Quitting Smoking – Are You Ready For The Smoking Police?

I notice media stories about smoking but this one really stands out. In China they have made smoking illegal in some cities in office buildings. To police this, keen anti smoker volunteers with government authority come into businesses and fine smokers about $ 70.

The article was comical, because there were smokers lining the stair wells and corridors and they scattered as the inspectors arrived.

In Australia this would not be accepted and such volunteers would need to be very brave indeed.

But of course there are many sanctioned restrictions for smokers and these are likely to increase, but I doubt we will see smoking inspectors hanging around restaurants with a tape measure waiting to pounce if they are a few millimeters to close to the diners.

On one level this is funny, but the reality is there is nothing funny about living your life as a social pariah.

You may not see yourself this way, but I live in a busy restaurant area of ​​Brisbane and I observe smokers and those who observe them. There is also a level of discrimination occurring. In many places of employment if you are known, or suspected to be a smoker, then your chance of getting the job is completely reduced.

As time goes on you would have to ask yourself that aside from all the health risks, is it really worth it anymore.

Just imagine that you never had to walk away from a restaurant or a party to smoke, that you never again had to find a lane way in a city to have a cigarette at lunch, or that you never have to smoke outside while your family waits inside for you to return smelling like an ashtray.

What about never having to worry that your friends or work mates will discover your guilty secret. Or having to change clothes and wash your hair before meeting that special person who you think does not suspect what you are doing.

Life can be difficult enough without making it any harder. So why do it. Why not just leave it all behind you? Just start a fresh new life where you breathe fresh air into your lungs instead of toxic smoke.

Advanced hypnosis will quickly give you the freedom you need to step into a new life where all the old habits are gone and you are once again able to build a healthy future for yourself and those in your life.

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Quit Smoking – Better Than Before

In health terms what almost everyone likes to report after some intervention or action is that they feel better than before.

The faster that happens, the happier people are with their therapy. We are all in a rush and delayed gratification does not work well for most of us.

Advanced hypnosis as a therapy has that exact effect of the majority of people. They come in to a hypnosis clinic, and walk out as a non-smoker. This is definitely a better than before experience. But as the television ads say, there is more!

Each week for at least the first month there will be more better than before moments. As you breathe more easily, and your energy increases, you are better. As your purse or wallet remains much fuller each week, that is certainly better.

Of course most of the changes will go unnoticed, because they are subtle of you simply do not get a strong feedback from that part of your body.

For example, your brain, It does not register pain, so you will not notice that the infection is reducing in your gray matter.

In-spite of most people claiming that smoking helps them to think, which of course it does not. Filling your brain does not make decision making easier. It was taking the time to just stop and look at the problem that did it.

You may notice that your brain fog is lifted and that you have more mental energy, this will happen even if you do not realize it because there are many dietary factors involved that can keep the fog in place.

Obviously you will notice that your lungs are less aggravated, but it's easy not to consider the better than before factor for your heart, liver, kidneys, in fact every organ and right down to every cell of your body.

There is however another better than before factor. It's your self-esteem and your emotional wellness. There will be no more hiding your smoking from family, friends and co-workers. No more gathering in a lane way or an out of the way spot in a city or new a restaurant. No more making new smoking friends in a circle around the bin, or having to be out in the heat or cold or rain.

You will never have to see your family enjoying them while you smoke outside, or stare into the eyes of a young child peering at you from the other side of the glass

And that is certainly better than before.

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Why People Smoke After Sex And Not Before

There must be countless scenes in old movies of couples having the celebratory cigarette in bed after sex. In the more minority days just the smoking scene was enough to implicate the unseen steamy activity which had just gone before.

So why do we see this after sex and not before? The after cigarette exemplifies relaxation, comfort and satisfaction, which is curious because nicotine has nothing to do with these states.

Imagine the scene with the before romance smoke. Now we have the ashtray mouth, or the smoke enriched hair killing the moment of passion. Perhaps the moment of passion would pass, which certainly is not a good idea but maybe there is a sturdy bio-chemical reason behind it all.

One cigarette causes a dramatic shut down in your ability to shunt blood to your brain and your genitals for about four hours. This means your nitric oxide levels are about as good as an 80 year old, which translates as a lack of blood and function to your important parts!

A robust 20 year old may not notice any problem but issues of impotence for men and sexual pleasure for women start to creep in clinically in the mid to late twenties and by the mid-forties studies show that as many as 50% of people either can 't perform or do not enjoy sex.

There are a number of issues involved including, alcohol, industrial omega 6 fats, xeno-estrogens from chemicals and soy oils, medicines and sleep deprivation, but smoking is essentially guaranteed to create a problem.

Plus the days of smoking being sexy have long passed and the smell of cigarette smoke would turn off most prospective bed partners.

So you light a cigarette, and the smoke fills your lungs. Most of the toxins will enter your blood stream and travel through your heart. Those toxins which do not enter your blood stream just have the sensitive tissue of your lungs to attack.

From your heart the toxins travel through arteries, to arterioles, and right down to capillaries. The toxins cause these tiny blood pathways to constrict, and it is these small pathways which supply blood to your entire body.

There is no upside to this restricted circulation, only limited blood flow, nutrient transport and reduced waste removal. So you system starts to look like New York during a garbage strike, instead of a super fast autobahn. And a disturbed system this is certainly not how you want to feel in a tender moment.

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Smoking: A Toxic Fixation

Forget cigarettes! Light up your life instead. Why smoke up your one and only life when you have finer things to look forward to?

Bear this in mind; a Cigarette is a wicked monster which ensnares you in its ruinous mesh. Getting familiar with the health hazards of smoking is what one has to do, so as to weaken the pull that it is accelerating upon you, without fail. Yes, it's true that over a stretch of time, this tension to smoke has tainted the environment as well as consumed many lives around us. And, it's not only about your life being harmed but several other lives around, which are getting affected by this dire habit of yours. Imagine! You smoke around others and they inhale it.

It has become a trend these days, which people follow just in a frenzy to imitate others and look like them. And especially, if we talk about youngsters, they think that smoking gives the impression of being cool, modish, as they see their friends, parents, relatives indulging in the same. But if you mull over it … Is that really so?

It is commonly said that children learn from their parents, be it a good habit or a bad one. Do you really want your child to follow you on these lines and walk a toxic smoky path? Think!

Although smoking is banned in many public places and cigarette companies are no longer allowed to market their product on TV, radio etc. Nonetheless even when you watch a movie where your favorite movie star is shown smoking on screen, it always displays a message below, spreading the awareness that this practice is injurious to health. And remember, it's only a part of a movie just because that particular role or script demands the character to smoke.

Even so, the tobacco smoke contains nicotine, an addictive substance which strikes your brain within fifteen seconds of its inhalation; carbon monoxide which is a noxious gas and can weak the proper functioning of your body system; tar, which contains plentiful cancer inducing chemicals, most of which sit back in your lungs.

Subsequently, smoking invites awful ailments like cancer, heart diseases, strokes, lung infectivity, hampering the growth and proper health of a fetus during pregnancy and much more.It is also a major cause for premature aging and dullness of your skin, ahead of lowering your stamina. In due course, it seizes the entire organs of your body and you are likely to depart this life ten years earlier than your non smoking peers. You do not really wish to come under its grip and witness such a dreadful scenario. Do you?

Yet again, by and large, as time passes by, smoking becomes an addiction which is, then, hard to thrust aside. What if you are stressed in your life, is this the only way out to get relieved and feel relaxed? I doubt.
One can cling on to good habits too, in order to feel at ease. Look around, listen to soothing melodies, share your feelings with your acquentions, practice meditation, go for long walks. Further, instead of smelling the fumes of a cigarette, breathe in the aroma of the scrumptious food in front of you and you will, unquestionably, feel good.

Envision a cigarette sobbing – Save me! Today if I am burning because of you, then tomorrow it is your turn.

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Quit Smoking – What Is Your Gut Reaction?

I'm not talking about your intuition, although I'm sure that gut reaction tells you very clearly that smoking is a really bad idea on many levels.

So here is another one. Your gut does a whole lot more than hold food and churn it up for digestion. There is a kilo or more of healthy bacteria in a healthy gut.

But you are a smoker so your gut is not healthy. You will still have about one kilo of bacteria but a high proportion of them may be the type which do not contribute to your health.

The result is inflammation in your joints, skin, lungs, organs and even your brain.

The toxins from smoking affect your gut bacteria, this creates inflammation, plus smoking alone creates inflammation so now you are in for a world of possible problems.

It is easy to say that smoking makes everything worse, but for certain we know that it causes a vast selection of health issues and that it does absolutely no good at all for anyone.

Many smokers claim that smoking helps them relax. While there is some truth to that belief, the reality is that nicotine causes more stress. It's just simple bio-chemistry.

But the thing about stress is that one of the important chemicals which regulate our mood and emotions is the neurotransmitter serotonin. The thing is 70-80% of serotonin is created in the gut. Therefore anyone with a disturbed gut function will have trouble managing stress.

As a smoker the reward center of your brain likes nicotine, as it would alcohol, or sugar. But this same part of the brain which is called the limbic system, is the part which runs over time when you are stressed.

Smoking causes you to be locked into a cycle of stress, inflammation, and a habit which still connects to some perceived benefit.

When you quit smoking using hypnosis, your stress levels will drop as you are producing less cortisol and adrenalin from nicotine. In time your gut will heal and you will produce more healthy bacteria, but this will take up to a year or more and you will need to supplement with a pro biotic formula, and it will help to eat less sugar, which only feeds the bad bacteria.

If you have smoked for many years you will need to be patient as you recover, you have stressed your body and it will take time to bounce back.

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Don’t Try To Quit Smoking If You Haven’t Crossed The Threshold

In my early days in hypnosis I wanted to change the world and fix every smoker, but I realized that was impossible, and it took me a while to work out why.

Imagine a straight line and a quarter of the way in from each end there is another line which crosses the first.

The quarter at the right hand end represents crossing the threshold to total commitment to change.

The quarter at the left hand end represents crossing the threshold to total commitment to remaining the same, or keeping the habit.

The half in the middle is where most smokers live. You might want to keep smoking, but you know you should quit. You might talk about quitting and even make frequent attempts to do so, but you keep failing.

Perhaps others are pressuring you stop cigarettes, and you agree that they are right but you're not quite ready.

Or you are sick of smoking but you still need to do it to relax or stop your boredom.

The problem with this middle ground is that it's a very stressful place to live, you are constantly feeling guilty or beating yourself up. You keep trying and failing. One day you want to quit but then you go out for drinks with your friends and you enjoy smoking.

You might be the person who jokes that “I quit smoking easily, I do it every Monday” But jokes as you are not having much fun.

My suggestion is that you either start a concerted process to move to cross the threshold to quitting, with a strong commitment to never go back and never retreat.

Or you just cross the left hand threshold and declare that you will smoke for as long as you want, and never make excuses for your behavior. The upside is that you no longer have the pressure of being in the middle ground, you can relax and smoke to your heart's content.

However you do have to accept the reality that you may become sick and possibly die, and that you made that decision and will have to live with the consequences.

Ultimatly it's your life, but if you want to quit using hypnosis, the most powerful method available, then doing it with the left end mindset is hopeless, doing it from the center has a modest success rate, but using hypnosis to stop cigarettes you are virtuously guaranteed to quit for life.

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Quit Smoking – The Road Ahead

One of the reason many people struggle to quit or endlessly delay the moment is because they can not see the road ahead or they are looking down the wrong road altogether.

The wrong road has only the imagined problems along the way. Suffering with cravings, even though at worst they are short lived. What about not being able to relax, and having your stress run out of control without nicotine, or having to breathe all of that fresh air, perhaps your concern is having a hand hand wandering around, and not knowing what to do with it.

Or maybe you are concerned about the government not collecting enough tax, or the cigarette companies suffering without your help. Is that you will be so bored that you will resort to filling your blood with toxic chemicals so that you will not have to find another way to occupy five minutes.

Possibly you are using cigarettes to lose weight, by attacking your liver with toxins, the very organ which breaks down fat! Or are you afraid that you will not be able to drive or answer a phone if you quit.

Much of this sounds completely ridiculous, but every day in my clinic I hear smokers tell me about stress, boredom, relaxing, etc and from their chair all it sounds plausible, as a clinical hypnotist I just make notes to use in our session, but from the position of a non-smoker most of it sounds just plain silly.

As a smoker you could look down the wrong road, but you will struggle to quit, but on the other hand you turn around and look down the road of a non-smoker, then you will see the way ahead and instead of seeing problems, you will realize that hundreds of thousands of people quit successfully every year.

That using hypnosis will allow you to bi-pass your fears, and allow you to tell the cigarette companies to shove their death dealing products, and you can begin the job of reclaiming your health so that you can breathe again and have the energy to live and the extra cash to enjoy it.

Your future will be one of friends and family, and I do not mean them gathered around your sick bed looking sad and wiping over a life lost to smoking.

It will be you living, enjoying, breathing and inspiring others to follow your fine example, and soon smoking will recede into your past like an aging hairline.

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Tapping Out of a Smoking Addiction

When Tod came in for his session he was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and had been smoking most of his life. Over the past eight months he had made tremendous improvements in his health. He was now at a good healthy weight and feeling better than he had in years. He wanted to keep going with his health improvements, but knew he could not progress further until he quit smoking. He had one carton of cigarettes left and was thinking he might possibly quit when he finished that …

Tod had been smoking since he was 14 years old. He had quit three times before, each time for about two years. He knew he could quit because he had done it before, but he was also anticipating how terrible he would feel during the transition period – and how much he would miss smoking! Part of him felt ready to quit now, but another part felt resistant and wanted to put it off as long as possible.

Tapping is a process that works deeply with the primitive, non-verbal part of the brain – the part that holds and controls habits, patterns, stress, and traumatic events. By tapping on the same meridian points used in acupuncture, we send this part of the brain signals of calm and peace, letting it know it can safely release old habits, patterns and stress.

Tod was skeptical about this tapping thing, but willing to give it a try.

When I asked him how he felt when he thought about quitting, he said he felt anxious and stressed at a level of an 8. We tapped on this stress and anxiety and he was amazed at how it dropped to a 1.

We then imagined and tapped on a series of different future events. We imagined his first day as a non-smoker, waking up and wanting to reach for his cigarettes. He again felt stressed at a level of an 8, a tightness in his solar plexus and a longing for a cigarette in his mouth. He was again amazed at how quickly his stressed feeling dissipated with the tapping.

He also imagined being in a conference call without his usual cigarette in his hand. He again felt stressed and was again surprised at how quickly this lowered with the tapping.

In the past there had always been a day about a week into quitting that was especially intense. We took a visit back to one of those days. Tod's younger self was extremely stressed and willingly a cigarette. Tod was able to comfort his younger self by letting him know that the first couple of weeks are the hardest, but after that it gets easier and easier. He was able to take his younger self to a scene where he had pulled over on the side of the road – NOT to smoke as was his usual habit, but to completely enjoy the beauty of the mist in the redwood forest. He was able to be fully present to the magic of the scene and not have to be controlled by the need for the cigarette. We focused on that moment – Tod and his younger self fully enjoying the scene in nature without any longing for a cigarette whatever. When Tod opened his eyes, he said, “I think I may be ready to throw that last carton away and just quit now.

We talked about how Tod could use the tapping process he had learned every time he craved a cigarette.

It has been a month and Tod is still a non-smoker. He said it was not nearly as bad as it had been in the past or as bad as he had feared. The tapping has continued to help calm his nerves and empower him to make a powerful choice every day for his health and longevity.

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4 Tips to Becoming a Successful Non Smoker

1. Sugar in Cigarettes – Really?

Have a good supply of fruit and be prepared as cigarettes do contain sugar. So when people stop smoking, being aware of this will throw some light on why they become grumpy and irritable. So if you are quitting cigarettes always have some fruit with you or something sweet. If you find you are angry or cross take some deep breaths, have something sweet to eat or drink.

2. Deep Breathing

As a smoker people take deep breaths with each puff from a cigarette. Once they stop smoking this type of breathing stops. So it is important to continue taking deep breaths. Deep breathing allows your mind to focus on the breathing rather than being annoyed about something. So try using the 4, 7, 8 method of breathing. That is count to four as you are breathing in; hold it for the count of 7; and then slowly breathe out for the count of 8. Another good time to use this form of breathing is when you are trying to go to sleep. There are times when no matter how hard you try, sleep just seems to elude you.

This breathing exercise is a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system. This exercise is subtle when you first try it, but gains in power with repetition and practice. Do it at least twice a day. You can not do it too frequently. Do not do more than four breaths at one time for the first month of practice. Later, if you wish, you can extend it to eight breaths. If you feel a little light headed when you first breathe this way, do not be concerned; it will pass.

3. Water is Extremely Important

Be prepared and have plenty of water on hand when quitting. Your body has a blueprint of where it should be. So once it registers you have quit smoking, it tries to get rid of all the toxins and poisons out of your body as quickly as it can. This is going to impact on your kids who can create discomfort and even pain. So you need to flush those toxins and poisons out of your system as quickly as you can by drinking lots of water.

4. Nicotine Suppresses the Emotions

Experiencing sadness within the first few days of quitting is not unusual. Some even feel so sad they can not stop crying. So why does this happen to some people and not others? People who have experienced trauma or difficult challenges in their lives are more likely to experience this. Smoking and other habits such as alcohol are often used as a prop to help them cope with life. If you can relate to this then it is possibly a good idea to address these before giving up the smoking. Look at the options you have available to address these including The Richards Trauma Process, see a psychologist or even have a friend who can support you.

What is The Richards Trauma Process

Before giving up smoking review your situation and decide if this is a good time for you to quit smoking. It is often a good idea to deal with those events or negative experiences in your life that have been holding you back before progressing. Being ready to quit smoking means you are prepared mentally and emotionally.

The Richards Trauma Process provides a very powerful way of addressing major trauma, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, phobias and panic attacks. It resolves these issues quickly, effectively and very safely.

The Richards Trauma Process could have been described as Hypnosis on steroids. It is fast – normally 3 sessions. It is efficient, producing consistent positive results. It is long-reflecting with clients reporting wellness 12 months on. It is applicable for any trauma based issue, including Extreme Trauma, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.

Is your life being ruled by the ingoing impacts and pain of past trauma? Are depression, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety controlling your days and ruling your nights? Perhaps you have sunk into 'survival mode' rather than living a full, rich life which may seem impossible at the moment. Are you at a point in your life where you have given up on even allowing yourself to dream of being free from this 'condition'?

Perhaps it is time to address those issues so you can move on with your life with confidence, not allowing those negatives emotions control who you are. A few people will stop smoking however after a short while will start again. They may become stressed or upset and then resort to cigarettes to “get them through”. However when asked if the cigarette helped them, their response is always that it did not. Sometimes it may feel as though it is helping for a few minutes however that is the power of the unconscious mind reawakening the smoking habit.

So if you are seeking help and would like to stop smoking, then assess your situation and decide if you need to address those negatives issues or events in your life first.

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Quit Smoking – Are You Bonding With Your Cigarettes?

Do you want to know how to cut back on smoking in just one day? All you have to do starting from now, is to take the time to truly bond with each and every cigarette you have.

Sounds weird? OK the reality is that most cigarettes you have during a busy day pass by terribly unnoticed, your mind will be everywhere, or the smoke just burns itself down in an ashtray.

Or depending you light up one after the other during an evening of drinking, losing count of how many you smoked.

My challenge to you, assuming that you want to quick is to take the time and notice every single smoke from now on.

As you draw heavily and your lungs expand, just imagine all of that smoke inside your lungs. Perhaps you may wonder how it gets from there into your blood stream.

As you let out a long slow stream of smoke, in the time honored way of smokers over the ages, you could consider that some of the smoke has made its way to your brain. Maybe you could breathe out some of the smoke through a tissue.

As you ponder the staining on the tissue, you may wonder what else is stained. Lungs, heart, arteries, liver, throat & amp; brain?

You may also begin to wonder, what on earth are you doing, what is so bad in your life that you would seek to manage it with these life sucking, lung destroying, throat burning, liver melting sticks of processed plant mater!

Plus their expensive, anti-social and short of some crazy daredevil activity about the most risky behavior you can indulge in.

It's not as if they may make you sick. It's just how fast and how badly and how much you will suffer before your last gasp.

It's no good me painting a picture of unicorns and fairies, it's bad and you have to stop, unless of course you choose to continue, in which case complaining when the hammer falls will get little or no sympathy, least of all in the cancer ward .

Sure you will be well attended to, but with wards full of undeserving souls, there will be you, the one who created your own problem and now hoping that a team of people using valuable hospital resources will come to your rescue so that you can be wheeled home, minus some important body parts in the hope that someone there will be caring enough to support you.

You can keep smoking or you can use hypnosis to stop. Either way give it 100%

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Quitting Can Improve Your Sex Life

Did you know that quitting tobacco not only makes you healthy? It sees that it can also improve your sex life. Yes, really! How? Well for starters you get more attractive and able to have better chance to have someone in the sack with at the end of the day. So how quitting can make your sex life rocking. Here are some reasons why it is best to quit today and have someone on your bed in the morning.

It makes you attractive

Have you experienced being told that you look older than you actually are? If you smoke then it is a possibility. You see smoking accelerates the aging process. The free radicals in tobacco smoke can destroy the elastin and the collagen in the skin. This makes the skin less elastic as it should be. This is where the fine lines and the wrinkles start to appear making you older than you should. Without the babes go for a father figure, it is best to keep your skin age at the same range as your chronological age for better chances of having someone in the sack.

It improves the blood flow

When it comes to orders, blood flow is all there is to know. Without proper blood flow it is impossible to have a sturdy and sustained erection. Smoking is notorious in causing malfunctions in the body. The carbon monoxide that is contained in cigarette smoke causes the blood to be less potent and it prevails the oxygen from attaching properly to be distributed by the blood in all parts of the body. The veins and the arteries get less efficient causing a steady decline in the quality of the blood flow. So, if you want to sex up your partner for the night it is best to take a long hard look at your blood flow because that is the only thing that matters.

It improves your breath

It is obvious that you may get some a kiss or two from your partner. That is why you need to freshen up that breath. But can you be confident to kiss someone with that cigarette mouth that is like potty? We're sure you know where this is heading. Tobacco smoke increases the bacteria count in the mouth due to the warm smoke. If oral hygiene is not properly maintained, it can lead to halitosis which is something that could potentially ruin a romantic night out.

It can make you stronger

Quitting tobacco will make you a more potent person. You are less likely to get exhausted faster because the cardiopulmonary system is able to get more oxygen and pump it to areas that need it. This way it improves your stamina enough to provide satisfaction to both parties.

Sex is an essential part of life. Smokers typically get the raw end of the deal and for good reason. People hate smokers and they are not that attractive anymore (sorry Marlboro Man). It is best to finally hit the wall and quit as it can give you tremendous benefit when you are hiring the sack with someone.

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Quit Smoking – I Wonder What Your Brain Thinks About It

So you light up a cigarettes, perhaps you are relaxing with a wine or a beer at the end of the day, or maybe you are stressed and stepping out of your workplace in to a grimi alley which is designated as a smoking place.

The smoke enters your lungs, then your heart and quickly into your blood stream. The whole reason you lit up is to feel good, but the only way you can feel good is to pump about 200 of the 4000 toxic chemicals now circulating in your blood stream into your brain.

Why 200, well you have a thing called the blood brain barrier, and as a smoker it is just plain good luck that only 200 can make its way into your brain as you smoke. If the whole 4000 could get there, your brain would be fried. The other 3800 just go on to fry other parts of your body.

If you injure your arm it will hurt, but if you injure your brain you may get a headache, but this will only happen if there is a blow or physical injury. Other insults to your brain like tumors or smoking do not cause pain usually.

That is why brain surgery can be done with the patient wide awake. But toxic chemicals in the brain like smoking or pollution tend to affect your thinking slowly. If I was tempted to be harsh then I would say that smoking will make you progressively more stupid, but I will not because that would be unkind.

But I will say that dumping toxins from cigarettes every day is destroying brain cells, and sure you have millions of them, but you have smoked many, many cigarettes. The question is, how many are you prepared to risk?

How many IQ points are you willing to give up so that you can continue to suck in a drug which offers you absolutely nothing?

It does not relax it causes stress.

It does not look good; you are slowly becoming an outcast.

It does not match with alcohol or food, it only ruins the taste of the food and drink.

It gives nothing, but takes your cash. It makes you smell like an ashtray, ruins your teeth, and worst of all puts a big red cancer target on your back, or more correctly on your lungs and throat. Maybe, just maybe, there is a better way to live.

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Quit Smoking – Are You The Pig Or The Chicken?

There's and old joke that in the meal of bacon and eggs, the chicken was interested and the pig was committed, for obvious reasons.

Here's the problem with being interested in quitting smoking or anything in life, it is illegally that there will be any result or tangible exit.

To me as a therapist when I hear someone say they are interested in making some important change, then they either either do not want to commit or they are too polite or afraid to say so!

In psychotherapy there are 6 recognized stages of change.

  1. Pre-contemplative- knowing you should stop smoking, and probably sick of being nagged about it, but not ready to commit to action.
  2. Contemplative, you know you should do something, but you keep burying your head in the sand.
  3. Preparing- booking your hypnosis session and following any pre-session requests.
  4. Action- Your hypnosis session, playing full-out, expecting the best and quitting, not trying.
  5. Maintaining. Following all after session advice your therapist gives you.
  6. Termination. Live your life as a non-smoker, no, if, buts, or may be's.

I'm sure you can see where you are, it's good to see these levels, but it's also easy to get bogged down in levels 1-3 and postpon the action phase for too long. Smoking is such a problem for your health that you can not, allow another year to pass before you quit.

You can fast track the first 3 stages by booking an appointment for your hypnosis at a time no more than 4 weeks in advance. If you make it too far in advance you will not feel any need to start to prepare.

Confirm your decision daily and tell supportive people only of what you are going to do. Plus

Steps 5 & 6 are simply using the after hypnosis session instructions you are given by your therapist, plus affirming daily that you are a non-smoker for at least one month, and noticing the benefits.

So as a non-smoker you are the pig, you are the committed one, with a long healthy future to look forward to. But the chicken is just an ex-smoker at best, just waiting for an excuse to use to start smoking again. The chicken blames the world, their job, family friends or the government for their problems.

It's not their fault, they could not help it. That's being a chicken in more ways than one.

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Quitting Smoking – Which Department Is In Charge?

In our lives and heads we have many departments. At work we step into one mental space, at home we take the attitude from a different space when playing with our children.

If you were buying a home at first you are in the head space of the excited home owner with the vision of family life in your new home, but you have to swap over to the finance department or you may pay too much.

I find many people live a fair amount of the time in managing their wellbeing department, but for some reason the smoking department is open for business, 24/7.

Some departments are easy to close down, crazy youth department, old relationship departments, etc.

So now it is time to not only close the department, but we need to mark it for demolition, bulldoze it and flatten the site.

The problem when most people quit, they close the doors and leave a key nearby for quit access as in an emergency. And life being what it is an emergency of some kind is actually guaranteed.

So I strongly recommend that when you book your quit smoking hypnosis session you do so with an attitude of no going back, burning all your smoking bridges, and clearly identify yourself as a non-smoker.

If you come to a session with a thought that you will give it a go, and see what happens, or you hope it will work, then either radically change your thinking or cancel your appointment.

Hypnosis is powerful and effective but it is not magical. You are not a bystander; you are on the field in a central playing position.

You are the fully committed pig in the bacon and eggs meal! I'm sure by now you get the message so here are a few things to help you arrive at the session as a fully committed player.

  1. Look in the mirror and state out loud your intentions to be a non-smoker.
  2. Bad mouth every cigarette from now on. No more relaxing and drawing deeply. Stand up and wonder what on earth you are doing.
  3. Make a list of what smoking has cost you, financially, emotionally and health wise.
  4. When you are about to smoke delay it for the duration of 10 deep breaths.
  5. Imagine yourself being 80 and skiing down a slope or whatever you would like to be doing at that age, and ask yourself what do I need to do today to make that happen.

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Quitting Smoking – What’s Your Health Span?

As a smoker I'm sure you have heard more than enough about the risks and dangers. But have you considered your personal health span and how it is affected.

Firstly your health span is not about how long you will live it's the quality of life you will lead while alive and basically how long you have before your good health evaporates.

Life spans for smokers has increased over the past decades because the medical profession simply has more medicines and surgical procedures which can keep you alive.

You may be missing some fingers or limbs, you may need an oxygen bottle and can not climb stairs, but you will be alive.

That is a perfect example of a reduced health span. Alive but not kicking a whole lot. It is believed that a long term smoker will die up to 14 years earlier than they would have. This means that the health span could be seriously compromised somewhere between 2 and ten years prior to their death.

Depending on how quickly the smoker succumbs to a deadly diagnosis, such as lung cancer. However not all smokers get cancer, some will become diabetics and have limbs amputated, some will develop cardio vascular disease and suffer all the consequences.

But there is another element of reduced health span which is kind of ignored. The first system of the effects of smoking is the reduced ability to breathe.

In my clinic reports from clinics show that this health span reduction results in many smokers stopping some of the activities which they love doing. Playing team sports, surfing, cycling, going to the gym, even being able to run around and play with children or grandchildren.

The loss of these activities and others strips away your quality of life, a little at first and then more and more as time and cigarettes go by.

It's hard to measure the loss of time spent enjoying life with family and friends, what is it worth? What is the emotional cost? Could the pain of this loss be at least the equal of the pain of your body failing and suffering the side effects of a cocktail of powerful pharmaceuticals and or multiple surgeries?

You may be thinking that this article is an exaggeration but the above has been the direct experiences of so many of my clients, some who choose to quit smoking before it was too late and some who quit in order to grasp onto just a few more months of precious life

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