A reason I have heard many times that people give for not quitting smoking is that they can not imagine life without a cigarette.

For many people in the forties and beyond they have smoked since they were in their early teens and naturally every event in their lives was accompanied by a smoke.

Smoking with friends when young, stepping out for a quick last smoke before tying the wedding knot. Cigarettes with the birth of children, or celebrating a business success.

Smokes to comfort, to calm, to energise, to think, to relax. Other smokers to fill in the gaps during boring times, or as a reason to escape from a party or dinner party for a few minutes.

If you stop and think back there will be so many occasions when a cigarette was just a natural part of your life. So many events, so many people you have shared a smoke with, friends family and strangers.

But now things have changed, sometimes some of those people are no longer with us, taken by the very habit which provided so many memories. Or depending you are one of few or the only remaining smoker in your social circle.

And instead of chatting away outside of the restaurant or party, you are there on your own, sucking that toxic smoke into your lungs while the fun is having had without you.

In those early days you were fit and healthy, now the morning cough and the lack of energy is a cruel reminder that smoking is not all it was cracked up to be.

Yes it may have seemed like a friend, always there to share your special moments, but that friend has turned on you. Robbing you financially and slowly draining your health in such a stealthy way that you can not quite remember when you started to feel old.

This dodgy friend who still promises to solve your boredom and help you to think and relax, the friend you still rely on to get you going in the morning with a coffee.

This friend, the devil you know has sold you one lie after another with zero in return. Just the unspoken knowledge that one day it would turn on you and kill you.

You do not have to stand for this any longer. None of those special times in your life was made any better by smoker, that was just another lie. If you have had enough and are ready to make the most of the next part of your life, then quit smoking hypnosis is the quickest most effective way to do it.