Once you start smoking, it is very hard to quit. This is because smoking ranks among the most addictive of all habits you can get sucked (pardon this pun) into. It becomes necessary for you to smoke because your body and mind will be added to nicotine fixes.

The great thing is that there are so many smoking cessation programs out there that you can rely on to ensure that you get rid of this awful and dangerous habit. All you need to do is find the program that will work perfectly for you and you will be set to go.

1. Cold Turkey
This ranks among the best and most drastic programs you can engage in to kick the habit. You only need to look at yourself and decide to quit at that point. You will get intense withdrawal symptoms in addition to the cravings. However, you should not panic. Instead, stand tall and proud and these symptoms will start dissipating gradually while your brain starts getting used to not relying on nicotine.

2. Cutting Back
With this most amazing of all smoking cessation programs, you will decrease the consumption of tobacco on a preliminary pace. This will eventually go so low that you will manage to go about without smoking. Most people prefer this option because it gives them a very smooth transition. You also get to avoid all the abhorrent and unpleasant effect that come with suddenly quitting smoking.

3. Replace Nicotine Sources
You also have an option to replace the sources of nicotine in your life. Nicotine happens to be the main reason why you get addicted to smoking. When you replace it with some other delivery methods of nicotine such as patches and gums, chances are that you will be able to bring the cravings under control while limiting nicotine take into your body.

4. Relying on Herbs
This program is organic in nature. There are a number of herbal supplements out there that mimic nicotine effects while ensuring that you do not get addicted. They will also curl your cravings while helping your body to cope better with the withdrawal symptoms by gradually eliminating nicotine from your body.

5. Hypnotherapy
Experts also contend that the act of smoking happens to be both emotionally and physically problematic. Therefore, hypnosis is offered so that the mind can be programmed against any trigger which leads to addiction. You will, however, need to rely on qualified hypnotherapists so that you are effective and safe.

6. Acupuncture
Finally, there are a number of other smoking cessation programs at your disposal. One of these is acupuncture. It will help in stimulating the energy points within your body so that cravings for nicotine are eliminated and minimized. The program also helps in eliminating with withdrawal effects that arise. Behavioral therapy and vaccination have also helped people to quit smoking.