I laughed when a client told me that her children are making smoking miserable for her. She likes to sit outside with a glass of wine and have a relaxing smoke. But her three children had launched a campaign of disruption.

Coming out one at a time nagging her about smoking and its dangers. She said she was losing the pleasure of smoking. This was interesting because she had already told me that she did not like smoking anymore!

Even though she did not actually like the taste or smell of cigarettes, she liked the idea of ​​what she perceived smoking had offered her in the past.

She was a little nostalgic for all of those times she had escaped her family duties by going outside and relaxing with a cigarette. Within that sentence was her true answer. The cigarette was not relaxing her at all, she was relaxing with a cigarette!

Now, she has successfully quit with hypnosis, she relaxes outside in her favorite place just fine. Her children let her relax in peace, mostly, but now their interruptions are for normal kid's reasons, not to try to protect their mother and themselves.

As a smoker you may not think about how your children feel about your habit. But they worry about their parents, they have heard lots of stories of orphans and they fear you will not be there for them and they fear being alone.

This may sound dramatic, but it's, how many children feel, even if they do not voice them concern.

So not only did my client save her own life, she relieved her family of a lot of unnecessary stress resulting in a much happier family life, not to mention mum does not smell like an ashtray when she comes in from her outside relaxation spot any more.

Most benefits from quitting smoking are obvious, but some are only noted when you have been freed from this toxic habit. Such as a more relaxed happier family, what is the value of this benefit to you, to your entire household and possibly extended family.

The great benefit of hypnosis over any other method is that these important facts can be built into the session, the negatives can be enhanced leading to the positives being deeply re-enforced into your unconscious mind.

And this is just a part of many great elements which go together to create a powerful healing modality which go together to create advanced hypnosis.