Since 2009 I have published 200 articles on the topic of quitting smoking. When I started there was no way I could have imagined finding 200 reasons to quit smoking. The fact that I have found 200 topics about stopping cigarettes in itself, tells a powerful story.

That there are so many reasons to stop smoking now. Even more than 200. Reasons that delve into every area of ​​your life, physical, emotional, financial, family, time etc.

Every organ, every cell, every obvious and not obvious part of you is affected. Your time on this planet is so precious, but you are voluntarily giving up perhaps 14 years of your life.

14 years is a lot to sacrifice just for the pleasure of sucking in burning smoke. Of course not everyone loses all those years, some just experience failing health for decades, losing much of their quality of life along the way.

Unfortunately there has been little room for humor in those 200 articles, as there is not much to joke about with this topic. The only smiles are those on the faces of all those who have taken the action to quit and to take back their lives.

The emotional relief for them and their families can not be under estimated. Of course after a few months most ex smokers forget about the danger they have left behind, in other words they just stop worrying.

So imagine for a moment, not having to worry about lung cancer or emphysema or any of those horrible conditions depicted on the cigarette packets. Or those television ads with a stressed out family, standing by the bedside of the dying smoker.

Now imagine yourself getting out of bed and taking an easy deep breath, feeling your lungs expand, and the best part is, there is no coughing, no gasping no nasty surprises from your lungs. With that easy breath comes a feeling of freedom, and a confidence that you have reclaimed a big chunk of those 14 years back.

I wonder what you will do with those years, family, travel, hobbies, and most importantly living!

Something that can easily be taken for granted, until that moment when the doctor announces that you have a smoking related cancer.

But that's not you, because you are reading this article, you have taken a step, and maybe you have reached that point where you have had enough and you pick up the phone and make that all important appointment to see a quit smoking hypnosis specialist.