The first of September 2014 in Australia saw another rise in the price of cigarettes. This time $ 3 a pack and there will be even greater rises over the next four years. The price now is $ 20 to $ 25 per pack. This translates as a minimum of $ 1 per cigarette for even the cheapest smoke.

In four years time the tax alone for a 20 a day smoker will be $ 7300!

To a non smoker this sounds like the last straw, after all who would possibly spend $ 7000 a year on average on a dirty habit with the only exit being bad at least.

On that same day my first clients were a couple who were spending $ 12,500 a year between them, and that was before the price increase. The woman was thinking about how the extra cash would improve their lives, but the guy admitted that even though they could not afford it, money was not a motivating factor in there quitting.

This first days of more expensive smokers has seen an increase of bookings, but that spike will dip again as smokers just absorb the price rise.

What is gained is a few extra people who quit, probably those who were ready anyway. Of course if just one life is saved it's all worth it. But, mostly the effect is that for those who can least afford it will be put under even greater financial pressure.

Some would say it's a cynical exercise for a government that professes to want people to quit, that will enjoy the benefits of raising up to an extra $ 9,000,000 per week. Raising the collected taxes to over a billion dollars per year. Wow, what government would really want to give that up!

I'm sure there are those who really do care. Much of this money is poured into the health care system to support ill and dying smokers. The circle goes around and around, with no winners.

I must have heard it said hundreds of times that the cost is not a factor. And this will be true for many of you living outside of Australia where cigarettes are far less expensive.

Maybe there will come a time when nobody smokers, and not because they all died from lung cancer, but that will be a long long way off.

You can absorb the cost but if this is too much for you, in addition to all the other reasons you have for quitting your best bet is to book a quit smoking hypnosis as soon as possible.