Imagine for a moment, you have made the decision, you booked your quit smoking hypnosis appointment, and now with the aid of your expert practitioner you are free from smoking.

You have just walked away from an addiction which held you in its grip for many years. You have overcome a problem which has plagued the world for over hundreds of years.

If you consider what you have achieved, you may ask yourself, if I can quit cigarettes then I wonder what else I can do. Remember you stopped a habit you believed to be very difficult to overcome with hypnosis in just 90 minutes or so.

Maybe the sky is the limit. Perhaps this should change your thinking about the possibilities of your life forever.

But back to now, you are here because you want to quit smoking. You are angry about being without smokers, you might be skeptical that hypnosis can help you. After all you have been doing it for years and the habit seems to be buried so deep that you have not been able to dig it out.

Well just like the stage hypnotise can make the audience member cluck like a chicken, because they agreed to participate, you can quit a habit which is nothing more than a short term connection to nicotine, on average 72 hours, and a life time of connections to smoking while you drive or relax or drink beer or talk on the phone etc.

These are just memories, and as we all know how easy it is to forget things, and most people would like to learn how to improve their memories because they keep forgetting things.

So why not just forget to smoke. My Aunt did when she fell victim to Alzheimer's disease and her husband told her she was a non-smoker, so she just accepted this. She went from 40 cigarettes a day to zero overnight.

By using hypnosis to quit, you will literally forget to smoke. You will have your morning coffee and forget to smoke, you will pick up the phone and forget to smoke. This is a good forgetting, you're not forgetting anything important, and all the other memories are still there.

And every moment from the second you quit smoking you are building new memories and new feelings as a non-smoker.

Then the question can be asked, I wonder what else I could do?