Hi Future Non Smoker

Some of my first time clients tell me they have taken up smoking after as long as twenty years. On one level, it defies belief, but there are two understandable underlying reasons.

1. Humans have poor and selective memories. When you quit in just a few months, you will forget about waking up coughing, the shortness of breath climbing the stairs, the thousands of dollars spent each year, the myriad of health risks etc.

The simple solution is to watch the quit ads on television, and to remind yourself of the bad feelings every time you see someone smoking.

Plus over time you can selectively filter out all the downsides of smoking and allow only those memories of special times and events and people who were connected to you smoking. If you allow this thinking to creep in then the feelings of smoking will slowly creep back in.

Again when you see smokers, remind yourself of the benefits of being free from the deadly habit of smoking.

2. If you smoke again because of a big crisis in your life, then there are two issues. Firstly it's a sign that your unconscious mind is still holding emotional connections to smoking. These feelings may have been buried deep through willpower but the stress has unleashed them.

This brings back the old beliefs that smoking somehow helps stress. Which of course is a complete mistake.

Secondly, you now have two issues to deal with. Your crisis problem, and now your smoking. That's right because nicotine is a stress on your system it will only add to your woes. And then soon as the habit reasserts itself you will have the regret and anger at yourself for starting this stupid dangerous habit.

And take it from me you will feel stupid, and angry but never the less you will be smoking. And you will regret it.

If you smoke again just because of some reunion with smokers, then what on earth were you thinking about, you simply allowed all those old problems to be put aside for the sake of bonding over some deadly chemicals. This may upset you, but you know it's true, do not you!

The good news for you is that there is a solution which can eliminate all of these issues. Hypnosis completely separates you from the desires and habits of smoking, and allows you to be free from this safe in the knowledge that the sins will not return.