How Smoking Affects Your Hormones

A side effect of smoking you may not have considered is the effect on the hormone estrogen. Women are familiar with this but males also require a small amount to enjoy good health.

Nicotine and the combination of the thousands of toxic chemicals in a burning cigarette can reduce or completely cancel the effect ofally administrated oestrogens.

This can increase hot flushes and raise LDL cholesterol and therefore make worse the symptoms of menopause.

For men smoking is a sure way to drastically affect your sex life. Nicotine is considered an anti Viagra compound. It lowers nitric oxide which is important to increase blood flow in the penis and constricts blood vessels.

Smoking increases LDL which is considered the bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is a hormone like compound found in every cell in the body and is instrumental in the production of testosterone, estrogen, DHEA and progesterone.

We need cholesterol but if the LDL is to high relative to the HDL and your insulin is high because of too much sugar then the flow on effect is increased inflammation and hormone disruption.

All of these hormones are produced in the adrenal glands and smoking stresses the adrenals affecting all the other hormones in this group.

Many smokers believe that smoking will relieve stress but the opposite is what happens. After a brief period of relaxation your body produces excess cortisol which is a stress hormone.

Smoking causes your adrenals to secrete more cortisol which is the main stress hormone This makes you feel stressed and anxious.

Over time this increased stress affects the HPA and The HPT. The HPA is the hyperthalmic pituitary adrenal access and affects all hormones produced in the adrenals such as DHEA, which is your live long and feel good hormone.

The HPT is the hyperthalic pituitary thyroid axis and controls how much thyroid stimulating hormone is produced which controls your levels of thyroid hormone.

The result of smoking on your HPT and HPA is that your hormonal balance is severely affected, which affects weight loss, sleep and energy just to name a few problems.

This affects your sex life, your energy, your sleep, your capacity to think and that's just the start.

When cortisol is too high across the day your normal melatonin production will be eliminated. Melatonin is your sleep hormone so you need it or you will suffer.

Compounds in cigarettes affect your thyroid, the cyanide in cigarettes inhibits thyroid function and both under active and over active thyroid is made worse by smoking.

One of the main ways we influence our cells is via hormones. They determine if our cells are in a healthy growth phase or in a stressed out protective phase. To be blunt smoking is hard on your cells, and considering you have 50 billion of them you do not want them to under pressure.

The other way we influence our cells is va nutrients in the blood stream. So if your blood is pumping toxic chemicals and dirty oxygen to everyone single one of those 50 billion cells then you are in trouble.

A whole lot of these cells make up organs like your thyroid or adrenals, so here again is the effect that smoking is having on your hormones.

So if you want to make happy hormones, if you want your health to be as good as possible then you have to quit, and the best way to quit is with hypnosis. Fast, effective, low stress and the best way to go.

If you do not quit you may need a whole raft of hormone medications to try and correct a problem which is being recreated by your habit. The good news is that you can fix this.

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Quit Smoking – The Certainties and Uncertainties Of Life

Anthony Robins states that two of the needs of people are certyty and uncertainty.

Unfortunately smoking provides both of these needs, but in a negative way. As a smoker you live consistently with the certainty that 30% of all cancer deaths are related to smoking and that a whooping 87% of all lung cancer is smoking related, and that as a smoker you increase your chance of getting lung cancer by 23 times .

These statistics are scary, but in addition to that certy, you also live with the uncertainty that you may or may not in the group who dies or becomes very sick or in the group whose lives are only moderately affected by smoking.

Having worked with over 2000 smokers I can not recall having meet a smoker who has smoked more than 10 years who does not have breathing problems at the very least. So I guess you can be certain that smoking will get you.

The only question is how fast and how badly. Of course there is another layer of uncertainty. You may succumb to emphysema, but that does not stop you from having diabetes, low bone density, fertility and sexual function problems, peptic ulcers, asthma, cancer, stroke, heart disease and bronchitis.

An especially unlucky smoker may have a dozen or more smoking related problems, all at once. And this is entirely possible, because your body is one big interconnected unit, and when it starts to break down or fail, it can happen in multiple systems.

This would require many medical specialists, many pharmaceuticals and sometimes several visits to surgery, and a big part of your life given over to sitting in medical waiting rooms and managing your daily medications.

So why not flip the switch to another type of certificate. The certainty that every day you live as non-smoker the healthier you will get.

Of course you will always live with a degree of uncertainty because of your past smoking history, but you can even improve those odds by adopting a healthy diet and stimulating your body and mind to regular exercise and relaxation.

The good news and the bad news is that some of this certificate and uncertainty is lodged firmly in your hands. So the question is, what will you do, will you bite the bullet and book a hypnosis session to ease your mind and improve your chances or will you roll the dice of uncertainty?

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How Much Money Will I Save If I Stop Smoking Weed?

There is always a question of how to stop smoking, but have you ever thought about the price point? It has been said that smokers that quit cigarettes will be able to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually by quitting smoking tobacco. But what about weed? How much money could you save if you were to stop smoking weed? That's an interesting element to consider, and one that most people may not know how to consider. The following may very well show you how much money you can save if you stop smoking weed.

The Price Points Vary

Unlike tobacco, weed can cost a lot of money, or it can cost very little depending on what you're getting, and where you're getting it from. Some individuals are buying legal products from states that allow recreational use. Those people are spending a lot in taxes, and could find one pre-roll could cost $ 10.

Assuming you were taking one prerol a day, you would be spending $ 10 a day, which is $ 300 a month on weed. But what if you smoked 2 or more a day? That's multiple of 2 and even more. Some heavy users smoke 3 to 4 a day, that's $ 40 a day on this habit, and could lead to thousands of dollars.

Rolling Your Own

Let's assume that you're rolling your own or perhaps using a pipe. You would have to look into the price of the stuff you're buying, which can vary. High quality options by the ounce could cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars, depending on the strain, the location you're buying from, and how much you're buying.

Some individuals buy large quantities that are legal, and others that are illegal. Whatever the case may be, as you look at the price points, and your frequency, you'll find that it's not a surprise that you could be investing thousands of dollars a year for weed.

Saving Money

Not sure how much you will save? Just think about how much you're using on a week, and then start to look at the bigger picture. Next time you buy, write down a note as to how much you've spent. Do this regularly, and then add up the money you're spending. You'll find that you could very well be spending all of your money for this, and that's never a good thing. Just look at the money, and where it's going. Be a good accountant for a short span, and you'll be amazed by the money you're spending and could be saving.

There is no “one” way to look at this. Many people smoke a small amount, and others smoke a lot. What is going to be the price point that shows how much you're spending? Well, that's a matter of you considering how much you¡¯re smoking, when you smoke the most, and what you're smoking overall. There's a lot of different factors that come into this, mind you. It's a positive thing to consider, and something that you should not take for granted if you want to save money.

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How To Quit Smoking Now With The Best Stop Smoking Aid

With so many suggestions and tips on the best way to quit smoking it is really simple to see why numerous individuals really do not stop.

The fact is that with so many details passed around that is puzzling to individuals, it is typically much simpler to continue cigarette smoking and hopping for a simple solution.

But let me state right up front, the best stop smoking aid is your power of choice to do so!

When you ask yourself, how can I quit smoking, understand that really taking the essential actions to actually quit cigarette smoking is not easy, but that you have a willingness and readiness to quit smoking now.

Go within, and is why I urge mindfulness training , ask your inner guidance system– which the Course in Miracles terms the Holy Spirit, to help you.

The Course in Miracles states, “This invitation is accepted immediately, and the Holy Spirit wastes no time in introducing the practical results of asking Him to enter.”

The majority of people are easily aware that the best way to quit smoking is in understanding that smoking can harm their health, but discovering the best stop smoking aid can be quite difficult.

With a lot of temptations flowing around, as well as the tensions of life it is easy to see why jumping into a pack of cigarettes looks like a smart idea.

The best way to quit smoking is in the power of choice to do so.

Simply choosing to give up because the sky is blue is not a sufficient reason. The need to give up cigarette smoking is obvious, but the desire to quit needs to originate from within in order for the process to be successful.

You are not most likely to just stop cold turkey with no complications. Set up small rewards that will assist you to want to make progress to extremely quitting.

Also of the best way to quit smoking is to plan out your giving up method.

If after a time, state 6 weeks you have not stopped, deal with a new plan.

Work to conquer your struggles to quit smoking now. If you are smoking due to demanding things in your life, you have to deal with the tension prior to, you can effectively stop. Regardless of the reason why you are smoking cigarettes, it needs to be handled in able to stop for good.

Set up a punishment for yourself.

If you typically stop at Starbucks every day for a coffee you might consider avoiding that on days when you have disappointed your goals for smoking cigarettes. Whatever punishment you pick, make sure it is something that you care about.

To quit smoking now ask for assistance from your friends and family. Even when you find the best way to quit smoking, you will need support and assistance as you are aiming to stop, and this will assist you to guarantee that you are not alone in the whole procedure.

Look for somebody to quit along with you. Working to stop smoking is not simple, but hard jobs are much simpler to achieve with a partner.

The task of quitting smoking is rather tough. This is extremely disadvantageous to your objective of stopping cigarette smoking for good.

Aim to quit and never turning back.

This may appear a bit weird, but if you are simply preparing to quit for a weekend you are not going to put much effort into the procedure. If you are planning to quit for excellent, a lot more time and effort is going to go into the procedure as well as your strategy to quit.

Look for methods to take your mind off cigarettes. If you are constantly thinking about cigarettes, you might discover that you are much more lured to smoke.

Reading a book, exercising, talking on the phone, surfing the web and even cooking are all terrific methods to inhabit your mind and keep from considering when your last cigarette was.

The best way to quit smoking is in the power of choice to begin taking action on the needed steps.

The requirement to give up cigarette smoking is apparent, however the desire to quit requirements must come from within you, from your inner core to make the decision, in order for the process to be successful.

Remember, regardless of the reason you are smoking, it needs to be treated with and surveyed, but without criticizing or judging, in able to give up the smokers for good.

To your power of choice!

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Who Smokes More – Men or Women?

Is a cigarette a bad medicine?

Yeah, we know smoking is dangerous.

Smoking kills!

The government should ban cigarettes.

Let me ask you a simple question, “Who smokes more -Men or Women?

I know it is not the smartest question to be asked but certainly not the dumbest one either.

If the same question came up 5- 10 years ago, the answer would have been very simple but now think twice before saying anything.

According to the recent research conducted by World Health Organization (WHO), 12 percent of world smokers remain in India.

A study suggests that in India smoking is 8 times more more in men than women. So this answers the obvious question asked. But we all know there is a huge difference between men and women's population in India. The most interesting fact is the ratio of women smokers have gone up in last two years. Interesting is not? As per the report of World Lung Foundation, third highest female tobacco users are from India in the world. As per the research, out of the estimated 11.9 million female consumers of tobacco in India, 5.4 are those who smoke and rest of them chews the leaves. Surprisingly second largest number of female smokers are from India only next to America. Now, who would have seen this coming considering the fact that they are replaced here more than any other place in the world?

Let's go back to 20th century when smoking among women was still considered as taboo They were seen as the reincarnation of a goddess. (I do not know which one to name as we have so many of them). The only thing taught to them was looking after their husband and families. I am not suggesting that they were not capable enough to make a career in the corporate world but for most of them, professional success did not matter as much as being a successful housewife did. Being raised in the orthodox family culture could be the main reason behind all of that. Like the other day I met this old lady in the bar, she appeared to be around in her mid fifty's. When I saw her smoking, I could not control myself so I stuck the conversation and asked her for how long she had been smoking, to which she replied and I quote, “Since the time she turned 15.” She said that it was not easy to be a lady smoker in those days as it was considered as frowned upon in the society. She always had to do it in isolated areas so that no one could catch her doing it.

So, this explains a lot about the orthodox frame of mind of Indian societies in the late 20th century times.

Now let's come back to the present time. Similarly, there is a huge rise in women smokers in comparison to men in India now. Yes, we feel very proud to see women matching up with men at every level. Tables have turned around in last two decades or so but giving competition to them in smoking is the last thing they would ever want. It's bad enough that there are already millions of men smokers in India; we do not want women to add to that numbers for sure. Same applies to men too.

And this calls for another question.

Why do we smoke after all?

Irrespective of whether it is woman smoker or men, there can be many theories of why we get into this bad habit after all. I guess it has a lot to do with the society only. It's funny though because earlier also society was one of the main reason for us not to smoke due to its orthodox way of perceiving things. Who would have thought one thing which kept us away from a bad habit, cave us away ever to it. I know a lot of people will argue with the fact that it's one's own responsibility to stay away from bad influence but is that bad influence not a part of our society? It is, is not? And when it is around us all the time then how can it be ignored.

I had a very interesting conversation with this person I knew, she said she tends to take a puff when she is tensed, it soothes her nervously apparently. It's not surprising because a lot of people says the same thing. Do not they?

One of my friends said that the only reason he got into this habit is that of his boss being a chain smoker. Whenever he took a break to fire a puff or two, he would always talk to him about what he needs to improve in his work to get a promotion or hike. So, to gain a good chance of getting a promotion, would you not smoke with your boss? He asked me.

Few of the folks I know are of the opinion that people tend to attract towards it when they go through tough times for instance break ups in relationships, it's the time when they are feeling so low, they would go for anything new no matter how infectious and addictive it is for them, just to get that move through the difficult times. The only thing which is beyond my understanding is when people do it just to look cool. Like this guy I knew, he used to tell me that smoking has become a part of fashion these days.

How uncool is that? What does damaging your lungs have to do with fashion?

They will give so many reasons to why one gets into this disastrous habit but all I can say is that it has nothing to do with above reasons, I strongly feel that whosoever does it weak from inside. Smoking does not have anything to do with helping one in depression or stress, it's all in our mind. Even though we all know the consequences of doing so, yet we succumb to it every time.

Well, I am not proud to say this but it's a fact that smoking has become a part of our daily routine nowdays which includes nonsmoker as well as they too are around the smokers playing the role of passive smokers. Unfortunately, it looks like they have made it like an addictive bad medicine, though it is seriously injurious to our health yet we feel that it is helping us with our day to day stress problems, appalling enough, is not it?

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Quit Smoking – The Important 70/30 Number

It is not uncommon for smoking clients to come to see a hypnotherapist and expect the therapist to fix them. In my early days before I knew better, when a client would sit down with an attitude of solve my problem I would work extra hard to help them.

Now if it happens and it's rare I immediately challenge them and question whether the consultation should even go ahead.

As a new therapist I imagined that there would be the hypnosis master and fix the world. It did not take me long to realize something very important.

As much as my ego would like to think otherwise I am only a part of the solution. I guess that is about 30%.

The good and bad news is that it is you who are the remaining 70%. So you can see that if you want your therapist to fix you, then at best you have a 30% chance of success.

The question to ask yourself is, do I want to quit smoking or do I just want to play around and see what happens?

So back to the 70%, and what exactly you have to do. The surprising thing is very little, but what you do has to be done right. These things are from my perspective and the way I run my clinic, based on my experience and what I see as the best way to succeed.

You must be 100% committed to yourself and your quitting success. It does not matter if you are nervous or angry, your commitment is critical.

You will be asked to watch a couple of videos and apply the strategies presented. These strategies are about you having a less stressful life and not just about quitting smoking.

You are given a questionnaire and asked to be as specific as possible when completing it. I've seen clients arrive with a partially completed form with the excuse that they did not have time. I say if you can not find 20 minutes to do your form then do not come in.

Be fully engaged in the hypnosis session and expect success.

Use the strategies I teach you to manage any periods of stress, which could lead to smoking, plus use them to manage any cravings if they occur.

As you can see none of the 70% things I ask of you are difficult, so if you do them I can bring my 30% which is the magic sauce which will ensure you become a non-smoker for life.

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Quitting Smoking – Why a Tiny Bacteria Matters

A long long time ago a tiny bacterium entered the human body and took up long term residence in every one of our cells. We now call them mitochondria, and they are the engines of our energy production.

They still have their own DNA and are seen as predictors of our lifespan. An average 70 year old has only half the mitochondria of a 35 year old, and this explains why we have less horsepower as we age.

This is the average, but at 83 my father had my cardio capacity than most 35 year olds. He cared for his diet, he cycled every day and importantly he never smoked.

The mitochondria are a direct target for environmental toxins and cigarette smoke is a directly introduced toxin with a perfect delivery system.

Even though every cell is affected some will be targeted more than others, such as those in your heart cells and cells in your arms.

For you as a smoker it means you will age much faster than you normally would. Along the way you will generate much less energy and other cells such as those involved with your immune system.

In short you will feel tired, you will get sick more often and you will have less ability to heal when unwell.

It's hard to think about things as small as mitochondria, and understand how they can make so much difference in our lives.

Imagine you go to the beach and you see hundreds of jellyfish slowly swimming by in the clear clean water.

Now imagine the water is still and murky, made toxic by pollution. The jellyfish will become slow and many will wash up dead on the shore.

Now think of your mitochondria as those jellyfish. But if you remove the pollution those surviving jellyfish will come back to health and move freely.

This whole sorry tale about these ancient bacteria does not have to be your story; you can quit smoking even if you believe you can not. It's possible; it's do-able with the right help and your commitment.

The harsh reality is every year older you are, when you quit smoking your mitochondria will have a harder time bouncing back. But if you do not quit then you really can not expect to be very active in your old age.

And you really will need at least enough energy to carry your oxygen bottle with you, unless you can attach it to your wheel chair! Not very friendly but true none the less.

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Quit Smoking – The Miracle Of Breath

It is easy to take things for granted, things like our health, the people in our lives and even something as simple and automatic such as breathing.

As a child we breathe easily and deeply, as an adult many things change the way we breathe.

Our posture, our stress, and of course smoking. Breathing is the only automatic process that we can control or override.

A child can hold their breath to get something they want. We can stop breathing to swim underwater, and we can breathe slowly and deeply to relax and release stress.

Breathing is certainly a big part of the miracle of living, but smoking interferees with that miracle 24 hours a day. As a smoker every breath is slightly labored, causing your heart to work a little harder to supply your muscles and brain with enough oxygen to move and think.

But under load such as climbing stairs or exercising that heart stress is more noticeable as you struggle to suck in enough oxygen and many people find themselves puffing on exertion.

An average persons heart will beat 115,200 times per day. If your breathing is just restricted by 5% that means an extra 5760 beats per day. 2,102,400 per year or 42,048,000 over 20 years which is the average time a person smokes.

And it does all of this to not even give you the same energy as a non-smoker.

Your heart is not a super human machine, it will feel the strain, and between the impact of reduced circulation in your arms and a stressed heart it is little surprise that smoking causes heart disease and heart attacks.

Unless you have been on another planet for your smoking life you would already know this, but have you ever stopped to think about exactly how it affects your heart, and do you care?

The figures above are based on a 5% reduction but it could easily be much more. I see clients who are breathing hard from just walking a short distance from their car to my clinic.

I notice that even after sitting in a chair for more than 30 minutes their breathing remains a little strained. This is a hard way to live, when you reach this stage your life becomes restricted, you have little energy for life and even your sleep will be compromised.

When you quit smoking within a week you will breathe a little easier, and in six months your heart will be much healthier.

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Can You Quit Smoking And Still Drink Coffee?

In spite of all the times you have heard that smoking is a nicotine habit, over the past 10 years and working to help thousands of people to quit smoking, I have found something quite different to be the truth.

The interesting thing is that when I question smokers, the vast majority of them quickly agree that it is something else.

Basically smoking is a series of associated habits, such as when driving or on the phone, when stressed, happy, relaxing etc.

But one association is a little more complex than the others. It is coffee.

Unlike the other triggers caffeine rings its own set of complexes to the party. We drink coffee to wake us up in the morning, to relax with friends at morning tea, and we like to finish of a meal with coffee and dessert.

In studies with bees it has shown that the caffeine triggers the desire for food, and just a taste of caffeine makes then want to eat.

So how does this work with smoking? You are combing two substances, which trigger the dopamine reward system in your brain, and each is firing off the other.

When you have a cigarette you want a coffee, and when you have a coffee you will want a cigarette.

Not every smoker will have to quit coffee to give up smoking. Usually clients will voice more than a passing concern when preparing to quit.

If this is you it is important to quit coffee first. You will have to cut down over a week or more. Even one cup per day can result in headaches when it is stopped.

Firstly cut down on the amount of coffee in each cup, then the number of cups per day.

Then you can go onto de-caffinated if you want. Just make sure it is water decaffeinated and not the chemical versions.

Once you are fine without the coffee then your quit smoking session stands a great chance of being successful.

I advise clients who are concerned not to quit both at once as the added stress will reduce their chance of success.

After being a non-smoker for a few weeks you can safely start coffee again, but I advise to only do so initially when it is not possible to smoke, or borrow a cigarette.

Quickly you will become used to enjoying your coffee once again without the need to smoke. Just one important thing is be aware that you can easily link coffee to another addiction, that of sugar and sugar rich foods. So if you do not want to gain weight just enjoy your coffee by itself.

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What Stage Of The Smoking Cycle Are You In?

In Australia approximately 20% of adults are smokers, and all of you are in some part of the smoking cycle. This figure is in doubt as government figures different from tobacco sales figures, which place it at about 23%

1. Those who are new to smoking. In this day and age with the amount of information available, and with almost every family affected in some way by a smoking death or illness, there are still people, mostly young adults who are taking up the habit.

2. Those who have smoked a short time, may still in their early twenties, and firmly believe that they will quit when they want to. I've lost count of how many long time smokers who can remember a time when they too, believed they would quit when ready.

3. Those who enjoy smoking and believe that somehow they can do what so many before them have failed to do. To somehow magically not be affected by smoking. I guess being blindly stops them worrying about it.

4. Those who know that smoking is harmful for them, but continue because they enjoy it or they think they will miss it too much if they quit.

5. Those who know smoking is harmful but think they will not be able to quit, because of their past experience or of that of others they know who have tried.

6. Those who are suffering the effects of smoking such as emphysema, or cancer or just short of breath, but choose to continue to smoke, to a non-smoker this is hard to understand, but I have seen it many times, and if this is you it seems to be a part of a long slow process of smoking to sickness and not some overnight occurrence.

7. Those who are suffering from a smoking related illness and want to quit but are not sure how to do it successfully.

8. Those who are over it still continue to smoke out of fear of quitting.

9. Those who are over it and seek help to quit.

10. Those who are fully committed to quitting, take action to seek help and approach the hypnosis session with 100% commitment.

So where are you on the cycle? Hopefully you are not ill, and the good news is that you can jump to level 10 whenever you choose to, all it takes is the decision and the follow through, and you will be so glad you did.

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How to Become a Non-Smoker

You already have all the information about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, yet why is it so difficult to quit?

It certainly is not logical to smoke … it says right on the cigarette pack, “Smoking Kills”, but that has not stopped you. On the other hand, if nicotine is so addictive, then how is it that some people are able to fly in an airplane without any cravings? A heroin or cocaine addict can not do that.

It's not lack of information that is the problem!

What is lacking is the right kind of motivation.

Has the fear of a heart attack, emphysema, or lung cancer ever stopped you? No. The reason is that smoking kills nerve endings in your mouth, throat and lungs. You do not smell or taste as much as you used to, right? Years go by, and that's how the damage is done. So since you feel no pain, knowing the negative consequences of smoking is not sufficient motivation. And since the majority of cigarettes you smoke are simply out of habit, you do not think about the dangers, even with the graphic images on the cigarette pack or dire warnings from your doctor.

Motivation only comes in two flavors: fear, pain, suffering … or self-interest.

Here's what I have found helps people be successful long-term: focusing on the positive rather than the negative … on what you want, and not on what you do not want. Hypnosis is a focusing and amplifying tool that can help you to do just that.

In other words, it is more useful to focus on “being a non-smoker”, rather than on “not smoking”. Try not to think about a pink elephant right now and you'll understand what I mean. Try not to think about smoking and that's all you can think about … when you can have your next cigarette. For most smokers, thinking about “not smoking” causes great anxiety!

And when is quitting something a positive? It sounds like failure. Focusing on the positive, and on being different in situations when you used to smoke is what makes being a non-smoker more sustainable.

After all, who wants to live with a dark cloud hanging over their head? Do you need to amplify more stress and worry in your life? That could cause a heart attack!

Once you have chosen your day to become a non-smoker, reducing the amount you smoke per day rather than stopping “cold turkey” is paramount. Going from smoking 10, 15, or 20 cigarettes (or more) per day is like jumping off a fast moving train. It's going to be difficult and turn your world upside down.

The key here is to build experiences of delayed gratification rather than generating fear of deprivation which drives you to smoke more.

Cutting down to 2-3 cigarettes per day by smoking a brand you do not like and altering your ritualistic smoking behaviors will make the transition much, much smoother. This is the principle behind nicotine replacement methods. Unfortunately for most, with nicotine replacement, you have not addressed the hand that still reaches for a cigarette out of habit. It's not about chemicals; it's about increasing self-awareness, and you can not put self-awareness in a pill or patch.

Remember, it's going to be an experience that will motivate you to stop, one way or another. Either it will be an experience of bad news from the doctor (or worse) that forces your hand and is usually not very pleasant … or it will be an experience of delayed gratification, which is by far much more empowering. The choice is yours.

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Quitting Smoking – You Pull Your Pants On One Leg At A Time, Don’t You?

Having helped over 2,000 to quit smoking I believe I have heard every possible reason for not being able to quit.

My response to these excuses, which are keeping people trapped, is often very similar.

“What is special about you?” If people all around the world are quitting smoking what is so special about you that prevails you from quitting.

Most people have stress in their lives, most feel bored at times and everyone likes to relax at the end of a busy day.

So what makes you so different from the millions who do not need a cigarette to do it?

You pull on your pants one leg at a time just like everyone else with two legs! “But you do not understand I'm having a tough time in my life”

I see smokers in Brisbane Australia, which means none of them live in a war zone, or a refugee camp or are walking several kilometers each day to find water.

Yes they may have stress, or tragedy in their lives, they may hate their jobs or argument with their spouses or children, but none of these things are uncommon, yet 80% of adults do not need a cigarette to manage how they feel.

I challenge you to stop and think when a cigarette really helped you. I mean really helped, not just distracted you for a few minutes, but solved a problem, or made you feel better, or resolved a conflict.

We both know the answer is never. And that's not surprising. Nowhere in history has a drug ever solved anything, because it all just keeps on running in the background.

The only thing that smoking has ever achieved is adding more problems to the lives of those sucking in the fumes. Financial, health and the social costs are huge. I'm sure I do not have to tell you.

So what about you, what do think about smoking, and how well do your excuses stand up to scrutiny. Imagine a stranger hearing your reasons for smoking, do you think they would agree with you or maybe think you were deluding yourself!

Of course all humans are masters of self-delusion, and some of these delusions are easier to see than others. At least when you stand by the bin in the street away from the cafés with strangers who are also smoking you can share in a common delusion about your need to keep smoking.

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Which Habit Do You Want To Be a Slave To?

Most smokers who want to quit acknowledge that they are a slave to their cigarette habit.

The rest either do not want to quit or are in denial. Recently I asked a potential quit client what would happen if she did not have any cigarettes in the middle of the night.

She immediately said she would drive around until she could find a service station open.

Talk about a slave to her habit!

I rephrased the question, what I meant was what would happen to her if she did not have any smokers, and could not get any.

She paused for a moment and said, “Nothing would happen” I said “that's right”

Your head will not explode, your limbs will not fall off and you will not have a nervous breakdown.

She may feel a little anxious, but I promised her I would show her how to prevent that from happening.

Yet in her life she had made a lonely late drive many times to buy cigarettes. She was really a slave.

Paying over $ 30 for a packet of smokers is slavery.

Standing in the drizzling rain outside of a restaurant or movie theater is slavery.

Missing time with family and friends to smoke is slavery.

Smoking when you are already unwell is slavery.

The list could go on and on. I wonder what smoking habits are enslaving you, and how much you want to set yourself free.

So if are going to be a slave to a habit in your life, why not be a slave to being a healthy no-smoker?

Make breathing fresh air your new habit and defend this habit with your life. Sounds dramatic does not it? Maybe so, but I've walked the corridors of cancer wards too many times, and for me are the scenes that unfold every day.

Distressed families, quiet rides in the elevators as people are lost in their thoughts, skeletal figures shuffling down the corridors or being wheeled in the chairs.

This is the true drama, and this is the result of slavery to cigarettes, this is the reality for so many people every year, whether you like it or not, or whether you accept it or not.

A habit is just a habit, it's not a rule cast in stone, it is something that can be changed, and hypnosis is the most straight forward way to quit one habit and start a new healthy one in its place.

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Letting Go Of The Guilty Cigarette

Just recently I went into the home of an acquaintance and they seemed to look a little guilty. It seemed kind of odd until I smelled the tell-tale odor of cigarettes. I did not realize this person smoked, and given by profession they preferred for me not to know.

I have no judgment on this person or any other smoker, I'm just there when they need to quit. This person is not alone in the category of secret smoker. I have had many clients over the years, who smoked only in private, but felt guilty because in many instances they were very healthy otherwise.

They go to the gym, or yoga and eat a good diet, but the mere fact that smoke affects their self-image and they feel bad and often embarrassed.

I'd ask you to consider all that smoking has offered you and all that it has taken from your life. I'm sure one important feeling that you would like to recapture is that of being congruent within yourself.

That is that your thoughts and feelings about yourself match up with your actions. I am directing this to the many smokers who do lead healthy lives but with the exception of sucking in burning toxic smoke into their lungs and blood vessels.

In this world most of us struggle with self-esteem and self-image issues so this is one way you can make positive changes, and who knows what the extent of this change in self-image could lead to.

A new job?

A new or improved relationship?

Better fitness and being able to participate better in your chosen sport or activity.

For one client it was getting out and meeting people in her retirement village quitting ended her lonely secluded life.

For another it stopped the emotional pain of sitting outside smoking while her young children looked through the glass door fearing their mum would be taken by the evil cigarettes (their words)

Several people have joined their friends surfing and their fitness improved and their stress reduced with this great activity, which was too taxing for them to do properly as smokers.

Many people returned to the gym and their long lost fitness programs and quickly enjoyed the energy and the company of healthy people.

And countless people continue to enjoy a meal out or a coffee without having to leave the table to smoke.

So what will quitting smoking mean to you. Hypnosis could change your life in about 90 minutes.

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Quitting Smoking – What If Cigarettes Were Invented Today?

I imagine an inventor's television program where one of the contestants has invented a new thing called the cigarette.

“So what is it made from?” It's a plant called tobacco which is discharged and processed with a variety of chemicals.

“How many chemicals” After it burns about 4000 chemicals most of which are highly toxic and over 200 can enter the brain.

“Is it safe?” People like it!

“How do you use it?” It is rolled in paper with a filter on the end to make it healthy, you light it and suck the smoke into your lungs.

“What happens to the smoke?” Most of it harmlessly is breathed out.

“Most of it” – Some enter the blood stream and travels to the heart, liver kidneys, brain and every cell in the body.

“Does not it make smokers sick?” Not all, most just age quickly and are short of breath, but some get lung cancer, throat cancer or emphysema.

“Is it expensive?” Not compared to buying a house most will only spend about $ 5000- $ 7000 a year.

“Does it smell OK?” Sure just like plant material and paper burning.

“Can you smoke anywhere?” Almost, except in restaurants, cafés, most businesses, near schools and in a car if you are carrying children, and public places.

“So the smoke is bad for children?” Well, only if they breathe it in, then they will probably suffer like an adult.

“Does anyone really like smoking?” Sure governments who apply heavy taxes and the retailers and manufacturers, and a few people who enjoy that burnt taste.

OK, I could keep going, it sounds like an episode of “Yes Minister” but no one in their wildest dreams could imagine such a product ever being allowed on the market, everyone involved would be immediately sued.

How do you feel when you read this, maybe you are over it but still doing it, maybe you like doing it, but are worried about the consequences, or maybe you are already suffering but are still smoking because of anxiety.

It does not matter because with hypnosis all that is required is that you are fully committed to quitting and to your well being and your future.

You may think that cigarettes taste like gourmet chocolate; it does not matter as long as you are 100% ready to quit.

After all lots of tasty things make us sick and fat so it's not unusual to give up things we like.

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