It was way back in 1900 that researchers determined that cigarettes caused cancer in guinea pigs. That same year four American states condemned the sale of cigarettes. That same year the US Supreme Court upheld the decision of the states to ban the sale of smokers and 43 or the then 45 states had strong anti-smoking action.

That same year 4.4 billion cigarettes were sold in the US by the fifties 306 billion smokers were consumed.

Just imagine if this action had held up there would not be a smoker anywhere in the western world. You would never have started, you would never have wasted all that money and you would never have put your life at risk.

So what happened? How did all of this action result in an industry growing for many decades to come, and for being responsible for the deaths of millions of people?

The history is full of ducking and weaving by the cigarette companies, fighting battles in court with huge resources being topped up every day from sales, lobbying to and corrupting at the highest level of government.

Plus shifting the technical details, such as the miracle filter supported by celebrities, plus low tar and low nicotine products. All the while while the image of smoking being glamorous being promoted in Hollywood movies.

Sophisticated, rugged, and cool these where the images of the smoker. Each product positioned itself to appeal to different market segments. Action sports all were heavily sponsored with players lighting up after the event for the benefit of the cameras.

Not to mention the billions of dollars collected by governments, rubbing their hands together with glee, while sternly sending out their anti-smoking messages.

All of this image making lodged firmly into the unconscious of generations of smokers. Even to this day most smokers can easily recall the marketing messages and the jingles.

These days there is such a powerful anti-smoking message that it throws up a wall of resistance for many smokers. They are sick of being hassled, discriminated against and nagged endlessly. They are legal after all, and the government takes a hefty percentage of the retail cost in taxes.

It's no wonder that smokers fall into a group which are hard to understand. From my position it does not matter why a person smokes, because what I do is help them to quit with hypnosis when they have reached the point where smoking is no longer acceptable to them.