Unless you are smoking a cigarette at this very moment, it is entirely possible that you are already a non-smoker. Is that a strange idea for you to consider? Does it feel surprising, or even inconceivable? It may feel that way to you simply because you are not in the habit of thinking that way, not because it's not true.

Try this simple exercise:

  1. Add up all the time you actually spend smoking during the course of one day . For example, if you smoke 20 cigarettes each day, and each cigarette lasts around 5 minutes, you smoke for 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes) each day.
  2. Subtract the answer you came up with in the first step from the 24 hours in a day . In the example above, you would have 22 hours and 20 minutes.

If you already spend more than 22 hours a day not smoking, it does make it a bit easier to think that you could not smoke for 23 hours a day? How about 23 and a half? 23 hours and 50 minutes? Could you possibly even not smoke for 23 hours and 55 minutes?

It's entirely reasonable to imagine that, through a series of thought reprogramming exercises like the one above, it could become easy and even natural to think of yourself as a health-conscious person who no longer smokers. By means of simple imagination, repetition, and reinforcement, what currently shows unusual will begin to feel more natural. In fact, from now on you should begin to think of yourself not as “a smoker,” but simply as one of the millions of people in the world who used to smoke , but no longer to choose to do so.

Now, if you think back to the last few times you smoked, you might recall it with more than a bit of enjoyment. In fact, some smokers will say that they love smoking, and are there before hesitant to quit. But the good feeling that these people currently associate with cigarettes is actually produced by a release of endorphins (happy chemicals) into their brains and bloodstreams. That “happy release” is available to you at any moment via alternative thought processes and stimulation.

It does not matter if you have smoked all your life, if you have tried to quit smoking many times before and failed, or if you do not have any confidence in your ability to quit. It is entirely possible for you to re-program your thinking and never smoke again.