When you first started smoking, it's most likely your friends did well, you were cool and grown up, part of the group and sometimes a bit of a rebel. But soon that changed. You discovered that smoking did not make you special; you had just created for yourself a powerful dangerous habit.

Then in spite of all the warnings you continued, but for you how far is too far. Was it the first signs of loss of energy, or puff climbing the stairs?

Maybe the cough when you wake up each day, or the more frequent colds. The slow decline of your cardio vascular health or the general feeling of being unwell, often blamed to aging, with the obvious signs of skin aging.

Through to the more serious problems, such as amputation from smoking caused diabetic complications or the long list of deadly illnesses lead by lung and throat cancers.

In my experience as a clinical hypnotist I have seen it all. From the person with the slight shortness of breath, to the emphysema sufferers, to the client who has had a limb amputated and facing the prospect of losing another.

Right through to the person who only has three months to live and has come in to quit in the desperate hope of just having a few weeks more on this planet with their loved ones.

So I ask you again, how far is too far. How much pain will you put up with, how sick will you become, how much of your body must fail or succumb to sickness before you lean out of the window and that enough is enough.

When you weigh it up; in the blue corner you have a habit which stinks and costs you a fortune over time. A habit which has conned you into believing you are getting some benefit instead of just a ticket to a premature demise.

In the red corner you get back as many as 14 years on your life, thousands of dollars in your pocket, not having to go outside to smoke, and the security of knowing you have given yourself the best chance to be healthy.

Do not sweat over the past, it's right now and the future that counts. The sooner you book your hypnosis quit smoking session the sooner you can get on with leading the best possible life. Just do it!