip a light switch you can go from darkness to light in an instant. Such an amazing change all thought about by an invisible force that most of us fail to understand.

Hypnosis can not work as fast as electricity but it is still a very quick way to quit smoking, often in under 90 minutes. This is remarkably especially for those people who have smoked for decades and sometimes believed that they could never quit.

The force is again invisible and also very powerful and also hard to understand for most people. Some think it's a kind of magic, some religious groups even claim it to be the work of the devil.

Given that the therapeutic hypnosis always seeks to help people to improve their lives it would be a strange strategy on the part of the devil to help people out.

In my mind and in my experience and that of thousands of hypnotherapists over the past hundred years there is no spiritual or even evil component.

It is simply a normal function of the mind to have a completely conscious aspect of living and in the words of a famous hypnotherapist, an other than conscious aspect.

Most of our lives are run on near auto pilot in the unconscious mind, breathing heart etc, but also most of our actions on a day to day basis. Virtually any actions you do where you have a level of unconscious competency will be managed automatically by the unconscious mind.

If we only had conscious awareness we would burn out quickly trying to take in all the information in the world around us. We are protected so that we only need to see seven to nine pieces of information at any time, knowing that we naturally understand the rest of what is happening in our lives.

In hypnosis we use a safe gentle relaxation to access your unconscious mind and help you re-write your history from being a smoker to a non-smoker. This is done in hypnosis by making a series of subtle direct suggestions, plus by the use of stories and metaphors, and in addition use strategies to turn the person off smoking.

A part of the process is the pre-talk, even here certain phrases and words are used to begin the hypnotic process and to start the clients' unconscious to make a shift in the right direction.

The end result is that you become a non-smoker, and just like the light switch it happens and you do not really have to know how it works.

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Quitting Smoking – Sex Doesn’t Cause A Nicotine Deficiency

I wonder how many movies have described a couple smoking in bed after having sex. It's as if that high passion causes nicotine to drain away and it needs to be replaced immediately.

Or maybe it was just stressful, because smokers like to smoke when stressed, could be one or both people were about their performance. Maybe the James Bonds of old were a bit timid or shy!

Or sometimes it gives a sense of clarity, because supposedly smoking helps people to think, so maybe they just realized it was not such a good idea after all.

Maybe they're smoking because of the half-finished champagne on the bed side tables, and they always smoke and drink together.

Or because they smoked because inhaling a burning rolled up lump of dried plant material is considered sophisticated and cool, maybe even rugged and sexy. And obviously viewers would think the same as well.

Or that they just loved the taste of a goodnight kiss that is like licking an ashtray.

When you see these reasons written down it does not seem to make much sense does it?

No more sense than smoking when driving or on the phone or with coffee or after food. Because none of these activities cause a sudden drop in blood nicotine levels either.

So everything from sex to coffee is just a habit. We have thousands of coffees over the years so maybe the lucky smokers have lots of sex to re-enforce their habit.

Some clients admit to smoking after sex, some do not tick that box on their take form, and of course those who partner is a non-smoker probably would not do it because it would be a massive mood killer. Still, I suppose it's better to kill the mood after than before!

Billions of people for thousands of years have proven that smoking is of no value for sexual pleasure or for populating the planet. And in spite of all the movies and television images linking smoking and cool behavior, there is absolutely nothing cool, sexy or sophisticated about smoking anywhere in a relationship, but I guess you have worked that out for yourself.

Some couples attribute their smoking time to helping them communicate and relax together. But the real communication comes from taking the time to do it.

Hypnosis allows you to break the smoking cycle, and given the fact that you will have improved circulation and blood flow to your important bits, you may have better sex as a non smoker!

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Quitting Smoking – Plug The Nutrient Drain From Your Body

Smoking contains over 4,000 chemicals, 200 of those can cross into your brain, and 60 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. But These chemicals do something else they strip nutrients from your body.

The main vitamin stripped away by smoking is Vitamin C. The nutrient is so well known that its importance is often taken for granted and its in the list of trendy super foods simply because it's so easily available and it's hard to make it expensive.

Vitamin C boosts your immune system, maintains healthy bones and teeth, is essential for wound healing, helps makes collagen which we need for blood vessels, skin scar tissue and ligaments, plus it's a powerful antioxidant which causes free radical damage.

Of course free radical damage or tissue destruction, a little like rusting is caused by smoking.

In order to maintain some level of health you need to increase your vitamin C levels over and above normal requirements. The level would need to be considerable to counter act smoking. Most likely taken to bowel tolerance.

ie the amount you take that does not give you dirrarhea!

In order to completely balance out the nutrient drain you would need to take:

2500 mg of Vitamin C per day.

Alpha-lipoic acid 100 mg per day.

CoQ10 100 mg per day.

N-acetylcystine 1000 mg per day.

800 iu of Vitamin E daily

Carnitine 1000 per day.

And that is for starters. Plus fish oils, and bromelains and glucosamine, for inflammation, and Vitamin B 5 & 6 with Licorice for your depleted adrenals, not to mention green tea, turmeric, sulfur amino acids, dandelion tea to support your struggling liver, and on and on it goes!

The idea of ​​consuming lots of supplements just to attempt to balance out your 4000 toxic chemicals from smoking does not make any sense!

Alternately you could just quit smoking and eat a reasonable diet. Plus when you quit it would be worth taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C a day, a multi vitamin and 4 grams of fish oils per day for at least 3 months as part of your recovery.

But first you need to quit, and by far the best option is advanced quit smoking hypnosis. It's safe, reliable, gentle and highly effective. Everyone who wants to be hypnotised, can be if they are just willing to participate.

So what's it going to be, a stomach rattling full supplements or being a non-smoker.

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Quitting Smoking – Organic Food, Yoga And Smoking, What!

Over the years all kinds of people have come to see me to quit smoking, but one group always intrigues me.

Typically they are young women in their twenties or early thirties, they eat a very healthy diet, often organic, they do yoga, or Zumba, Aerobics or some other active exercise, and they usually hide their smoking from friends and class mates.

But the number one thing they all have in common is a strong sense of guilt.

Guilty because they smoke in spite of living an otherwise very healthy life.

Guilty because they hide this secret from many people in their lives, and maintaining this secret is difficult and stressful.

Guilty because they have to lie to sneak their cigarettes without being discovered.

And guilt because their smoking is so at odds with the rest of their lives and guilty because often they feel so stupid because they keep doing it.

All in all they feel very stressed because they smoke. Add the actual stress of smoking on their body and most of the benefits of their other healthy activities are depleted.

Some do enjoy a kind of guilty pleasure in doing something so harmful then drinking a green smoothie and rolling out the yoga mat. It's like flying the flag for healthy living then thumbing your nose at it!

More conflict and more confusion. The only plus is that this group are generally in a good position to recover quickly following to their other healthy habits and that they do not have to be encouraged to take good care of themselves.

So what is your conflict? What parts of your life do not fit with smoking? Work? Partner? Children? Finances?

Use this conflict to spur you on to deciding to quit and then choose hypnosis to make it happen, why because by now you have already worked out that nicotine replacement and drug therapies do not work for the majority of smokers.

And hypnosis is not about nicotine its about all those cigarettes you have when already have plenty of nicotine in your system. Like with coffee or beer or driving or on the phone or after sex. That's right sex does not cause your nicotine levels to suddenly fall.

Hypnosis simply guides you to write a new future history for you about smoking, or more correctly about being a non-smoker, so that soon it will be just a memory and you can let go of all the guilt.

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Quit Smoking – Question Everything

Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can every do for yourself and your family. So it's vital that you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You can not afford to be casual about it and you can not afford to accept what you are told at face value.

A hundred years ago it was known that smoking was a risk to health. Yet for decades medical doctors who worked for the cigarette companies lied straight to the camera at media interviews.

In the early seventies researchers determined that smoking causes lung cancer, the US government suppressed that research until they could not hold it back any longer.

In that same decade it was also discovered that nicotine causes an increase in stress hormones yet many smokers do not know this to this day.

Nicotine replacement works only in controlled trials and almost not at all in the real world, according to university studies, yet is still broadly promoted to the smoking public.

The largest selling pharmaceutical should be banned according to John Hopkins University, because it is a dangerous drug with risks such as heart attack. This is in the fine print that should not be taken by people at risk of heart attack. Of course smokers are right in the middle of that risk group.

According to quit smoking advocates cold turkey is the best way to quit, yet studies show only a 7% success rate.

Governments create quit ads which re-enforce how hard it is to quit, perhaps they want to milk the tax as long as they can. They also work on fear campaigns which scare non-smokers and cause smokers to want to light up.

New scientist magazine reports that hypnosis is the most successful way to quit cigarettes, yet hypnosis is still seen by many, only in the context of stage shows with people behaving like chickens.

You are told over and over that nicotine is highly addictive and very hard to quit. But you already know that most of the cigarettes you smoke have nothing to do with addiction. When you pick up the phone, or have a coffee, or drive or socialize with other smokers.

Your nicotine levels do not suddenly drop after you have sex or leave work, you know this is about a deeply formed habit and nothing to do with nicotine.

So the facts are that you have a strong habit and hypnosis works. That's all you need to know to take action and quit.

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Quitting Smoking – What Is Your Commitment To Yourself?

Quitting smoking has never been such a top topic. Everyone wants you to do it. The government, television land, pharmaceutical companies, family, doctors, and even total strangers who give you the look as you sully their fresh air from across the street.

You would think that all of this combined would be enough for you to quit easily, but here is the bad news, twenty family members, your doctor and your dog nagging you will not make a drop of difference.

It's you and only you who has to provide the commitment, I guess if you have tried and failed before you may have already discovered this.

So how do you build enough commitment? I have clients turn up who have watched the video and followed all the pre-quit tasks, they are excited and nervous to quit but ready to go.

Others arrive, been too busy to watch the video or did not notice the blue link in the email with the message loudly stating do not come if you do not do these things.

One guy said he did not see the email because his wife looks after all of those things. He was a home visit the television was on and he appeared linked to turn it off, his puppy came out during the session, I was thinking that this is a disaster.

But in spite of all this he was successful. A less successful effort was a couple, again a home visit, after the session they both said they had sore necks, in spite of being asked to ensure that they were comfortable.

During the session their dog was whining in the background.

Again this was a home visit but they were not successful, too much discomfort and distraction. As a consequence I have now written a home visit check list.

But it's up to you if you are quitting from home then make sure you create a good environment to do so. If you are attending a clinic then prepare yourself, do anything that is asked of you in advance.

Do not stress yourself but do take it seriously, play full out and totally expect to succeed. After all no matter how committed your hypnosis practitioner is, at the end of the session they will go on with their lives but you need to be a non-smoker.

So just bring 100% to the session and your hypnosis practitioner will take care of the rest.

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