Over the past 200 years hypnosis or Mesmerism has been used to entertain and at times frighten people. But with the use of hypnosis for quitting smoking, weight loss, pain control, surgery and child birth to name a few, the field of medical hypnosis has gained main stream acceptance.

Yet for most people their only experience is stage shows or television, yet they do not even realize that they have been in hypnotic trances hundreds of times.

The beauty of television is that anything can appear real. I cringe sometimes when I see the terrible attempts at hypnotic therapy. It's like a doctor watching a medical show which gets the technical details all wrong.

Stage shows are fun but it's more about performance than hypnosis. The people chosen are extroverts, probably full of alcohol and up for fun. The nervous person in the back row would never be chosen, for the simple reason, that you can not make someone do something hey do not want to do.

We all have been in hundreds or perhaps thousands of hypnotic trances. Every time we focus intentionally, such as driving, watching television, a computer screen, reading or in the old days of rote learning at school. Chanting and repeated prayer also creates a trance state.

In this natural state we can easily take on new ideas, but in many of those above it's about getting you to buy products.

In the therapeutic hypnosis, we have a single goal, to help you make the changes which you desire. All it takes is your permission to be hypnotised and your commitment to change.

Some people believe they can not be hypnotized, even though they have never attempted it. This idea is usually a fear of the unknown. Or a belief that they are too strong to allow hypnosis. If that is your belief then that's your business, but you are missing out on a powerful opportunity for change.

One thing that can help is the knowledge that it is not your therapist who hypnosis you. It is you. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, your therapist simply guided you into the process, because they know how.

You are not mentally weak, you are not being overpowered, your mind is not being controlled by someone else, you are simply participating in a natural process which can easily and gently allow you to make positive changes in your life. And once you have experienced this you will want to use it for all kinds of problems in your life.