Sweet Virginia cigarettes are burning in my hand, they used to be a friend of mine but now I understand, it's been burning up inside me for so long, but in the morning there will be hell to pay somewhere along the line.

These are some lines from an old billy Joel song, and they very much sum up the realities of smoking. I'm sure many of you have thought of cigarettes as your friend at some point.

That companion who is always there whether you are bored or lonely or stressed. There with your morning coffee or your, after work drink. Always at hand to help out, always ready to relax you.

You may remember your friend being right there when you first noticed having less energy or started coughing in the morning. It was with you as you stepped out of your doctor's office after being advised to quit.

Maybe it was there when you received that serious diagnosis. I've even seen people standing out the front of hospitals in their gowns hooked up to their drips, still sharing a special moment with their friend before returning to the ward to continue treatment.

For these people they have reached the point where there is hell to pay. Of course you would not let it get this far, would you? Well many have, and many still do!

You understand that this friend of yours is no friend at all. What kind of friend would deceive you, steal your hard earned cash and threaten to kill you.

The cleverly written lines by Billy Joel go right to the heart of the problem. Those cigarettes which drew you in, seemed to offer so much but were plotting against you all the time. If you do not realize it by now then good luck, you may be one of the lucky few who slide through unscathed.

But if you want to get rid of that dodgy friend before there is hell to pay, then you need to consider quit smoking hypnosis. Because when you think about it you know it's all about the habit. Those times your friend was there about boutine not some questionable drug habit.

All those moments spent with a cigarette, were just moments of self deception. Fooling yourself that some dried plant combined with chemicals and roled in paper can have meaning in your life will surely end in pain.