Look at any anti-smoking campaign, what do you notice that all these promotions have in common? It is fear.

Fear of illness

Fear of death

Fear of affecting your family

Fear of missing out on being with other people. Etc etc.

But guess what, all of these fearful advertisements have one thing in common. They do not work! Ask any smoker, they have seen it all, heard it all, and have been reminded countless times, yet the message just does not seem to get through.

Psychologists call it the Flee Effect. As in flight or fight. These advertisements create a kind of stress response that metaphorically causes people to want to run away from the message. Yes you can scare people into taking action in some aspects of their lives, but smoking is not one of these.

Governments like to claim success in reducing the smoking rates with these campaigns, but think about it, as a smoker you have seen thousands of fearful images in the past and you are still lighting up.

You may be even doing it as you read this, I bet you are thinking about it, right! All the advertisements, all the restrictive smoking laws, all the plain packaging and all the price increases, will not have an impact until you decide, once and for all to quit.

I have seen clients who have held onto my brochure or business card for up to two years. Several months is common.

I know it and you know that it has to be the right time. I've heard many stories of people who have gone to a therapist to please someone else. A partner, child or maybe their doctor. But almost 100% of these people fail.

Why? Was the practitioner not good enough? No the answer is simple, they were not committed to quitting for themselves, and no practitioner can make someone do something they do not want to do.

However when you really have had enough, when you know it's absolutely have to quit, even if you still like it, then it's time for quit smoking hypnosis. So why does this method work? when we hear so much about nicotine addiction, and how difficult it is to kick the habit.

It's because it's not about nicotine, or fear, it's all about being ready to let go of the connected habits of smoking. All those times and places and people who connect you to the act of lighting up.

The good news is that you can separate yourself from the habit but still enjoy the connections such as coffee, places and people.