Smoking causes cancer, smoking causing emphysema, smoking costs you a fortune, smoking is anti-social, smoking is harder to do in many environments, smoking stinks, etc. But you know all of this, and yet you are still doing it.

How does it make you feel to keep doing something that causes you so much discomfort or worry? If you are reading this I know you really care about these feelings.

Sure you might still enjoy some of your smokers every day, but you are all too aware of all the problems. Just continuing to do something that is causing you so much stress is a big extra stress in itself.

So not only do you carry the problems of smoking, you also carry the added burden of still doing it when you know you should quit. Wow no wonder you feel stressed out a lot of the time! It's not surprising is it.

So when you quit you are freeing yourself of two distinct major stresses. The stress of smoking and the stress of not quitting! Just take a few moments to consider how this makes you feel.

I'm sure you can see that quitting is even more important than you may have realized and that the potential for feeling great is massive.

Now, what about when you have quit, perhaps you are breathing easier, sleeping better, people stop bugging you, you have more money in your pocket each week, your clothes and hair smell fresh and clean, your risk of serious illness or death is dramatically reduced, and you feel proud of yourself, having taking back control in your life from cigarettes.

Just take a few moments to consider how good you will feel, let your mind wander out past your quit hypnosis session, you are free of your old habit, you are free! Notice how good this feels.

This is the feeling that you will have as a non-smoker, sure after a while the feeling will dull as it becomes normal, but you have to admit that even a faded feeling of great is better than what you are experiencing right now.

It is also important to periodically remind yourself of exactly what it was like to be a smoker. I believe all quit smoking clients should receive a custom audio or video, based on their session to remind them of the pain of smoking and re-enforces the pleasure of living their lives as a non-smoker. this information helps greatly in the months after quitting.

So do not rush to contact a hypnotherapist, unless you want to be completely free from cigarettes.