I quit smoking. First I got serious with my Maker. I needed help. When I was about seven years old I watched my Father and Grandfather smoke and wanted to be like them. This was my first time to try it. I almost caught my grandmother's home on fire and she was very angry. I was practicing smoking in her garage.

I moved to a new place and went for walks with my fiance. His Father died from smoking. He would tell me he did not want a woman who smoked and that he did not even want to kiss me. He told me I smelled bad and my breath was so nasty he did not want to kiss me. On these walks and once we went swimming I could not keep up with him. I had a cough.

My girlfriend quit smoking. I had known her since high school. I am 58. I asked her if she had a facelift and she laughed and told me she quit. My skin was looking real bad. This picture I had of her was a reminder of what I could look like.

I bought the gum. It did not work this time. I cut down to a half a pack a day. I put water in a jar and put my sparks and used filters into it with the lid on. I would smell it when I opened the lid. Then there was this man named Dennis who suggested the patches. My daughter encouraged me to quit. I made sure my friends did not smoke and I bought the three boxes of three steps to quit. Every morning I would put one on my upper arm at the same time.

Since I quit I started sewing again and crochet. Using my hands helped. I would suck on a plastic straw. I would blow out a match when I wanted a cigarette.

I can not believe the change in my health this soon. My skin looks younger. I can run and walk better. I can sing well again. My clothes do not smell bad. My teeth are healthier. I have been drinking good water and eating better as not to gain weight and I have not.

Sometimes I pick up filters others have left on the ground. It helps me but I wish everyone could benefit from quitting. My fiance loved me enough to tell me the truth. I could not understand why he did not want a smoker. I have so much more time now.

We went swimming several more times since I quit several weeks ago. I have enjoyed it so much better.

My daughter never got hooked on cigarettes and she encouraged me. If I am tempted I wait until the craving goes away. Just think of all the money I will save instead of give away to strangers.

Quit Smoking? Why not?